Payday 3: Xp Glitch You Need To Use Before It's Fixed



In this article, we're going to look at an XP glitch on the Heist 99 boxes, and the way that this works is that at the end of The Heist, when you stand in the box to begin the countdown to leave, it actually gives you XP, and you basically walk in and out of that box as much as you like, and you can stack the XP.


And you'll definitely want to use this before the upcoming patch in the next week because the developers have specifically said in their live streams that this is an issue they're going to look to fix. Now you can use this exploit to max out any gun that you want in just one heist. In this article, I will be using {3}9.

Now there are a few articles out there already on how to do this heist, but here's my specific technique. Here you can see my gun is level one, with none of the attachments unlocked through leveling. Here is a real quick look at the perks I use in the run, just in case you're interested.

Quick guide

Quick guide

Just get these completed, and then you're in. Run this back to the truck, rinse, and repeat for the second container. At this stage, we can begin using the glitch. Do this for as long as you like; the longer you do it, the more XP you'll get , and that's it.

Xp gained

Xp gained

nice and simple as you can see here, within just one heist, my gun has gone from Level 1 to 24. You can see that all these attachments have been unlocked, and then just rinse and repeat for every gun that you want to max out.

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Full heist

The rest of the article will be the same house that you've just watched, but in full length without any editing or narration. The obvious way is to go past it, but maybe there's an alternative. Unhand me, oh. Robbed, we're going to need a refrigerated truck to get the components out of here; they'll start degrading and losing value as soon as they're at room temperature, and then search the warehouse for crates of liquid nitrogen to cool them for transport.

99 boxes

Head back to that office and check the computer. Finding the right containers will take forever if we don't know which storage yard they're in. Okay, so the components are in the east storage yard. Check it out and see if you find a way. All right, you're in. Remember that the clock starts ticking as soon as the components are out in the open; they'll degrade quickly, so haul ass back to the refrigerated truck.

I like out of that get the components for the truck they've started.

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