Payday 3. What To Do When You Are Bored With Payday3



All right So the game has been out for almost a full month now, and not much has been going on. You all probably have played the game and experienced each heist at least once, and now, after dealing with possibly some bugs or glitches here and there, you have become quite bored of the experience, and I don't blame you.

Hey, it's SE, and today I actually bring you a few ideas of what you can do to make the game less boring in its current state, or things you can do while waiting for the dev team to iron out the game.


Update It turns out they've once again delayed, or I guess they haven't delayed; they just said.

Hey, we're still working on more stuff we found, and yeah, so it looks like we're not going to be getting that update in the middle of October. Like they said anyway, back to the article.

First off.

First off.

First off, there are a lot of things you can do in the game at this moment in time, and some of these are quite tedious, such as the do a heist a billion times challenge and some of the other challenges that are a bit more tedious. But most things in this game can be very fun if you haven't already reached level 100 or maxed out a specific weapon.

Reach level 100/max out your fav weapon

I 100% suggest you try to do this at least before you sort of put down the game for a bit. This will not only unlock all 21 skill points for use in your skill lines and for any future ones like the transporter in the Jack of all Trade skill lines that are coming later in the month, but it will also allow you to really experiment with builds and with your weapons that you max out if the grind is one of the biggest reasons for your boredom. I fully understand that if the team has said multiple times that they are evaluating possible changes to the progression system, then this challenge-based system they have now might completely change.

My suggestion for the leveling system

My suggestion for the leveling system

I hope it does. I don't mind the challenge system as the sole way to progress. I don't really like that, and I'm hoping they just split the system so that it's like you have a challenge rank and a normal level rank; one shows how much you've progressed through the main game, whereas the other is simply a way to show off.

There you go. That's pretty simple. In my opinion, that's what I would do anyway.

Save up a load of dosh! and c-stacks!!

Another thing you can do pretty passively in this game is save up a bunch of cash. I fully recommend doing the higher-paying jobs for this because dirty ice, the SCB, and bank heists don't really pay that well.

And while you are saving up money, go ahead and invest in a bunch of cacks. Doing this now will make future content updates where they add new weapons. Cosmetics and such are just easier to obtain because you will already be quite rich.

Beat all heists on overkill(if you haven't already)

Speaking of heists, try beating them all on Overkill.

At least once, it can be a fun challenge for yourself and your friends. If you bring any along, which I fully recommend when doing any of these on Overkill, some heists like Rock the Cradle get much harder in stealth with the addition of more guards and harder zoning, so playing all of them on Overkill, all the heists that are possible can be quite fun.

Get all current achievements!

Get all current achievements!

If you already have beaten all the heists on Overkill difficulty, why not try and get all the current achievements in the game, with there being only 22 on launch on PC?

I imagine many more to come, so you might as well get them all while you still can, because if they did what they did with Payday 2 with achievements, there will be way more achievements on the way. Maybe you have done this well after you got all the achievements currently in the game, not counting the ludicrous challenges they ask you to do.

Make up your own heist challenges

Perhaps come up with your own challenges, such as mask only runs where you run in mask on right away and see how far you can get in stealth; perhaps try a no kill challenge on all maps, not just touch the sky; make up your own ideas for what you can do in the heist; what if none of that really sounds fun?.

Try out some mods!! (if on pc)

Well, if you are on PC, try out some mods. There is a plethora of mod mods on The Mod Workshop, and they each have something that might suit your gaming needs. From reskins and remodels to test maps and custom music, there is so much.

Try creating your own mods!!

Try creating your own mods!!

Here , and with how easy it is to mod this game in its current state, maybe try your hand at creating some mods. The modding community will probably never cease to exist, so why not try your hand at creating some mods? For instance, I decided, because I felt like it, to create a custom phone mod for myself.

It's pretty easy to mod this, and if I can do it, you can too, so why not spend some time learning how to mod the game while you wait for more?

Goof around with some buddies! old pals!

Updates: Now, in my opinion, this game was meant to be played with friends, and honestly, this game is extremely fun when just goofing around with friends, so why not just hop into a game and let loose with some buddies?

It's old pals, Test out mods together, try builds, and heck, try and survive as long as possible and loudly, or alternatively, become the boogeyman to the civilized population of New York in stealth. I do want to say sorry, though, for those who are currently experiencing crossplay issues. I've also been having some trouble with that and playing with some of my crossplay friends, and it's quite poopy. Apparently, they are fixing that, so here's hoping all Right, what if it's just payday 3 that's boring you?.

Go back to payday 2! or try payday the heist!

Go back to payday 2! or try payday the heist!

Well, while waiting for an update, go play some more Payday 2 or return to the roots of Payday and play Payday the Heist. Finish up some business there or finish the story if you haven't already; perhaps you are new to the franchise.

Well, I definitely recommend you go play the older games; they have quite the charm to them, even if they've gotten quite wacky with them.

Okay. none of that sounds fun?

Storyline, all Right, so none of that really appeases you, or perhaps you have done all of and are still wanting more.

Go try out similar games to payday!

Well, if an update really hasn't already gone live for payday 3 by the time you're done with all of that or you simply don't want to do any of the other stuff I said.

I suggest perhaps playing similar games like payday. There are Min games similar to Payday, such as the new What is it like?

Try teardown!

Try teardown!

I'll put it on screen, but aside from this weird game, there's also other fun games and some that actually put a really good unique spin on it , such as Tear Down, which is basically a heisting game with just this teeny tiny little detail of the game being that everything is destructible, so that could be fun.

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