Payday 3 - We Need Fixes


I was hoping the second full payday 3 article would be a positive thing, but we are talking about once again negative things. Payday 3 needs a lot of work. Well, most of the server issues are behind us, but not all of them are. I'm able to match make fine, but my ping keeps going up to over 200, sometimes even over 400, which is unheard of in other games.

And the connection issues are not the only thing that's wrong with this game. In many ways, you could compare the launch of Payday 3 to the launch of Payday 2. There's a lack of haunts and lots of bugs and glitches, and the grinding is quite boring. I'm sure most of the boxing glitches will be eventually ironed out, but it's going to be a lot slower than with Payday 2.

I do think the first update is going to be in around a week or so. There are already multiple game-breaking bugs and glitches, one of which allows you to basically max out your weapon levels in a matter of minutes. I'm not going to do a tutorial on those; you can search for them if you want to; they are already all over YouTube, so if you want max-level weapons and don't want to grind or play the game normally, go ahead; nobody is stopping you.


Which brings us to the challenge system and the leveling-up system in general. How you level up your character and weapons is completely tied up to the usage and completion of challenges. While on paper the challenge system might be okay, I do think it needs a lot of tuning, and the developers have said that they are actually happy with the system, which I completely disagree with.

Right now, you can play Still Theist. Netsu zero experience I think this is a fair bit of misjudgment from Starburst and should be reconsidered as soon as possible right now. People are just grinding weapon kills in a bathroom and leveling up their weapons that way instead of playing the game normally, which isn't fun.

What I think they should instead do is have some sort of experience, completion on just finishing the map or even failing the bat, and then get bonus experience and IP. Even worse, not all of the challenges are even working; so many of them are locked. Some of them people have completed, but they gain no IP from them.


What do you think would be the perfect choice for leveling IP and XP in this game? Because I don't think the current system is good enough, lack of content is something that will be fixed over time. The same was the case with the Payday 2 launch. Payday 2 launched with multiple heists, and if I remember correctly, quite a bit of them were smaller, like jewelry stores, and Ukrainian job being the exact same heist with different objectives, so in that regard, payday 3 heists at launch are way better; they are more detailed; they are more fun to play; and they feel more like the latter Payday 2 DLC heist instead of Payday 2 launch heists, which is a gift thing.

It's always good that they are learning and evolving from previous things, and I'm sure the future DLCs are going to bring us more and more maps, heists, and all that good stuff. We have confirmation of at least 18 months of support for DLCs. I don't think it's enough. I hope there's three updates like Payday 2 had Halloween, Heist Christmas Heist, and Just Heist sprinkled across updates, and many of them are free.


We, the community, want and need more. Payday 2 got additional heists quite soon after the launch. First, we got the diamond store, which is quite similar to the jewelry store from Payday 2, just a little bit bigger, and after that, we got the Armored Transport DLC during the first few months. And even if those are quite simplistic, at least we got more heists to play quite soon, and I hope that is going to happen with Payday 3 as well.

We need more content to play, whether it's new weapons, new maps, or just new heists. They haven't confirmed if the new heists we are going to be getting are going to be paid, free, or both. That's not part of the gold or silver edition, so either it's going to be completely separate or it's going to be free.

I hope for the latter. There's just so much quality-of-life improvement that needs to happen. The bot AI players are quite useless; they don't revive each other at all, and they die way too soon. Even if you don't want them to be tanks like in Payday 2, this is not the way to be; they are just useless.


I do like the improvement that they dropped ammo armor and health, whichever the player needs most, at the end of The Assault, but that's not enough to make them a warfare addition to your team instead of a random player, and please overkill strawberries. I want to jump into the van again. I've been doing so for 10 years; why can't I do it now?

These are just some of the things that are wrong with Payday 3 right now. I'm sure there's a huge list of things I didn't talk about today, but well. I might make a separate article about that, but I do hope the next article is going to be the positive things about Payday 2, no sorry. Payday 3, because the gameplay itself is really good in this game.

I just wish all the issues were soon behind us. I hope you guys are all having a good day.

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