Payday 3 Update 6 Is Fantastic. But Weird

Vlad redesign

Vlad redesign

Okay, so update six for payday 3 has made its way into the game, and although it's a good update, it also has its weird side too. Vlad has inexplicably had a redesign, and while the new portrait isn't exactly bad, it does feel off. I think that's simply because it's not Iler Volok anymore who has lent his likeness to the character of Vlad both in live action and in game for over 10 years now; this change wasn't initially included in the patch notes or personally.

I'm all for having some stuff in an update that stays out of the patch notes and is put into the game purely to be discovered. There's actually a shining example of that in this very update that we will get to soon, but some of the changes that were emitted from the patch notes really shouldn't have been Take the new weapon and inspect the animations for the K59.

New animations

Northwest B9. K-4, and V-F7s. There are some really nice animations there that initially received absolutely no fanfare in the patch notes, and can I just take a moment to say that I love the VF7's animation? I can't put my finger on it exactly, but there's something about it that just feels so payday, and there are still a number of other animations added in this update that aren't mentioned in the patch notes but add a fun touch to the moment-to-moment heisting experience. Overall, the animation team has just done a really good job with this update, and I didn't want to leave their praises unsung.

Part merging needs work.

Part merging needs work.

The ability to party up post-game is one of the operations medic bag changes included in update 6, and while it does succeed at persistent lobbies in their most basic form without a way to communicate with other heisers, it really fails to capture that social aspect that you'd want when choosing to play as a team going forward, and while the seemingly simple addition of a text chat would fix the issue, that wouldn't exactly be the most user-friendly outcome.

For console players, text chat is often frustrating and tedious on console releases, so as much as I want to see a text chat added, I just hope Star Breze doesn't leave it at that. Yes, text chat It may fix the issue entirely on PC, but it's just a stepping stone to the final answer on console, which is some form of VIP staying.

Quickplay is great!


On the subject of social matters Quick Play is one of the best features to be added to Payday 3. Not only does it bring a much-needed element of heist randomization to the game, but it also greatly reduces matchmaking. PS: From 44 all the way down to four, prior to this feature, you had to hope that other players were searching for the same heist at the same difficulty as you, but now as long as somebody is searching for a match at the same difficulty, you shouldn't have trouble finding a lobby at all.

This really is just the first version of quickplay, and it shows. I can't really understand why this feature wasn't released with a stealthy and loud filter. Given how Payday 3 has changed the way stealth and loud work are done. I'd go out on a limb and say I'd personally rather have the option to choose whether I filter my quick play-by-play style over difficulty.

I don't see any way that Starb wouldn't know that a play style filter is something that we'd want, and so quick play only having a difficulty selection just makes the system feel that little bit more Bare Bones than it already is. The saddest part about this feature, if you ask me, is that given that the player base is so small at the moment. I found myself constantly getting placed into games with the same people, which is quite a nice surprise when you're coming across some great content creators like Lil Guy G and the Noi, but does serve as a chilling reminder that the community for this game is not in the best of places.

Double weapon xp

Double weapon xp

As a quick aside from update 6, this weekend is actually a double weapon.

XP Weekend star Brees decided to do this to complement this Friday's Community Day, and I really hope this is something they continue to do going forward, but for now. Double XP is running until Monday morning. It's quite ironic, actually, that the double weapon XP started on Friday, but on Thursday I got the last weapon I needed to level up to max level.

New shock grenade

On the subject of weapons , the new throwable shock grenade is now in the game, and it has actually become my go-to throwable. It has some really good functionality for stunning crowds of enemies, and the ability to counter shields, zappers, and techies makes it something that I'm taking into almost every.

More armour repair kits.

Heist armor repair kits can now be found on almost all heists in areas like the security rooms. Adding more armor is always welcome, but it feels like a drop in the ocean when compared to how plentiful the resource can be when trading hostages. However, this is a welcome change on heists with fewer hostages to trade like Cookoff, yet I still feel there needs to be more armor available on that heist specifically, just given its length alone.

You can get in the van now!

You can get in the van now!

But after holding out on a heist for as long as you fancy and plundering to your heart's content, you can now make your Great Escape by getting into the back of the Escape van.

While this isn't exactly a game-changing edition, it is nice to have it back, as it does go a long way towards fulfilling that heisting fantasy, not to mention it does at times provide some perfect cover.

Minor additions/new cosmetics

Now before we talk about the coolest thing in this update, let's touch on a couple of minor additions.

Broken c-stacks

And for some reason, this update has quite literally broken the SE Stacks image. To be fair, I don't know if this was a thing before this update, but I've just discovered it and couldn't help but mention it. I think it looks so silly; in fact, if we hit 500 subscribers before the boys in blue DLC comes out, which might be sooner than you think, we'll talk about that shortly, but if we hit 500 by then.

I will commemorate this wide SE snack image by making it available to members. Even if I don't make members a thing on the channel for a while, whenever I do, wide SE stacks will be there.

This is so cool!

This is so cool!

but now my favorite edition in this update If you've had a chance to play Touch the Sky since update 6 came out, you may have noticed something different about the safe room. The upcoming LMG is actually in the armory with a note that reads, Do not break the glass until you have a redacted date underneath.

I think this is such a cool thing for the team to have done for a second. Imagine a world where Star Breeze doesn't need to advertise every single little piece of content that they're adding to the game to maintain interest, but instead one day you're casually playing The Heist and stumble across this lmg when you get into the safe room, assuming, of course, you survive until you get into the safe room.

Let's dive into the latest Payday 3 Update! From a random redesign of Vlad to the exciting addition in the Touch the Sky heist and how that seemingly confirms that the next heist is coming soon, were covering all the surprising tweaks and major updates.
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