Payday 3: Unlimited Money Exploit (60,000,000. Every Hour)


So I'll be completely transparent. There's a lot of different sponsorship offers right now involving payday cheats, and there's a lot of articles that need sponsors or want sponsors, or there's some articles that don't have any sponsors yet. I'll be more than happy to talk to people about it. It's a very new environment for me to be getting sponsorship offers as frequently as I have since payday, and my payday articles started coming out, so it's a very nice change.

So for this article, we're not going to need any favors at all; we're just going to want to load in with no clip enabled. So just to jump in here before the article starts, this article is sponsored, but it's not sponsored in the way that it would usually be, meaning that this article is actually a free sponsor, and it's sponsored by a Discord called Cryptographic Gaming.

Cryptographic Gaming is a community for gamers, streamers, and content creators alike. They're currently running a giveaway when they hit 500 Discord members for a $100 PlayStation card, $100 Xbox card, or $100 Steam card. Cryptographic gaming is a discord where gamers come together and help each other out.

So once we're inside the actual heist, it's not going to take long at all to get this done. It's going to take around 1 minute, 45 seconds, or 2 minutes, depending on how fast we can get in and out of the safe, because the safe's the trickiest part of this whole thing. What we're going to do is we're going to run over.

money exploit pc

Here, Andwell, no clip up into the safe to get the USB. Now this is the worst part because the safe is actually a hard surface. Sometimes the drive to make sure they go all the way to this office over here. Take it back to the office and plug it into the computer, and we're going to plug it into the computer and activate the computer.

Now it takes exactly 60 seconds from when you plug it in to when it finishes, so you can take your time a little bit here. Now we're going to grab three lots of cocaine from this room and two lots of cash, so there's one here as well. Well, throw that down, and then we're going to grab the cash off the chair and grab the cash off the top of the draw set.

money exploit ps5

Over here, we're going to leave all of the loose cash; we don't need to touch that at all, and then we're just going to wait for this hack to finish. I'm going to speed this up a little bit so you don't have to sit on the board and wait for me. It's been amazing to me. The sponsorships I've been coming through have been insane offers—some not so great but some very good offers—and it's weird being a part of this contrived world.

I never thought I would be fortunate enough to be here, so what's this? We press the PC and grab the SSD, and then we're going to get out of the car and run to the elevator. Just outside the door, throw the bag in the clip again, grab the bags, aim, and look towards the elevated door. I'm going to throw it in.

I'm going to just get into the elevator, and just like that, we made a million, Doll. So we actually completed some challenges there too, which is great 25 times on Overkill. So we made a million dollars. It took us 1 minute, 49 seconds, because we couldn't get into the safe right away. You can contact me on Twitter, or you can contact me on Discord.

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