Payday 3 Under The Surphaze Stealth Solo Guide (normal)

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Or cabins, so you just have to open all of them and make sure that you find the phone because you need the QR codes to access the showrooms where we will steal the paintings. Then, on the left, when you exit again, be careful for the camera and also the guards. On the left, you will find two restrooms.

In one of these restrooms, there will always be a phone as well. Now that you're done here, when you have the two QR codes, the first thing that you should do is go to room E1. This is the room where you can find the first painting that we have to steal, but instead of this. I like to go upstairs to the security room because, if we go there, we can take out the guards that are watching the camera footage, and then we can actually disable all of the cameras, which will make things a lot easier.

So there are four possible locations where this room can be. The first one is over here right now; it's the server room, which we will also need later, but that's the first location where the security room can be. The second and third locations will be over here on the left and then on the right.


So, there will be two doors. First, we have the break room over here, where we can, by the way, also find a phone. So for the QR codes, the second one in my case was the security room. So, like you guys saw, I went to the break room. There's also a phone most of the time over there. Next, we can go back to the server room.

In the server room again, there can be a phone. We need these we need these QR codes so that we can access all of the rooms for all of the paintings, and in the server room, you will also find this thing on the left over here now. You have some skills that increase this cage. This is in a really strange security room, and this one was the second for me.

Room E1 is on the left over here. Just scan the QR code, and then most of the time the painting that we want to steal will be on the right. This is a really strange security system. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but if you guys see it, you will probably understand it first. You have to find this little screen; normally, it's indicated with a finger pointing at it, so it should be easy to find there.

solo stealth guide

Are there three or four possible locations for this? I think after you enable the screen, you will have these random circles pop up. You have to stand in them for a while, and if you do this five times somehow, you disable the cage or the security bars. I have no idea what this is exactly; I don't know if they use it in real life, but you have to do it five times in five circles, and then the cage will go down.

These locations of these circles are often in an area where you have a guard patrolling, or it's in a place where the camera can see it, so just be careful. By the way, over here on the right side, when you enter, there is also a possible phone location check. There as well, because, like I said, we need the QR codes.

Also, notice that when you do one circle, you do another. The circle location that you already did might respawn, so if it's an easy location, you can also just go back. When you finish the last one, go back to room E1. The cage or bars will be gone, and then you can just pick the lock or just cut the glass and take the painting.


When you're stepping outside of the room so the exhibition room, always be careful for guards. Second, floor, that's what I also have to do, so the more guards that you leave a life with, the more chance that you have of actually finishing the mission in stealth, now after you take the painting The Objective will be to bring it to the van but the van is outside and there are a lot of civilians there so I prefer to just drop the bag over here and then do all of the paintings at the end because this kind of reduces the odds of getting out of stealth, but if you want you can also bring it to the van already but then there is a large chance that you will ruin the entire Mission at least if you want to keep it in stealth.

Now, after you have the first painting, you can go upstairs, and then the thing where you need to go is the manager's office. The manager's office, just like the security room, has four possible locations, so the security room, the manager's office, the break room, and the server room are always switched.

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So they can all be each other if you understand, so you kind of have to look for the manager's room and the other rooms as well, but in the manager's room you will find the manager's PC, and there you can find information about the paintings that we want to steal and in which rooms you will have to look.

There could be a phone in his office as well, so make sure to get it for the QR codes to interact. With the PC, and then also in this small cabin over here, you can find a safe. Open the safe because inside you can find a flash drive, which you need to take the last painting. so very important; don't forget it.

On the PC, you can find information about the rooms where you can find the paintings, so the Uma paintings can be found in E4 and E7 in my case, and then the Vicario paintings are in E3 and E5. I looked at them kind of fast, but normally I'm going to return later because I forgot. In the subject line of the mail, you can just find the rooms where you have to look.

stealth solo guide

First, I go to E3 for the Vicario painting. The first one, the E3, is on the first floor, so one Intel E3 is on the first floor, and then before Eid, seven are on the second floor. You enter there could be two types of security systems the first one is the lasers I would say pretty easy just watch how the lasers acts if you find this box over here you can also turn them off and then you can move however you want the, painting that you're looking for when you shine on it with your UV light you should see some kind of stain, same painting is in this room twice but, you need the one with the stain because this is apparently blood from the painter and you will only see this stain when you shine on it with the UV light so just make sure that you have the correct one so again when you have this painting normally you should take it immediately to the fan but we're gonna just drop it where we dropped the first painting.

under the surphaze

After this, we can go for the second Vicario painting, so in my case, this was in room E5 on the second floor, and, again, there will be one painting with a blood stain, and then the other one will be without the blood stain. Now, for entering the room, you will need another QR code, so this is the third QR code, and there was one important thing that I forgot to do here first: on the second floor, there is again a security bar system or a cage system that you have to use.

hey guys, here is a solo stealth guide for under the surphaze in payday 3. This guide is for players of all levels so also beginners. This video shows how to complete under the surphaze without triggering the alarm and alerting the guards. Under the surphaze is a museum robbery mission where multiple paintings have to be stolen.
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