Payday 3 - Under The Surphaze All Loot: Very Hard - Art Critic & True Connoisseur Achievement/trophy


Macca's, guides, Hey. You'll also want to grab the zipline bag before you start. The most important part of stealing the chandelier trail is that you will require a group of at least three people in co-op. You cannot grab it alone. I will transition to a three-person clip where we actually grab the paintings, beat the mission, and unlock the achievements because we are playing on very hard difficulty.

I think our first course of action should be to just take out the camera room, which is located on the second floor, and you should be able to access it quickly and easily from one of the exteriors. Climb UPS you will need to put your mask on fairly early on in this mission, so don't be surprised that we're going to be doing the whole thing in mask mode.

Also, if you do come across a cell phone, make sure you scan it to get the QR code. I think I'm going to bank four QR codes here, but you will probably need at least three. It's going to be a lot easier the more you have. I think you can actually get seven total without many issues. Now, once upstairs, there are four key interest points, which are basically small little offices.

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The first room we went to was the security room, which is where the security guard is and monitors all of the cameras. You'll want to find the server room where we can find an item for later, as well as a possible cell phone we can scan. You can also find the manager's office, which is a very important room, and you can find the break room, which is less important but sometimes can have things we need.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the article, you probably grabbed the zipline bag favor that you grabbed off the street when you spawned. Make sure you climb up onto the back balcony and deploy the zipline, which will take loot towards the Escape van while you're in stealth. There are two places to deploy this bag.

Make sure you deploy it in the right place now. As soon as I take out all the cameras, the first thing I'm going to spend my time on is securing the entire upstairs, which includes sedating all of the guards and all of the civilians and putting them inside the security room just in case we get searched.

true connoisseur

This isn't a place where the guards will come, so you're safe to keep the bodies there while we roam around completely. Freely upstairs, but we do require you to stay in stealth for a long time on this mission with no cameras and the upstairs secured. Let's go and find the manager's office. There are a lot of important things here.

First off, you can interact with the computer, and on the computer you can find a bunch of information about the Uma paintings and other things you may need to deal with, and behind the manager's desk is an important thing to interact with. You can find a hidden wall, and inside that wall is a safe.

Crack open the safe to find an important item we'll need later: the USB thumb drive. Now I'm going to explain how the hardest loot in probably the entire game works, and that is the chandelier trail painting. On the manager's desk, you can find three miniature figures of sculptures, and these sculptures correspond to full-size sculptures that you can find inside the art exhibitions.

under the surphaze

These will change for every single person every time you play additionally. Inside the manager's office, behind one of the paintings, you can find the outline of a yellow button. Keep in mind that this will be accessible later, so you'll have to come back here once we get to that step. Additionally you are required.

Do not loot the three sculptures that are found on the manager's desk. The next course of action is to open the unlock bars for all of the art upstairs. To do this, it's pretty simple. You'll find the panel. Interact with the panel. This will start the mini-game where you have to stand in the circles to fill the bar in the top left corner once.

That bar is filled up with all of the bars that are blocking. Access to paintings and sculptures should be lowered. You are ready to try to break into the individual exhibition rooms. You're free to try to use your QR code, but it's actually easier to gain access from the roof of the building. Two of the exhibitions are accessible through vents, and the other two are accessible by cutting glass and then dropping down.

If you see a moving cone of red light, it's okay if you stand in it, but it is a motion sensor, so as it moves across, you make sure you do not move while underneath it for all of these rooms. What we're trying to do is disable the lasers or the floor, which is basically a lava grid. Don't trip any of the lasers, and don't touch the floor if the floor is made of lava.

If you are trying to get to a power box where you can shut these off, each of the four exhibitions upstairs has its own individual power box. This may be pretty obvious, but because you're in a co-op, you can split up and do different rooms at the same time to save time. Overall, one of them will just require you to crouch underneath the lasers in the right area.

The other one will require you to jump from furniture to furniture while not touching the ground. One of the other ones will require you to just time your run through the gallery as the lasers keep moving, but your goal here is to basically disable the lasers for all four of the upstairs exhibition rooms; doing so through the roof is the easiest.

Our overall goal is to loot the entire upstairs in stealth while leaving behind the sculptures that are displayed in the manager's room, and we're trying to do this all in stealth, getting all of the loot over to the van without being spotted. This will make it way easier at the end of the level should you break stealth, but as of this moment, you actually aren't allowed to break stealth.

We still need to grab a painting that requires it. One specific piece of art you have to give a little bit of extra attention to is the Uma painting. There will be two of the same paintings in the gallery, one real and one fake, and you can find out where you'll find them based on an email in the manager's room on their computer for me.

I'm going to have identical paintings in Exhibition 4 and Exhibition 7. Once you know where the two duplicates are, you'll need two things to actually grab this painting. The first is the spectrometer, which I found in the server room. It looks like a tripod item; it'll glow when you go up to it, and when you interact with it, it'll go into a bag on your back.

The other item you'll need is the USB drive found inside the safe of the manager's office. We grabbed it earlier, so now go to one of the duplicate paintings; it doesn't matter which one you start with, and cut a hole in the glass. This will allow you to use the mass spectrometer. Onto on the ground in front of it, the spectrometer will scan the item, and it will let you know if you are scanning the authentic one or the inauthentic one.

Payday 3 - Under the Surphaze Art Gallery All Loot on Very Hard - Art Critic True Connoisseur AchievementTrophy Guide - Steal the painting by Shanda Latrell and Complete Under The Surphaze having stolen all art from the 7 exhibitions on Very Hard or above - 3 Player Co-op Walkthrough. Mission Under the Surphaze. Player Count 3 Required. Difficulty Very Hard.
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