Payday 3 Ultimate Test 99 Boxes Solo Overkill

99 boxes

The content is stand-ready, guys. I have a brush. Dallas, excuse me. Dallas was right there, so this is 99 boxes solo. Like a second or third try, so on my very first try. I thought it was an invite-only session I could have sworn it was, and then someone joined one of my friends, that is, all right, get inside the warehouse.

I literally just played, like this is still a blind play through technically, like I haven't really played a bunch of this, but when I had just played, I made it basically to the end. I had the door closed, or whatever you want to call it, that door closed right there, and then literally a cloer, as I'm shooting him search the ware for.

N, and then on the flip side of that, I'm pretty sure. I've got a skill that if I have Rush, the cloer is not supposed to do that to me, but for some reason he still did it to me, so I don't really know that skill. For a computer, we can't use a useless point in the right direction, like, I swear, I got a skill that it's like if I have Rush, which I had Rush.

99 boxes solo overkill s ultimate test

A cloer downing me results in him just staggering me, but like he didn't, he straight downed me, so I don't know what the [__] still does. It's because, from my understanding, he was supposed to only stagger me right there, so therefore, I was supposed to be okay. The heist was supposed to go on, but instead, the game had other plans: he insta-downed me, then Dallas respawned, but then he still cuffed me, and then GG.

I don't know what the [__] was really going on. All right, it's in the west yard. Head on over there and find a way inside. I'm pretty sure that skill doesn't work all right. Grab the zipline bag even though I'm using it; it's kind of silly somewhere high. Up, good jumping [__] mechanic in this game, you can't grab unless you like are from the bottom position container usually opens with a digital key, but clearly that's not going to happen.

I'm sending you something that will help keep an eye out. I'm tracking another assault team. The chopper is on approach and will drop you some that burn those locks and no time helicopter on. Approach: I know I need the red spikes at the end, but I haven't made it that far yet. The farthest I've made it was my second time through.


I was able to close the doors and then immediately get cooked. If I'm running outside, you want some more, so I don't. I don't know how that's even possible once again, having a rush and having a skill that's supposed to counter. I immediately hit the map. I'd have been so mad; it's happened to me multiple times on the other side.

Chains is in custody, and I clearly throw it on there and act like I missed something. Goddamn, it's in custody. I wish you could trigger these early, like have both of them triggered instead of having to run back here and look at it. Again, you wanted some more and took damage. Nice, wonderful mechanics here in Payday 3: random fall damage that shouldn't be fall damage, then you take a fall.

This is sort of commentated, like I'm playing and doing it at the same time. We could damage the goods if we mess with the inner gate It's geolocked to only open in a specific location, but I can use GPS if you're around the area. Drop some ammo. I wish this part didn't take as long. Whatever this geolock nonsense is, I don't even think this is a real thing in the real world.

beta gameplay

I highly doubt it. Here, you have to go stand in this location to unlock it. Imagine being a worker in this facility. Hey, you got to go jump up on that box, and you got to jump across onto that box, or it's not going to work, man. We can't get it open. This is the only way we can open it. Be careful; you are no longer a thing.

Yes, you got it. Remember, the timer starts as soon as the components are out in the open. Make sure to get them to our refrigerated truck. Fast, these have all been since Lost in Time got the components to the truck and started degrading. Drop your [__], Weapons I'll take fall damage. I guess nope, not fall damage that time.

damontae kxng

Good job the first set of components is coed and ready for transport. Now I need to get back in there as fast as I can so I can avoid wasting too much time. We need to end this, of course, Zapper, and of course, man. Hazer somehow lands that upon literally charging his Tas setting up over. Delivery or whatever the sound is, but it's like, literally, as he's doing it, he's able to tase me apparently, burn the jump, the second jump lost all momentum, and speed cover take out take.

Cust Cler's gone. Jesus Christ. I could have shot him with a revolver, but it's like, damn. I'm just going to miss because I'm [__] getting chased, and then I had to reload my gun, like. I hate the cloakers in this game. I hate how the AI don't heal AI again, so I lost a lot of time there by running back for the armor and healing chains, and I see a taser right there on the ground, and there might be a sniper because I only killed one earlier, the Geck.

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That's the worst one because the truck is the same as with that inner gate. Find the hot spots where the signal is strongest, and I'll go up there. somehow every cop is right there, I can't jump nice, so the only armor on the maps all the way over there, and IAM should be able to make it to it as long as I don't die.


Chains are in custody. Dallas is in custody. I had just shortened the route a lot there; the potential of running into the cops is huge when you shorten the route. Sniper, all right. I got the components and brought them back to the refrigerated truck quickly. Now I never get through them; the components are losing value.

I got them to the truck. I had a second thought there. I was like, Let's go right, and I like left going to be Del to you. I got something, Custody. We have what we came for if you want to check out the other containers. Now's the time to do it; otherwise, secure the refrigerated truck and get the hell out of it.

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There was some reason I thought I saw a clerk right there, so I started pre-firing. Dallas is in excellent custody. Now get the hell out of there, GG.

In this video, we take on the ultimate challenge in Payday 3 99 Boxes Solo Overkill Hardest Map.
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