Payday 3 Turbid Station Solo Stealth Guide

solo stealth

And welcome back to another article. So guys, we're back with some Payday 3 new missions today at Turbet Station. We're doing it in normal mode; we're going to do it stealth solo, and for this one, I chose to equip my mask. If you want to do it without your mask, it's also perfectly possible. I think even if you just follow this article, it's also possible, but if you do equip it, it just makes things a lot easier.

In this mission, we will have to steal two satellite prototypes; we can find them in the Quant wagons. These are the green wagons before you enter the rail yard. I would really recommend that you just find them, so look from the top and spot them so that you know where to go. But in two of these four green wagons, you will find a satellite prototype, which you have to steal to complete the mission.

In the other two, you will also find some additional loot that you can also steal. The first thing that you have to do is find the yellow control panel on the side of the wagon, which is pretty easy to spot. I would say you will have to hack this, and this will open the door of the wagon. Inside the wagon, there will be another door that you have to open to access the satellite prototype or the loot, and the way that you open this door will be different for each wagon, but I will show you guys all four ways.

turbid station

For the first one over here, it was a QR code. This QR code you can get from the phone of the supervisor that's walking around the rail yard. By the way, when you enter a wagon, the game will also always tell you if there is a satellite prototype inside or not, so if there is not and you don't want to get the loot, you don't even have to bother to open the door, so the supervisor looks like this kind of construction worker.

Most of the time, he will be over here, so this is kind of all the way. On the left, in the backside, you could say he is smoking over here, and this is kind of the perfect moment to approach him to hack his phone. Even if you don't equip your mask, you can just follow him over here, or you can just stand behind them, and then it will be perfectly fine.

You can also find them all the way on the other side, so this is kind of the front of the rail yard, you could say, and over there you have like a container with some tools in it, some hammers, and some wrenches. He can also stand still over there, and this is also a good moment to just hack the phone.

turbid station control room

When the hack is done, if you grab him, make sure that you hide this guy somewhere well. For example, sometimes I just put him over here on the ground, and then later on in the mission, the alarm goes off, so really put him somewhere in a corner where you are sure that no one will see him, and of course, also make sure to tie him up.

So now we have to make our way back to the wagon. When you're moving around, always be careful for the drones. If you want, you can shoot them, but just know that if a guard, of course, sees the broken drone, then the alarm will go off, so only shoot them in places where they will fall down and no one will see them.

So just open up the door with a QR code; this is something that we know from other missions, and then we can take the satellite prototype, which looks like this, by the way, so if you don't see this in the wagon, you already know that it's not one of the two. You also have some other loot, by the way, even in the wagons where you do have the satellite prototype.

turbid station guide

Now this wagon was pretty close to the exit, so it's actually perfect to also take all of the other loot, but I was kind of being lazy; it always just takes so long to take every bag one by one, so I just took a couple, gave them to the crew, and then I continued. So the next green wagon, in my case, was just behind this one.

Like I said in the beginning, if you look where all of the green wagons are before you enter the rail yard, you can just move very easily, and you always know where you have to go. So again, search for the yellow box on the S, wait until the panel is hacked, and then you can enter the wagon. So the second type of door that you can have inside the wagon is this one next to the door; it says control unit, and for this, you will have to go to the control room.

turbid station normal

You will have to find an employee in the basement to open this control room, and then over there will be a PC where you can actually open this door, but I will show you guys that in a bit. The third type of door is a very easy one. For this one, you just need a red key card. I will show you guys a couple of locations where you can find it, but you just need to find the red key card, and then it opens.

By the way, in the place where you find the red key card, there will always be a radio next to it. To orient yourself, this radio will be on and you can hear the music, so if you hear music somewhere, then you already know that the red key card will be over there. Over here is one possible location where you can find the red key cards, so as you guys can see, there's always three, and then there's always a radio in front of it that is on, so this is kind of a way that you can recognize it.

turbid station ost

This location, by the way, is between the first and second rows of wagons all the way on the right. It's kind of difficult to orient yourself on this mission because everything kind of looks the same. But yeah, after a while, after you play it, it will be a little bit easier. A second location where it can be is over here on the left side, so again, three key cards with a radio in front of them.

It's pretty easy to recognize, but if you have to look for it, it can be difficult, of course. So before we continue, I also opened up the Fort Wagon; for this one, you will need a SSD. You can find this again somewhere on the rail yard or somewhere in the basement, most of the time in the basement.

And you can recognize it because it will be a PC, kind of on a cabin, and below it you will find the SSD, but I will show you guys that in a bit as well. First of all, let's find the control room. The control room is in the basement, and this is what I need right now in this mission because that's how I get the second satellite prototype.

turbid station solo

So in the basement, this is again a very confusing area where it's kind of difficult to orient yourself. but in the basement. You will first have to find this guy over here; he's an employee, and he's wearing a white shirt. I can't really tell you guys where you can always find them because he's just walking around randomly, but you will find him; the basement is not that big.

hey guys here is a solo stealth guide for the new Turbid Station mission in Payday 3. This is a dlc mission for Payday 3 and is one of the legacy heists. In this mission we have to steal 2 satallite prototypes by opening the Quantz wagons.
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