Payday 3 - True Connoisseur Achievement/trophy (steal Shanda Latrell Painting)


The Shonda Latrell painting is the painting that's inside the main display area on the first floor, so if you were to enter the main entrance, walk through the lobby, the main lobby area underneath, two staircases, and in the center there's a painting that's hidden behind bulletproof. Glass Okay, so that's the one that we're looking for.

We need three real players to pull this off. What we're going to do is put on our masks right away, avoid all of these cameras, and make our way into the building from the side. You can hop up onto the ledge in the fire escape. We're unlocking this door so that we have access to the security cameras.

So that is crucial here. We no longer have to worry about cameras as far as getting caught; we just have to worry about security guards. It does get a little chaotic here at the beginning, but we're just tying up a few loose ends so we don't get caught and we can remain in stealth. We grabbed a QR code off of the cell phone and the security office, and there is also another one in the manager's office, all right, so we only need two QR codes for this.

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And E3 is on the first floor, so we're going to do E4 and E7 first, then we're going to do E3. Last, I do like to access E4 from the roof. You can gain access from the ground floor as well with another QR code, but instead of having to pick up a third one, we're just going to cut the glass on the roof, hop down onto this wall inside the room, wait until you're comfortable with the lasers, and then jump over to the breaker box in the back of the room, pull it, and that will deactivate the lasers in the room.

You're going to do this rinse and repeat, and for E7 and E3, it's just different laser situations inside there, all right? So on the back side of this article, I'll explain how to gain access to E4 from ground level, but we're going to move over to E7, which is right next to E4. I like to access E7 from the other door just because of how many times we have had to do this.

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I became familiar with this setup, specifically, so we're just going to weave back and forth underneath these lasers again. We're making our way to the back of the room to the breaker box. We can pull the breaker box, and that will deactivate these lasers. Once you get a hang of the laser situation, it's not too bad, but that's only half the battle; we also have to complete the initial mission.

Accessing panels on the walls and then lowering the security bars around the cases that hold the statues Okay, so we're going to make our way over to E3 and just hug this wall here on the outside. The stairwell and check your corners for security guards, but E3 is right down here next to the stairwell.

Once we get inside, the floor is lava in this situation, so we're going to hop around on the furniture and just make sure we're not touching the floor, so we're going to jump. We're going to jump straight up and slightly forward there, and then we're going to leap. Be careful here. We're going to jump to the couch in the middle and then to the breaker box on the back wall.

Turn this one off as well. Like I was mentioning, turning these off is only half the battle now that we have the lasers off in the three rooms that are holding each of the statues. We still need to lower the security bar, so that's what the other two players are working on. They're working on disabling the ones downstairs; they've already finished up the ones upstairs.

Is very tricky. Avoid the security guards, and just be patient here. There were far too many times where we tried to push and then we got caught, so if there's any advice I have for you, just take it easy here. These security guards are relentless and very hard, so we're going to make our way through all of this.

We've lowered all of the security bars. Now the lasers are done, and we're going to each go into a room corresponding to where the statues are located. So, one person in each room is looking at each statue that corresponds to the miniature ones on the manager's desk. We're cutting the glass here, and we're going to pick up these statues at the exact same time.

Each person needs to grab them simultaneously. And, once we do this, if you notice in the lower left-hand corner just above each player's name, there is an icon now showing that we each have a piece of artwork in our inventory. Now that we've completed collecting the statues, we can make our way back to the manager's office.

We're going to move this painting on the wall here; it will expose a red button that we compress, and now we can work on obtaining the Shonda Latrell painting down in the lobby area before we head down there. We can enter the security office here and actually look at the cameras, and there are two cameras in the room where the painting that we need is.

Here, you can see that the cameras are actually indicating a red arrow on the ground. You can also see the lasers. So, Dougie Fresh is going to stay in the security room, and I'm going to head downstairs. I do have to push through a security guard down here. We have one more call before they start searching, and then one more after that, and we're caught.

So this was very hectic down here—nervous-wracking, to say the least—but I dispose of this body. Now what happens is that when I drop my bag to dispose of this body, I can no longer see the lasers that are in this area. It really does not matter because I'm going to be guided by Dougie upstairs anyway, so he is going to talk me through this entire situation simply.

Put simply, I'm going to move forward exactly. When he tells me I am going to scoot, I'm going to turn slowly, left or right exactly. When he tells me to. I'm going to actually superimpose some of the camera footage here, and as you can see, this is what he sees, and then, compared to what I see, obviously, he's just having me follow the arrows on the ground.

The security footage kind of looks like I'm hitting the lasers, but as long as you're following the path on the ground, you should be good at it. At this point, it is worth mentioning the achievement trophy. Does it state that you simply need to steal the Sean de Latrell painting very hard; you do not need to complete this mission?

Okay, so what we decided to do here is, because we have our masks on, we can't escape from the van outback without drawing attention to ourselves very easily. Anyway, we decided to just go hot in a situation and take all of our loot upstairs to the helicopter. We found that to be the easiest approach again because you simply need to steal the painting, so I paused here.

Steal the painting by Shanda Latrell in Under the Surphaze on Very Hard or above.
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