Payday 3 - True Connoisseur Achievement Guide


In this article, we're going to be showing you how to get the true connoisseur achievement, which requires you to steal the painting by chandeling Latrell in under the surface. This is getting very hard or higher, and you need at least three people to do this. The first thing you're going to need to do is get on the roof.

Somehow, there's multiple ways up to the roof. You're just going to need to mask up in a quiet area where there are fewer civvies and fewer cameras, and get up to the roof.

Security office

Security office

Once you're on the roof, you'll see a bunch of fire escapes that you can come down onto the second floor. You're going to find out what fire escape there is. Get to the closest area where the security room is, so go down one of the fire escapes, and you will notice the security room right in front of some windows.

Just make sure that you are in that closest area, and then you're going to want to break through nice and stealthily. Notice that there's tons of indestructible cameras on very hard so that's why we're going to the security office first because it'll make your life a lot easier later on so just make sure there's no cameras looking at the door because you're going to need to go and lock pick it so just go over once all the cameras are good and you can lock pick the door there will be a garden side you can take him out and, then you can pick him up and then answer his radio sort of standard stealth stuff at this point now if you do mess anything up at any point if you restart from the pause menu you will be able to get the same instance so just remember that later sometimes it might be good to run around and find the items that you need loud so you know where they are and then do it all stealthily later once, you've picked up the phone you're going to want to find smartphones in break rooms there's one in the security office one in break room one in the manager's office anything in a side room that isn't an exhibit you probably will find a smartphone to scan and you will find a QR code on that and you'll need that to get into the exhibits well most of them anyway some of them you can jump in from the roof but we will do some of them from the roof and some of them from the QR codes but, there's tons of them so just grab them and you'll be good to go .

Managers office

Managers office

It's just up to you. You can do it all in one if you just want to explore and take out all the art anyway. You have found the statues in the office, and you've noted them all down on what ones you need to get. Then, you can start heading to the rooms and start disabling the laser grids. Now take it slow.

Obviously, don't trigger any alarms. If you do, then obviously just restart from the pause menu. No big deal. If you do mess it up, it did take me a few attempts as well. Here's one, for example, and then you're going to want to lock and pick the cage. You can do this now or later, but lockpick it now while you find it, just so you know where it is, and make a note of the exhibition room that it is in.

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So for this statue, it's in E4. Now you're going to want to find on the second floor the two civilians. Ideally, you don't want to take out any of the guards because you want to save your radios for downstairs, but you're going to want to take the civilians into any of the side rooms. The guards don't seem to venture in there and then just tie them up.

It'll make your life a lot easier because you're going to be out on the main floor of the second floor quite a lot, and if they spot you, they'll just call something in. It makes life a lot easier when you're dodging two people and not four. So there will be one manager and one maintenance worker.

Put them anywhere you like, and just make sure they're out of the way. Then you can just avoid the two guards. Once that's done, you can do the exact same thing for the bottom floor, but the bottom floor is a lot harder; it's more open, and there are five guards on the bottom floor, not just two.

There are no civilians to worry about, so don't worry about that too much, but it is the five guards that you need to take care of. That's why I said to save your last two radios for this, because you will need them. Same thing again: find the iPad on the bottom floor, and then just fill up the circles.

No big deal; nice and easy. Once that is filled, you can then go ahead and get all of your team to the statues that you've found, so for the three different statues that you need to pick up at the same time, one person goes the other way. One person goes the other way, nice and easy. So you get to the statues.

You can open the display cases at any point, but just do not pick them up until you're all ready to pick them up at the same time. So it's good to do a countdown if you're talking to each other, and then you've got them all at the same time. You can dump them anywhere or secure the loot. It doesn't matter if you have a zipline bag; it makes life a lot easier, but just make sure you pick it up at the same time.

I can't stress that enough because the next step will not work if you just pick them up in random orders.



once you've done that, you can go to the manager's office, where one person needs to go downstairs. In the manager's office, one person needs to go downstairs. In the manager's office, there are free paintings, and on that wall, the middle painting will now be able to move. There's a red button.

Do not press that button yet, but you need someone to press it. When another person is in position, the person downstairs will be going between E3 and E2. There is a room, just a blank room. Just be careful with all the guards walking about to see the painting that you need to steal behind the barrier; it's lit up.

There aren't any lasers yet, but there will be, so bear that in mind. So you've been stealthy up to this point. You just need to make sure no guards spot you because they do patrol right up to the archway that leads into this room, and they will spot you pretty easily, and a guard does actually spot me in the footage you're about to see.


So once the guy is ready with the button and all the guards are out of the way, you can jump over the barrier; it won't trigger any alarms. Just make sure you're right underneath the painting because you're going to need to time this very carefully. As you can see, there's a guard spot in me now, so I'm going to have to take him out.

We've got no more radios, so I've picked him up and picked up the painting. That's fine you can go loud now. As you can see, the guard has spotted the dead body. You can go loud. All you're going to need to do now if you've gone loud is go all the way up to the roof, signal the chopper, and throw the painting in.

In this Payday 3 video will show you how to complete the True Connoisseur achievement trophy which requires you to Steal the painting by Shanda Latrell in Under the Surphaze on Very Hard or above.
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