Payday 3 Touch The Sky Stealth Solo Guide (normal)

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For this, of course, you will have to equip your masks, or else you cannot climb anything and you cannot jump. There is also a way, I think, to do this mission without equipping your mask, but I think you have to wait for this for a while, and I also don't know, to be honest, if it's possible. Anyway, just enter the ducts, and then all the way at the end, you can open the cover, and then you can just jump out.

The first thing that we have to do is go to the master bedroom. As far as I know, it's always in the same location, so it's pretty easy to find. Once you're on the second floor, it's over here on the right. There will be a screen next to it; you can hack it, and then we will have to do the circle system to open the door, so in the circle system, we also side in under the surface for the museum mission, and then also in 99 boxes.

Basically, just be random circles that spawn all over the penthouse. You have to stand in them until they turn green, and if you do this five times, I think in this mission as well, then the door will unlock. Before I do this, I find the guard with the blue key card. For me, it has always been the guard on the second floor; it could also be one of the guards on the first floor, but if we get the blue key card, we can go to the security room and take out the guy watching the cameras, and then after this point, all of the cameras will basically be disabled.

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So the first possible location where the camera room can be is over here on the second floor. You will also recognize this room because there is a blue key card next to it. Now on the second floor and also on the first floor, this guy will also be walking around; he's kind of the head of security.

If you see him, take him out. The circle system is just standing there until it turns green or until the circle disappears. The guard on the second floor I also like to take him out personally because he's the only guard on this floor after you take out the head of security. And you will be mainly on the second floor for this mission, especially after you open the vault, so I think it's pretty handy if you just take him out.

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Once you're done with all these circles, you can go back to the master bedroom. It will be open, and then when you're in there, you will have to find a switch that opens the panel to the vault. So there's a panel in the back of the room. You have to open this with a switch, and this switch is just a hidden book, so all of the books that you see, you have to pull them, and then with one book, you will notice that it's a switch so it doesn't fall off, and then the panel will be open, so you can just go to the back of the room.

Now the keypad will show, and it's important that you remember the numbers on the keypads. So in my case, it's 1, 2, 3, and N, so these are the numbers that are pressed a lot. It's easy if you remember them because later on we will see four possible codes, and if you remember the numbers, you know immediately which one is the right one.

You can also go back, so don't stress about that, but it's just handy if you already remember it. So then for the red key card Like I said, we have to go to the first floor of this office over here. Like I said, this could also be the location of the security room. If that's the case, then this office will just be on the second floor for you.

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Inside this office, there are these drawers. You have to search for all of them. I think the easiest way is always to start from the bottom, because if you start from the top, you cannot see the drawer below the one that you opened. And just search until you find the red key card. Once you're done, you can go back upstairs, or if you were already upstairs, you can just stay there.

Now we're going to another office, the office of the owner of the penthouse. Because over there we will find the code to the vault, so use the red key card, and then when you're inside, find this red button. As far as I know, it's always on the bottom left of the desk. Over here, when you press the button, another safe will appear behind the desk, and to open this safe, we will need Mason, who is probably the owner of this penthouse.

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So we have to take him hostage and bring him here now. But to lure him away, we will use an expensive whiskey that will be delivered by a delivery guy. So this guy is just going to deliver the whiskey; you don't have to take him out; you don't have to do anything with him, and then we're just going to find some poison; we're going to put it in the whiskey; he's going to drink it; Mason's going to drink it; he's going to go to the bathroom; and then when he's in the bathroom, we will just take him hostage.

By the way, the delivery guy has this VIP card that he's carrying; you can steal it. I think if you would want to do this mission with no mask, you could wait for him in the hallway, you could steal the VIP card, and maybe you could enter like this, but I'm not sure about this. For the rest, to be honest, I can't really think of a method to do this mission without a mask.

Anyway, the first thing that we had to do was find the poison. You can look for it in the bathrooms, in the storage room, or in the kitchen. The game points out where the poison is anyway, so don't worry about it if you don't find it immediately. After you take the poison, you can go back downstairs.

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Now be careful for the guards if you did it the same way as me. You still have some guards walking around. You can go to the kitchen; that's the easiest. I think the delivery guy is normally also over there, and if you go to the right over here behind the counter, you can see the whiskey. You can poison it, and after you poison it, ring the bell.

After you do this, get out of there as fast as possible because someone will come and get the drink, and then you can just go upstairs. I'm not sure if it's always this bathroom that he goes to. If it is, it's pretty easy; you're close to the stairs, and you're also close to the office. If it isn't, he will be outlined in yellow anyway, so just follow him, but then it might take longer until you get back to the office, and it could also be riskier because maybe you have to pass some guards.

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Anyway, just shove him in front of the screen and make him open the door. You can also shove him or throw him in a corner, then tie him up so it doesn't do anything. And then, inside the whiteboard, you will see four codes. If you remember the four numbers from The Vault, you know immediately which one is the right one; in my case, it was the last one.

If you don't remember, you can also just go back to The Vault. Check the four numbers and then just go back, but if you remember it, of course it will be faster, so when you shine on the key ad, by the way, with the blue light, you will see which numbers are presented. This is again the way that you can find out which are the right numbers.

hey guys, here is a solo stealth touch the sky guide in payday 3. This video shows how to open the vault and steal all loot in the touch the sky mission in payday 3.
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