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We're grabbing the hardest achievement or trophy in the game called Spec Ops for completing the last mission, Touch the Sky in stealth without killing a guard, on the hardest difficulty. Overkill: I think a lot of people will enjoy going for this because it is recommended to do it solo. As this is a walkthrough, I'm going to show you what perks I use, which you can follow with a similar build.

To make this run as easy as possible, you'll want to make sure you have the infiltrator aced. I also do have quick fingers, and most importantly, I am manipulative and menacing. This will allow you to save a run by putting down a guard if you need to, and you must have a hacker, secure loop, and glitch protocol, optionally.

You can grab routed ping and put any extra points you have into strategist; additionally, you'll want a standard lining so that you are quicker, and for the tool. I would highly recommend the microcam; it saves me a lot in this run. Once you're ready, load up a solo private game and touch the sky.

Overkill the difficulty, and let's get started. Where you start is where you end, so keep in mind that you'll have to come back through that door that spawns in front of you before you do this. What you actually need in order to complete the objectives If you try this for the very first time on Overkill difficulty, you may have some troubles.


Run up the staircase, mask up, go through the long vent, and then drop down into the middle. If you know the area, you'll know where the master bedroom is. If you're quick, you can make it straight to the master bedroom to interact with the panel to start the hack. In the Wi-Fi mini game, you also want to make sure you hack this corner camera nearest the bedroom and use your secure Loop perk on it.

The light will turn blue, and now this camera will not catch you for the rest of the run. It's by far the most annoying camera on this level, so that's why we're going to do it now. Based on the guard routes, you should have enough time to grab this corner ring if you spawn here and then work your way back into the middle room, making sure to swing the doors open the other way so that they are swung into the room.

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This may seem pointless, but there is not a very specific thing coming up here. You'll want to just wait in this room for quite a while. This can take around two or three minutes, so be patient. I won't make you wait. We'll fast-forward in the article a little bit. As the lead guard comes up, it is advantageous to get a quick spot on him.

This allows you to see exactly when he moves into position. He does go up behind him and hack his phone. This will start a 30-second counter where you need to stay in the ring for 30 seconds, and if the ring is broken, then you will cancel that timer and have to start over. A quarter of the way through that hack, you can open up the door and use your glitch protocol to hack his radio, which will allow him to stand here longer, making the hack really easy and possible through the door.

You now have the QR code, which gives you access to the QR code room inside. In that room, we have the red key card, which we will need later. Before we do that, swing the doors open into the hallway, and you'll want to place one of your microcams on the door. You can now use this microcam to monitor guard routes in this hallway.


As useful as you're trying to sneak between the middle room and the bedroom at this point, you really do just want to stay patient and look for the guard. Roots, ideally, you're going to fill up the circles to hack the bedroom, but you can also work your way over to use the QR code to unlock the QR code room.

Now I do get spotted here by a guard completely, but luckily, because I have my menacing perk, I'm able to aim down and press up on the d-pad. I am on controller, and I can intimidate this guard into a position where I can tie their hands. This will allow me to basically take one guard completely out of the upstairs routes, and I'm spending my entire run upstairs.

This is the only guard that comes through this route, and there are no civilians that will see them if you're able to put them down right here in this room, so this is an easy way to make your routes a little bit easier as you go through them. We're trying to make our way to that QR code room, and we're trying to hack the circles to get into the master bedroom, so here the coast is clear.

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I'm going to go and work my way towards a circle I see near the elevator. Here we'll also be able to gain access to the QR code room inside, finding the red key card access because we're using the secured loop, which makes this route really easy; otherwise, that camera almost always sees you, so making sure that camera is blue, meaning that we hacked it earlier and secured the loop, makes this quite a bit easier.

Go into the office and search all of the containers for the red key card. I knew where mine was ahead of time around this time is where you're going to need to figure out what your vault code is, and you have three very different and very unique options on how you do that option. One is through true brute force; you can go up to the vault door, figure out the four numbers, and try all 24 possible combinations.


It will take you 10 minutes, but I promise you will eventually get the right one. Option two is to go into the red key card access room and click the panic button, which will open up the eye scanner. You can then go downstairs and go loud, grabbing the right person to scan the eye. This will get you into the panic room.

In the panic room, it will list possible vault codes. If you go loud, then you'll need to restart the mission, but you'll at least know the vault code when you do option three, which involves venturing downstairs to find the poison bottle and the drink, waiting for the guy that can get the scanner to be alone, and escorting him to the vault room and staying completely in stealth, but I think that one is the hardest either way.

Before any of the vault code stuff is useful, you do have to hack the Wi-Fi to unlock the bedroom. I recommend putting up a second camera on the other set of doors in that central room; this will allow you to keep an even better eye on the guards watching. Obviously, it can get a little bit tricky in here since we haven't secured the loop in this area yet, but you want to fill up any five circles in order to unlock the bedroom.

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I believe with any variant of RNG, you can do this completely by staying upstairs. There will usually be one or two rings downstairs, but if you skip them and just keep spawning new ones, you should be able to get five that are mostly easy to do upstairs. Completely avoid the downstairs in this mission while going for solo stealth until literally the last second.

Spec Ops AchievementTrophy Guide Walkthrough - Complete Touch The Sky in stealth without killing a single guard on Overkill. More Payday 3 Videos.
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