Payday 3: Touch The Sky. Overkill, Solo Loud


Don't leave that high. Yeah, I'm not leaving it. We're chilling we're going to get this. We're going to get this. Hey tick tock tick Taz tick. It's a fun name to say. That's the penthouse. Is there any particular reason you're doing this loudly because it has really high ad density, which means I can get XP for a weapon kill in here because I've gotten a lot of my challenges done already, but I need to get challenges done if I want to keep leveling up, and I'm only at 18 out of 21 skill points.

So right now, we are at the part where we're like scraping at the bottom of the barrel, trying to get some XP, so we're just doing loud missions, trying to do some loud missions, get some kills, plus. I mean, if I get this done. Overkill solo loud from the start, that's also just content. You know, it's also just content.

I love the challenges for Clear Map 150. Yeah, I know those children who made those who made those challenges. Clear a map 175 times on overkill and equality, like, What are they doing? What happened what are these challenges they're trolling with that? Oops, I got my path thing all screwed up.

We want to go upstairs. I don't think the hostage rescue unit's going to come in on terms. We want to bring all of the ads in. See, that's what I mean, like I can lock this door in place so I can shut it right here, but if I shoot the handle out. I can't move it anymore, and neither can the AI, so I can just constantly have that door cover.


Ed Zapper is dead. Yeah, I don't know how I feel about them. No one has been asking me how I feel about them being called Zappers instead of Taylor's. I don't know how I feel about it, but I think I'd prefer tasers. Honestly, I mean, it's not a huge deal, not a huge deal, but some people have been asking that lately.

Turn off a lot of bodies. The autobody is Yeah, I definitely like touching this guy the most. This has such nice added density. You just get so many kills. You're trying to overcome those challenges. Complete certain weapons so you can get more towns. XP, that's a great place to do it [__], not this time [ __ ].

Actually, if we keep the kills going, we should have like perfect timing for this, ideally, so let me collect the SSD from the computer. I think I have a break in the action and then call Bile. Eight highest in the game. That's, I think, a pretty healthy number for lunch. Honestly, pretty healthy number.


We're going to get more throughout the year. We're going to get more throughout the year, and they've stated that it's going to be both paid and free. Beautiful, that's the timing we were looking for; that's like the exact perfect timing I was talking about; no way, I just saw that cloaker. I saw you spawn; you weren't going to sneak up on me.

I would have been so sad if that's how it ended. Three has some major Yeah, there's going to be about three paid Heights. Keep that in mind, both free and coming in 30 seconds, How long do you have to file? How long have we been here? You know what the smartest should be able to see, all right?

I think if we want to play this safe, we should hide in the bathroom up here. That way, we can de-aggross them from the drop-off. You can buy ice passes; they're probably going to sell them, and they're probably going to do what they did here, so if you have Gold Edition, I'm sure you can buy it separately too.

payday 2

Okay, let's go. Let's get out of here. Okay, 13 minutes, 38 seconds, Of course we aren't going for all loot; that would be adding way too much risk to it for now. Anyway, we'll see if we can pull it off at a later date, but yeah, we're running the SA A1 for four. That's the weapon currently. All I have on it is a Viewpoint site that's literally the only attachment, and then we have the Bison, the only attachment.

No, we'll go over the build again. God so yeah, we got the Bison. I'm running the sniper. I don't really use it; it's just that I have it. Armor bags are necessary 100% of the time. Flashbang is necessary. I didn't really use it in that last run. I could have, and I should have. I just didn't do any better than any other throwable.

In my opinion, infrareds are kind of just what you take; you're not really going to be using them too much. Let's get skills. So I have been medicated. This isn't really important right now. The reason I wanted to ace this was because I wanted to pair it with combat medic, so we level up one more time I get combat medic, and then anytime I revive someone.


I'll get five seconds of damage immunity, and five seconds is a really long time, so yeah. I wanted to do that, but an ammo specialist is a must. A scrounger is a must. Plate-ups are a must. These are important. Scrounger's just amazing. You get your throwables back on kills. Plate-up is really important just for survivability.

You get ammo. You get sorry. Anytime you have grit, ammo drops will instantly regenerate your current armor chunk. A super strong, super strong mower is a must for every 35 bullets you shoot again. Edge, it's not really important for that, but it's a must because you want ammo to funnel and replenish.

This is how you basically have infinite uptime, like you have not infinite of time but you have like infinite ammo almost because anytime you kill with ammo funnel it adds anytime you run over ammo it adds it straight into your magazine rather than your reserves and then replenish makes it so that anytime you kill an enemy instead of having to pick up their ammo box you just automatically pick it up when you kill them.

These two have phenomenal Synergy is really strong; it just makes it so that basically every time you get a kill, you're reloading a little bit of your magazine. And then we have tanks. I think this is almost a must-have. This is a must-have. Yeah, you have to take this not because of its perk necessarily, but because you need it in order to get armor up, which I think is necessary, so you gain two chunks of your armor whenever you take an armor plate from an armor bag really strong.

Sharpshooter Aced is a must. This one will give you 100 hours of uptime. On edge, you will never have your edge go down. If you're a sharpshooter, you don't need to get a kill; you just simply need to hit a headshot, and it'll refresh your edge really, really strongly. Then, I like to take long shots so that I don't have any damage fall off on headshots, and then cutting shots are also essential.

That armor pen—I don't know its exact amount. All I know is that it does make a difference if you're running a race. For instance, this is what makes a difference between being able to one-shot regular enemies to the head or not. Is it super important to run a cutting shot? Demolitionist isn't as important that I'm running it for flashbang radius, and then cooker is pretty important.

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