Payday 3: Touch The Sky. Overkill, Loud, All Loot, 4-man


What the guard There's a guard. The encryption keys are stored on a hard drive and kept in a hidden vault. Find the master bedroom according to the plans; that's where the vault is. They were supposed to be dead by now. Our best operatives failed on at least five counts. I don't even want to calculate whether the electronic lock on the bedroom door is connected to the local network.

Get me a clear Wi-Fi signal, and I'll override. Now, good luck won't open without an alpha-level key card. There's a spare in the filing room, but that room's gone into lock, and the chopper is on its way. B is going to drop you some thermite to burn through the lock. We're going to be here for a while, and it is on overkill difficulty.

If anyone has manipulator perks, like hostage exchanges, you should be the one trading hostages; that would be way better. DL is [__]. Yeah, I see that he's running all right. Sam is the only one that's going to be trading hostages, by the way. Here, guys, you're in full stealth right now. The office has you.

all loot

The floor plans indicate there's a panic room hidden in the office. Find it dian, your time has come. Keep Godzilla out. Get it going. Keep Godzilla out for 3 minutes anyway. Get a drill on. It's rolling agreed nicely done, people, although if I'm being honest, they'll be back. I am sad this isn't One Tap, but I am not running into ammo issues because the perod must be one of those numbers.

Here, type those in, and I'll go check what it is. You fck get in here and start cleaning it out. I'll get the safe. Crack the safe, you guys. The drive must be inside. Throw it where B's going to be. By the way, sending in, they're done holding. Back, watch out. There's going to be dozers.

I appreciate it. Now, make sure they haven't added any additional encryption to the drive. Plug it into the computer. Dark yeah we do ni nice good stuff good stuff keep coming I can take it, so overkill on the stealth B heists can be completed. We even had a guy with a full stealth load out there, and we were able to do it.

It's very doable, honestly, Emily. Please highlight that when you get the chance, I'll let Striker in.

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