Payday 3 - Touch The Sky Overkill Easy Stealth Guide W/ Spec Ops Strat


All Right, Touch the sky. probably the hardest of the maps as far as stealth is concerned, and just because it's so close quarters and most of it is secure so you can't sprint. None of these are good for stealth. Zipline is phenomenal for loud; it allows you to drop off the loot from the bedroom straight into the helicopter with almost no risk for yourself.

I definitely suggest this out loud, but as this is a stealth guide, I'm not bringing anything except for a couple guns with silencers. We'll touch the sky. There's a lot going on this map, and large portions of it are secured, so there's not really a lot of sprinting. Things are kind of tight. There are a lot of guards in small areas.

It can be a pain in the ass, but I like to take out a couple of guards up top, and sometimes I like to take out the camera room in this particular pass. I don't think I'm going to Loops. They're really, really powerful, and they kind of stop you from needing to care about cameras. Be careful when shooting this out.

all loot

If you shoot it right when you can first see it, your bullet will go through that window, breaking the window and pissing off a lot of guards. Ask me how I know. I bet you can figure it out. Tie her up here; there could be poison there; there isn't this time; there's only one guard that patrols through this area; he's a guy I like to take out guard over there; he stands right there at the beginning, like 99 percent of the time; sometimes when you drop down, he's already about to hit the corner.

Hello, I know it's crazy that I'm standing right in front of you with a gun. Don't shoot all right, so we grab him hostage. If you're trying to get the spec ops achievement for not killing any guards, this does count. By the way, just taking a hostage doesn't count as killing him. You will still get the achievement on my run.

I did it to him, and the guy in the camera room made the whole map very easy. I forgot to start the hack in the bathroom in my bedroom. You pop it right over here. You start the hack. You can, like Crouch, walk out there even when there are guards, and you're usually fine. The camera will eventually turn away; that's another one I like to hack.

anyone can do it

I'm a little behind where I usually am at this point in the map, though, so I didn't start that right away, so let's make up some time and walk. Yeah, hi, I was going to move him straight on through, but I think that other guard is, but who would you call if there was a wolf on the premises? Yeah.

I thought I heard the other guard, so I was like, maybe I shouldn't make a move right now, but anyway, if I'm going to leave the cameras up, those are the two cards that I'm going to take out, which makes upstairs incredibly easy. There's almost nobody up here anymore except the lead guard and one other guard.

I think these are the only things I have to worry about, and of course, the cameras themselves, but if you're aware of the camera and it's not pressuring you with something else, it's pretty easy to take care of. There's the head guard, wouldn't you know it? There's only two guards on this floor, and there they are, so a head guard does come up in Patrol 2 right there outside the doors like he is.

biometric scanner

So I'll slap that on his waist. Now that I know where he is, whenever I want. I could just switch to my handy dandy little microcam and be like we're head guard their head guard. I usually use motion trackers; they're maybe better for this, but I'm currently working on a challenge to place a bunch of cams so he gets a cam.

There we go, all right, and that's good. We have access here. The next part of the map is okay. Well, apparently I got that right away. I like to spam F and pull books, but no books for me. I have no idea. I like to guess codes whenever I get the opportunity. Okay, so now it is 450, and we're going to sit here and wait.

Until the headguard decides to grace us with his presence, the only time somebody on this map can walk through that middle room upstairs right there that I was talking about is right now when you open this door, ease a chance to change his patrol route, and quickly walk through there to come in here.


Other than that, the best bet for an easy, guaranteed free hack on him is to hang out here in this room that was 5/15. There he is, seven and a half minutes into the heist. I must have gotten him in the very back of his patrol route because he took forever; he usually takes less than a minute. All right, so we sit here.

If he walks up to this side of the vault, you can hang out in the bathroom and still hack him. If he's on the other side, honestly, you can just hang out right behind him and just move when he starts to rotate. It's not the hardest thing in the world. But this is the failure-proof version of hacking the phone.

You'll get him before he even hits the door and be done. Yep, you have the digital key. The filing room is the one with a red QR scanner next to it, and one of the guards Remember, I said I wasn't going to switch my hacks because I figured I had them in the right spot? Yeah, I absolutely lied. I have to go to the filing room, which is right in front of this thing, so we're switching one of those cameras.


All right, the filing room can either be here or downstairs, and around the corner to the left at the bottom of the corner, whichever room isn't the filing room, the security room should be in the filing room. See a little bit of orange there; that's where it's at. Grab that, come up through here, and figure out which one of these two cameras is undone—this one.

Switch the hack back. I'm just going to move the hack on this camera, so we'll put that one back. That's where we want them. I have to bring Mason up here later, so we'll get access to it. Pop, that's where his thing's going to be. Now we need to poison him. So the delivery guy will eventually come into the front door; it does take him like forever.

I should be safe to stand right here, though I don't like any guards patrolling through this area or up or down the staircase, so we will sit and wait. He's currently talking to the security guy at the front door, then he gets let in and walks through here. You can take his blank VIP badge off of his belt.


I don't know what that means. I think it allows you to walk her into private areas if you're masked off, but I don't know. I've always been masked off at this point. That's him right there; he'll walk into the kitchen and drop off a very expensive bottle of whiskey, as they have already alluded to; he puts it like right there right there, and now the goal that I honestly screw up the most when I'm doing this map is: Then I need to ring the bell, and now I need to get the hell out of here.

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