Payday 3: Touch The Sky (fast) Overkill, All Loot

all loot

We're trying to get under five minutes; we've gotten so close that we got 501, but, like, you got to play really fast, and I keep making mistakes because of how fast I'm going, but you know, obviously, once we do pull it off, it'll be worth it. Because so what we want to do here is ideally on Thursday or Friday because it's really hard to get to play with the right people because of the way that matchmaking is right now, but we should be able to get a little bit of a fix for that when Thursday rolls around so that I'll be able to like invite people and we'll be able to play with each other consistently without the Socialist bugging out, but we want to try to get all the overkill Heights done in under an hour.

I think that actually might be pretty doable, so maybe we'll change the parameters to something like under 40 minutes or something, but we'll see. I mean, honestly, I just want to try to get them all done as fast as possible. I think that would be pretty fun to watch and do, so that is what we are currently looking into, but we're just doing some practices for Touch the Sky right now.

You can also trade Mason if you want, although I don't think it's going to make much of a difference. Yeah, it's not going to make a difference. Wait, you only need two left who have blue key cards. Into the blue key card room, real quick, beautiful. What are we looking like here? Dylan, or dying Okay, yep, Solomon Grandoff.


That is a beautiful time. This is definitely sub-five, boys. This is definitely sub-five, and I'm feeling it. If you need it, I'm feeling it. No, okay, and it doesn't matter if it's stealth or loud or anything; we just want to get them all done as fast as possible, and yeah, as a four-stack because I'm not about to solo road rage on Overkill multiple times I can.

I can't even do it once, so yeah, we're definitely not doing that, definitely some five though. Guys, good stuff, good stuff. All eight in under an hour. Yeah, definitely all eight and under an hour. That's what we're going to try to do. Come on, let's see what it was. Beautiful there we go. Shadow, you want to give me the rundown on that real quick good stuff, gentlemen?


Gentlemen, good stuff; that's what we like to see. Absolutely beautiful hey thanks for checking out the highest we're gonna talk a little bit about it here though if anyone's wondering how we pulled it off I'm sure you can get faster times but you know this is just a fast one that we thought was good to upload so check it out, the most important part here is cooperation and the first step here is to isolate the lead guard so now that the lead guard is isolated we want to grab his pager or not his pager but his like QR code and then we don't care about going quiet for the rest of it the only reason we care about the QR code is so that we can get the red key card without having to wait for bile to bring in the thermite to get into that room but after we get into that room we can go loud It's totally fine.

And that's essentially the strategy. Yeah, you gotta grab Mason so that you can get into the safe room through his retina scanner. A person who grabs a Redkey card—in this case, it's magnetic—runs up and plugs in the key card. We get him scanning. I type in the codes, and then they start cracking the safe, and then basically As you'll notice, the assault doesn't even start doesn't even start throughout this entire heist.


Basically, until we are extracting, the assault does not begin. That is almost entirely because of the manipulator tree, which is very strong if you're going to be running things in a speed-run context. Mainly because you don't want the assault to ever start because you want to be moving fast for a speed run, and that means you have to run with lighter armor, which you aren't really encouraged to wear if you plan on trading bullets with cops, but yeah, that's basically the gist.

This is also done without full communication. I was just speaking to my chat because I was playing with some of my viewers during this run It can probably be done even better with communication, just because you know you can adapt to things on the fly immediately without any kind of delay in the communication.

I think one example is that if the lead guard is on the patio, you don't have to waste time hacking the cameras. You can just have a friend come out with you and hack the cameras while you go get the pager. That's just one example. We are planning on doing this with more heists. I don't really think there's too much ground to break with a lot of the other highs, but, um.

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I thought this would be near like the 10-minute mark just because of all the waiting you have to do, but once we kind of circumvented the thermite and didn't have to really deal with the assault wave at all, it kind of trivialized the whole thing and was pretty nice, but yeah, keep your eyes open, we're going to be trying to do a challenge where we try to get I'm sure you heard it already, but we are going to probably try getting all the heist done in under an hour.

I think that is doable, but I don't want to speak before we can actually put it into action. We have done a few practice runs and some of the other highs, and it is looking pretty good. You know, we'll see how it is. We'll see how it goes. There are no promises of it being crazy, but we're definitely going to try for it, so keep your eyes open for that.


That should be that should be a pretty fun heist experience, I would say. For those of you that have stuck around this long. I really appreciate the support I've gotten as of late. Payday 3's done wonders for me, but yeah, if you ever want to hang out. I do stream this game and other games and other games but you know we're still kind of riding the hype from this game right now.

I can't wait for more content; we're going to be grinding a lot of that when that comes out, but yeah, if you ever want to hang out, stop by the twitch sometime. Pretty fun It's pretty fun; we're pretty chill there. We can get a little goofy, but we kind of keep the chill. Vibe, but we just kind of play the game pretty good stuff, but yeah, subscribing also makes a huge difference, so if you do consider that, thank you so much, and you guys have a great day bye.

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