Payday 3 - Touch The Sky Challenges (cool Customer & Just A Whisper)


Possible If we had a third person, it would be so easy now to get through the ventil at the top of the stairs. Let's kick some ass. It's just all about timing. Keys are stored on a hard drive and kept in a hidden vault. Find the master bedroom according to the plans; that's where the vault is. I'm going to need to hire a monster hunter after this stress.

Yeah, sure, it sure seems they have a home set up, meaning the bom door is connected to the local network. Get me a Wii signal, and I'll hack the door. H, did you find a flash? yeah [__] I think I've left too early. There we go. The vault is hidden somewhere in the bedroom. Look for a switch to false, or that could be there.

Mechanism going outside the vaults is a cod; I bet a few find it okay; it's fine. I like that you didn't get the camera yet. I've just gotten in here, and I'm too fast for my own good. Okay, they're both acting out. Thank you, Mason. Just let him do his thing. It's money you have a nice, bold head, Mason.

You're better, slappable. Yeah, there's a guard. God, come your way. I want to say hi, all right. He's going to go in that door to my left; that's going to be fine. Wait, he never comes outside now. Okay, it's good; it's good; it's good. He came out last time; he's what he saw in me. Come on, you want me to use the cameras as one of the others?


Come on, Mason. Come on, come on. I should have put a motion track on that infinite guy as he walked past me. Well, wait, you haven't unlocked his vault or anything yet. Have you you need to do that to trigger him to move again. Yeah, I have. I've done exactly the same as I did last time. Why is he not moving then?

pass No, it hasn't because we haven't gotten the code to hack the security guard's phone yet; it's because we need to be at the office first. I've probably gone too fast for my own good. He's coming into the bedroom to get the code. Okay, maybe you getting that might trigger it for him to move you there.

Move on, hack it, hack it, hack it, come on, no, stay here, don't leave me there, we go. You have the digal key. If you find an R code, come on, move. It is i think I actually do. Do you think you could stand up to Mason? LA's office opened, and if you could open the room, then I could just take Mason straight up; there, give me, give me, like 15 minutes.


Get the [__] over the one who just decided to jump on a bloody plant. I don't want a succulent. I want to climb the ledge. I don't understand why it's not triggering. Why is he not coming? Wait, here we go. yeah, okay, so that's what triggers him to come outside. Again, it's a camera, so turn around so I can [__].

Get in here, come on, come on, go outside. Right, anyone outside, no one outside. SE go him quiet and get to the irck quick put him down here. Mason Stay at [__]. There was the key card in here, right? I'm going to try to take him now. No one's seeing me. Excellent now use the key card to get into the office.

Come on, yes, move up here. No, that guard. No, no that's the worst time for that guard to be there. Are you able to hack him at all? no, it's fine. it's fine It's fine. It's fine it's fine it's fine it's fine get in you're unlocked yes, my, do the power picture switch. Look for a way to open it.


That's an iris scan. If you can separate, we've got to be quick. That infin guy will come in here and force him to open the door for us. no, stop it. One of those codes should get you into the vault. Where's the safest place for him? The pen could prove useful. I really hope it doesn't get seen there.

I don't give a [__] about any of this other loot. Right, I'm going to go to the vault; that's where I'm going. There's gu, are you doing the vault? Where would you want to go? Well, I was going to do the vault, but if you want to do the vault, I'll wait. I mean, the vault's been my baby for like an hour, and then I got to wait for these girls to play 3 H, so what do you do in your spare time?

I rob banks; it's a coincidence, so do I? He's coming in; he's coming over here. If he comes into this vault, I'm going to absolutely unload my entire clip of Ammo into him. Okay, there's a don't lose it now. We've worked so hard; it's all right. He's the only one that revolves around here besides the infinity guy.


The infinity guy's gone downstairs, so we just wait for this guy to move, and then we should be cleared. How do we lure the guard? By the way, there's a radio on the table next to the door, but we need to hack like two cameras so they can't see us properly. All right, let's go down. Guard Okay, we can go watch the guard.

Okay, this camera is right for both Cs, so I can get this camera ready for me to do the L. Wait, yeah, you have come over this side, and then we go behind him. Come on, come on, come on, please, please. Yeah, I can; like my hands, sweaty palms are sweaty. Speck Ops a 1, 100 infamy points there, I got n, and I marked 300 guards with the sensor.

Please tell me where that one is that I want. Yeah, kidnap Mason with that while he's talking on the phone and complete the level in stealth without harming him or killing anyone in Overkill, yet that was really hard. Though I wish you knew, when you go on, like I don't know, when you used to play like PlayStation or Steam, you can see the percentage of people and how many people got that certain achievement.


Many have gotten it again. They say that in Steam 6, 0.6%.

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