Payday 3. Top 5 Best Weapons



Because, let's face it, from the very moment I started up the game. I was crazy excited to use the SG Compact 7 and the sporza Bison, but they are some of the last unlocks that you can get; they require an insanely high level, and for some people out there, they aren't able to invest some of the crazy hours you need to unlock all the guns right away.

But of course you want to know what guns are fun, what's strong, and what you can look forward to, so today I wanted to give my thoughts on the guns and give a ranking on what I think is the best of the Bunch. Full disclosure: this is based on my opinion, so maybe you feel like my list is wrong because you favor different builds or play styles, and that's totally acceptable, but this is just what I find to be good, not always necessarily through metad's defining standard, but maybe just because I think it's really fun.


However, I do admit that the majority of my consideration is based on how good the gun is in any case let's start here's what I think is the top five best weapons in Payday. 3 this article is brought to you by the Ant Lion Mod Mic Wireless, a portable, attachable microphone you can add to any pair of headphones for studio-quality sound.

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In fact, I'm actually using the mic right now. I think it's one of the best-sounding mics for the price and the form factor.

Honorable mention

Honorable mention

For our honorable mention, we have the Reinfeld 900s. The sniper rifle is the only sniper rifle in the game, and as a marksman rifle, it gets the job done. One thing I forgot during this article was that I frequently refer to a gun's damage output and, more specifically, the gun's ability to one-shot headshot enemies, meaning one bullet to kill any non-SP special unit.

This consideration is based on overkill difficulty. Some weapons in the game may be more effective on lower difficulties, but I haven't done testing on enemy health or break points for set difficulties. Therefore, my impressions of these weapons are based solely on Overkill difficulty, which is currently the highest difficulty we have in the game.


With that out of the way, the Reinfeld 900s just so happens to be one of the few weapons in the game that can one-shot headshot any basic unit without the need for skills. This makes it an effective weapon for those who don't have a full build, and it'll still pull its weight. At base, it comes with a high zoom scope, and as a sniper, it obviously has some of the furthest range before damage drop-off starts, so it makes it quite good for people that like to sit back and pick off enemies, or for specific maps like Road Rage where they have a lot of range, potentially a lot of range, and snipers that are really far away.

Because of the hit-fire work in this game, the sniper is surprisingly useful for a quick pop in CPS quarters, but it is noticeably worse than other primaries, so you can't really push the range too far on that. The sniper also comes with a few downsides, notably a slow rate of fire and a small magazine.

This makes it hard to deal with large groups of enemies and is also a poor option for, say, breaking down a bulldozer visor. Despite that, this is a very solid weapon, and personally, I think it's very fun to use. But the reason it didn't make my top five list is simply because it's outshined by another weapon that fills an almost identical rooll. But as we'll see a little later, even that weapon has Zone adversaries to face.



At number five, we have the fck PC9, which is actually a pretty early-level SMG that you can unlock. Remember how I said I was super excited to try and unlock the MP7 or the SG Compact 7? Well, it turns out I didn't like it that much, and it's kind of hard to quantify why, by all accounts, the step bars show that these are pretty similar weapons, and in fact, the SG Compact 7 has more damage and armor penetration than the other SMGs just from testing the amount of shots needed to kill various enemies.

But it just felt a little off. If I had to pinpoint just exactly what I liked about the F more than the SG compact, it boils down to two things: precision and sustainability. The Z Commando—that's an awful feeling, SMG—so I'm not even considering that one. Just comparing the FI and the SG compact, by all accounts, the game is saying that the compact has more accuracy and handling.


But I'd argue that it's actually the opposite; the stats are close enough that it doesn't make that big of a difference, but the lower fire rate of the F makes it feel like it's more controllable. More controllable means more accurate, which means less susceptible to bloom, and in general, that means fewer wasted bullets.

And because you're wasting fewer bullets, that also gives me the feeling that I'm more self-sustainable. When I use the F as opposed to the SG compact, I don't find myself running out of ammo quite as fast. Don't get me wrong, the compact is a very strong weapon, but this is where my personal tastes are probably swaying the favor here.

As far as a general take for SMGs as a whole, they have amazing ammo pickup and overall good handling, including a fast reload. This makes SMGs the perfect spray and prey weapons quick and fast getting a lot of bullets out in a quick session. It's a flexible weapon that can deal nicely with lots of different enemies, from heavy swants to specials, and in a pinch, it'll still be okay to deal with snipers.

At its base, the Fig can feel a little bit weak, but when you start stacking damage skills with Edge, that's when it really starts to feel like a proper weapon. Unfortunately, the reason why I have this weapon at number five is simply because I feel like SMGs and assault rifles have a bit of overlap, and sometimes I find it hard to justify that difference. That said, the ammo pickup and sustainability are a very big plus for me, so the fit still finds a frequent place in my loadout.



For number four, I've actually chosen a secondary, the spa bison revolver. Unfortunately, it is a really high-level unlock, but the Bison has one main difference that separates it from the castigo 44, the other revolver in the game, that makes it a much stronger weapon.

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