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These are the five best mods that Payday 3 has to offer so far. I mean, we're only about a week or two into the game, and there have already been a handful of different mods that were released. Most of them are mostly just skin mods that alter the looks of certain things, such as our cell phones, but these five mods that I have in this list actually change your gameplay, which can help you be a much more effective Payday 3 player now without any further A do Let's get down to the list, and I must mention that this list is not ranked in any particular order, so let's get.

Kill count


Down to it. First of all, there is the kill counter mod. This kill counter mod is very important for most players to use, and I'll tell you why. You may or may not know that to level up in Payday 3, we need to complete challenges. And all of these challenges cannot be tracked in the game; you kind of just have to play, and after you're done playing, you can go to the challenge tab and check out what kind of progression you made during the game.

There is really no way for you to keep track of them, and as you may know as well for challenges, there are a lot of different weapons for challenges, including base-type challenges such as getting multiple kills with different weapons as well as head shots. For example, there are challenges that require you to get, let's say, 50 or 100 head shots with a revolver; there are other challenges that require you to get 500 kills with an SMG.

And it's really, really difficult for us to keep track of how many kills we're getting. While we're leveling up these weapons without this mod, when you're in a map grinding for the challenges and grinding for the kills, you have no way of actually knowing how many kills you're getting unless you actually count kill by kill how many kills you're getting, and we all know that's not quite effective when we're needing, let's say, 100 different kills.

However, with this mod, you know just exactly how many kills you're getting, so let's say you need 73 kills with an SMG. You go into the game, and you can keep track of those exact 73 kills. As soon as you get them, you can just leave the game, and your challenge will be completed. This, of course, is also a nice addition and a nice Quality of Life mod, because when we're playing multiplayer, we can keep track of all of our teammates kills, and we can just have a little bit of friendly competition to see how well we perform compared with our teammates. On that same note of challenges, the second-best mod in this list is the challenge viewer.

Challenge viewer

Challenge viewer

This mod, once linked with your Nebula account, keeps track of all of your challenges. As long as you press that refresh data button, it's pretty much in real time, and it's a much cleaner way of seeing our challenges.

We all know the challenge tab in Payday 3 is awful. I mean, we can't search for challenges, and we don't know how many versions of a challenge there are. If it goes 1 2 3 4 5 and it stops at like 5, or if it keeps going till like 10, we just don't know it. It's completely nonintuitive. By using this specific mod, we eliminate all that confusion, and we can have it all together here in this program alone now this is aexe.

Rather than a mod, however, you can find it in mod workshops for payday 3, and, of course, by the way. I totally recommend this mod. It helps you keep track of all the challenges you need to do, and as you can see in the article, we can organize them by category. We can organize our challenges by difficulty using tactics such as loud or stealth by map.

If we're doing weapon challenges, we can separate by exactly the weapon we're looking for. We can pin different challenges, you know, and just kind of focus on those, and they will be pinned at the top, and you can just focus on that anyway. It's a very, very effective tool that should have been implemented into Payday 3.

It should not require any modality for us to be able to see the challenges this way. I mean, the challenge tab right now is just a joke in Payday 3, but thankfully, thanks to all these mod creators, we now have this issue resolved, and I would definitely recommend you download this mod so that it makes your life a whole lot easier when you're grinding those challenges. For the third mod, you may have heard about it as this is one of the first mods.

Health & armor hud

Health & armor hud

That came out were the armor and HP HUD mod. This mod allows you to see how much health and armor your enemies have, and this is incredibly useful. I would definitely use this mod if I weren't recording content.

I don't i try to avoid mods altogether when I'm recording content so it doesn't make my screen difficult to understand for people who don't use mods, so I try to keep my game completely mod-free, but I would definitely use this if I weren't recording, and it also helps you as well. Understand the enemies we go up against.

I mean, personally, I had no clue that the snipers, for example, only had 40 HP. I had no clue that the Dozer had well over 3, 000 armor, and this mod is just really useful in that it helps you actually learn the game a bit better on top of having a lot of extra information that makes your game a lot easier, and it essentially allows you to play a whole lot more effectively, especially if you're playing loud.

Yeah, I totally, 100% recommend this mod. Everybody should have it if you're able to download it now. On the same note and with the same idea type of mod, we got the damage popup HUD mod.

Damage pop-up hud

Damage pop-up hud

This was made by the very same creator as the previous mod, which is interesting to see. This mod is also very same reasons as I recommend it for the very same reasons as I recommend a simple armor and health mod, as it helps you gain a lot of extra information that we don't have on regular payday 3, and once again.

I think that both of these mods are the type of mods that should not have to be mods; they should just be implemented into payday 3. You should be able to turn them on or off as we choose, but for whatever reason. Payday 3 didn't deem it necessary to be implemented into the game, but yeah, at least we got modders that can create these mods for us.

99 boxes

Damage popup HUD is very interesting because it helped me gauge a better understanding of how powerful each weapon is. I mean, when I was using it, especially with the revolver, I had no clue that it actually hit as hard as it did. I mean, I was hitting people for 240 damage. I had no clue that it was as powerful as that, and it's just kind of interesting once again.

These are in my opinion the best mods we've got so far for Payday 3 that can actually improve your gameplay, rather than just add goofy skins. Mods.
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