Payday 3: Three Months Later

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I'm John from Rusty Chains, and today our chat is actually the first of my payday 3 review follow-ups. In my initial review, I promised I would check in every 3 months and update my opinions on payday 3. If you can believe it, the game is already 3 months old. Let me start the article off with some positives.

We got two big old content updates. The first was the transporter skill tree as well as two heists, and the second content pack match was the first DLC update. I already did a review for the first two heists, so let's just focus on the transporter tree for that update. It's a very solid tree, and it buffs you for picking up bags as well as letting you carry two at a time.

I've got this tree on my tank build and my stealth build; it's very fun and makes the game just much more convenient. Great addition now we will talk about the most recent syntax error in the DLC update. First, with a syntax error, I want to talk about the weapon pack, which includes the War 45 SMG FSA 12 gauge shotgun and the F ik22 TLR.

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DMR before we even discuss the weapons, I need to give the animators all the love in the world; these guns are all animated beautifully. In particular, the weapon inspection animations for the shotgun and SMG just ooze personality; these are some of my favorite animations in the whole series. Right up there with the Payday the Heist AK reload, these have the style and flare of a classic payday game that the third installment has been sorely missing so far.

If you only take away one thing from this whole article, let it be that the weapon animation team at Star Breze needs a race. I really can't sing their praises enough for this update now that we're digging into the actual functions of the guns. Let's start with the DMR. I was pretty excited to see a new weapon in this category since we otherwise only have the A114.

Our new gun here, the F22, is super accurate with a much higher mag capacity. It also boasts a higher fire rate. The tradeoff is that the gun has much lower damage than its counterpart. It takes three to five shots to secure a kill, depending on the enemy without an edge, whereas the a114 usually only takes one or two if you get the right build.


Together generation, a lot of edge, you can match it with the A 114. The thing is that if you're putting together a DMR build, it makes more sense to start with that gun as the baseline. I see what they're going for by creating a side grade to the A114 here, but it just didn't pan out. I found myself disappointed with this DMR.

And if you were looking to grab this pack just for that gun, then I think you might be disappointed in it too. The War 45 SMG, however, is a much different story. High damage and high accuracy for a slightly slower than average fire R. It feels very good to use, and it has already replaced the Lykan preset as my favorite SMG.

Starbur clearly listens to complaints about the launch of SMGs feeling underpowered, though I wish base-game guns saw some improvement rather than DLC purchases being the answer. Still, this gun looks and feels great. This thing is more than viable, and you'll have a blast using it on the FSA 12 gauge.

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Good Lord, this shotgun might be my favorite weapon in the whole game. Great fire at first magfed shotgun with the bonus of a pretty good mag size as well as decent damage and accuracy. Throw in the sexy animations, and it's a perfect and fine addition to any player's collection, with the weapon pack including all of those stunningly animated guns as well as tons of mods for each of them.

I think it really is the highlight of the syntax error update. Moving on to the new tailor pack, it includes four outfits, four pairs of gloves, and four masks. I actually like the stuff in this pack, but I've got to give the big old thumbs down for now and recommend against buying it. This costs $5.

Taylor packs and Payday 2 cost $3 for the same amount of stuff, but each outfit had multiple color variations as well. They released the tailor pack on Payday 2 this year. I mean, did they think we'd forget that these packs directly correlate? We're paying almost twice as much money for less content than the Payday 2 version of these packs.

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I understand there's a chance this could be due to the higher effort that went into creating these outfits in Unreal, but given the prices for the rest of this update. I refuse to give Starbur an inch more on that in a bit. Last up is the heist. The big syntax error Heist itself is a very solid Heist that starts out in the lobby of an office building before you make your way to a sprawling server farm in the basement to gather experimental drone data if you play it on loud.

There's also a very fun and unique new escape in a nearby park area. I like this heist a lot; it is very possibly my favorite heist in the entire game. It's challenging in stealth with great CQC, which really gives a lot of UND-served guns a chance to shine in loud gameplay. That's why it really hurts me that I told you not to buy it.

This heist costs $10. This heist is really good, but not $10. The best heist in the entire payday franchise is Big Bank in Payday 2, which launched at $7. As good as the syntax error is, it's not beating that. Like I said, this is $10. The tailor pack costs $5, and the weapon pack costs $6. That's a total of $21.

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For this update, or 17 if you buy a Steam bundle, that's half the price of this entire game for the One update, and the update has less than a quarter of the content of the base game, even if we ignore that each DLC in this update costs more for the same or less content than the same business model in Payday 2.

This is not a $20 update. If you're going to scale the price of an update to 50% of the base game less than 3 months after launch, you better have tons of good stuff in there, and it needs way more than this. It really feels like this pricing scheme is designed to scare future players into purchasing the Goldition Edition while squeezing the people who bought the standard edition.


I can't honestly recommend these DLCs for these prices; in fact, I wholeheartedly say to avoid them. A message needs to be sent to whoever is determining the prices here, be it Pion Stares or the embracer group, that this is completely unacceptable and the community isn't going to stand for it, especially since you've announced you're also bringing back the microtransaction store next year and now moving on to the quality of life updates.

With both of their bigger patches, they've been adding more and more first-person animations to the game for interactions. For almost every action, no matter how small, I can't, off the top of my head, think of any interaction that doesn't have a unique animation. Once again, a huge shout out to the animators.

It's been three months since Payday 3 released! John is here to update his review.
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