Payday 3 The Only No Rest For The Wicked Guide You'll Ever Need - Overkill Stealth Methods

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Hello and welcome to the only guide you ever need for No Rest for the Wicked. Starting with the abilities for the grifter tree, we want abilities that allow us to get away from cameras if we have a rush so they don't spot us and also be able to do illegal actions in front of NPCs. Then, for the hacker, the ability to hack cameras and radios to get out of tight situations, and finally, for the infiltrator, we want to be able to gain Rush as well as be able to pick up lockpicks when we get them to be able to unlock doors instantly.

Now for the phone location, the first location you're going to find is over here at this office. Pretty much as soon as you make your way through the door, this is the easiest location by far. You will need a phone in order to make your way to the second floor; basically, it is locked in the door for it, so the phone is absolutely necessary in Overkill.


Difficulty now here for the second location it can be anywhere in the room it can be anywhere on the table for the third one all the way down the hallway just look around over here if you didn't find it in the previous two locations, this is where it will be this is the most difficult location by far but at the same time you know at least you're close to the guard so you can pick up his card right here for the red/ blue key card you can pick it up this is random it's either one or the other completely random for the fuse box number one of course you will find it right away as soon as you make your way into this room with the phone location, and for fuse box number two we will make our way all the way to the second floor.

Over here, as we make our way up, of course, we want to be very careful of the Roaming Guard, or lead guard, as I like to call them right now. The reason I heard them is because, like I can hear the radio, I can hear the footsteps. Very much like in Resident Evil 2, I believe it was the remake. If you've played it before, you can hear the Tyrant; you can sort of hear his footsteps.

It's very similar here, but right over here in this, you can turn off the fuse box, and basically, when you can hear the footsteps, you know more or less that he's around and he's coming towards you, and that's how you more or less know how to position yourself. Over here for red/BL key card number two, it's going to be on the second guard, basically on the upper floor.


There's a patrolling guard, so that's where we're going to find the second one, and the way this works is that the blue key card is the security room, and the red key card is the power room, and the guy on the second floor will have one of them. The guy on the second floor will have the second one, but it's completely random.

For power room location number one, we will be making our way onto the roof. This is by far the most difficult location for the power room, but if you do it like I show you, you should not have too many difficulties. There is a patrolling guard here; he is annoying, but he's not worthy to deal with, for L of you shouldn't kill him; he's not important enough.

In power room number one, we're going to have it, and here, just be careful. This is a secure area, so if you run, you can be heard and investigated. That can be a good thing because you can get a guard to sort of get away from his location, so to get away from you basically, but it can also backfire very easily.

no rest for the wicked

Make sure to write down the color just in case you don't forget later. Trust me, something happens: you entangle with a guard or something happens with an NPC or whatever, and before you know it, by the time you make your way to the switches, you're going to forget entirely the color that you have to turn off, so just keep that in mind.


Do write it down better to be safe than S, and it takes no time at all. For power room number two and three this is sort of both of them they're both located on the second floor the only difference is one is going to be where the security room is and the other is going to be the power room but they're random like right here this one can be the power room this is the security room but it can be the power room also it's random more or less over here be careful of the camera as you can see I'm going to hack it because you can get spotted extremely easily here very easily, it seems like no big deal but trust me hack the cameras, you can get spotted so I've been spotted multiple times trying to get into this room but yeah the power room again like I said earlier red key card is always the power room blue key card is always the security room we will take care of both in just a moment, right here green we're going to ride it down again just to make sure and right now we're going to disable the cameras basically we're going to kill the cameras.

The easiest way to go is to just use Rush cameras. Don't spot you when you have Rush, so just look around for the guard, make your way in, and we're going to get right in front of them. This is a private area, so it's no big deal, and if you hack the radio, we can hack the radio. Don't hack the radio; don't worry about it; he will escort you out.

He will basically escort you exactly where you need to go, so it's actually not a big deal. Even if you get called by him, if you haven't hacked the camera, he's going to escort you to the first floor, which is exactly where we need to go anyway. From here, something very important is crowd control.


We've already done pretty much all we can do unmasked. Now it's time for us to really put on the mask and start getting through the heist a little bit more aggressively. Right here you're going to see a little bit of a glitch basically what happened is I heard the radio coming on and because I heard the radio coming on I tried to answer it but it didn't sort of work it was a little bit random so I had to sort of do the takedown instead, but right here I can tell I'm where waiting for the radio to pop in again just to make sure it's not coming so I'm like okay I guess I took care of it, but right here close the door, and this can happen by the way if you're leading a guard the radio can come on a very strange time like for example you're trying to open the door and the radio just comes on it can be a little difficult because you press it's the same key that's again the problem with payday 3, everything is the same key so it can be very tricky trying to do certain commands like open a door tie up hands grab a hostage it's all the exact same key.


So you have to be very careful when you're doing these sorts of maneuvers. Over here, I just wanted to check that there's no further hostages; there's only two NPCs and one guard that are roaming and patrolling. So these are the ones that you need to take care of over here. Once this is done, you're done, and you're clear.

PAYDAY 3 The ONLY No Rest for the Wicked Guide You'll Ever Need - Overkill Stealth Methods.
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