Payday 3 - The Hard Way Achievement/trophy (without Accessing Hr Computer)


We're going to be doing this on normal, and we're also going to be using this elevator access favor that we have available to us all right now, so this will make this much easier; otherwise, without this favor, you will have to exit through the lobby. Normal: There should be a QR code in the bank lobby.

In this area, we need this QR code to open up a door to the loan officer's office. We also need one QR code for this mission, but we need to open up this door so that we can obtain a red lanyard that gives us access to the second floor. Make sure you're being careful when you use this QR code and open this door because the loan officer is inside and there is security outside.

But the red lanyard should be in the filing cabinet for you. We're going to take it over and scan it so that we can open the gates here in the middle of the bank lobby. With this pin pad, we hacked the server room. We hacked the IT room, and then we went back to the server room, so we completed the objectives of this mission and stealth mode up to a certain point, and once we voted to restart, the PIN code stayed the same, and the location of the lanyard stayed the same, so once you have the PIN code for the vault, you shouldn't have to access or hack the server or IT computers.

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You can just go in and press the PIN code; it should be the same. We're grabbing the blue badge here out of this conference room, so we're still having to avoid these cameras because the blue badge gives us access to the security room so we can take over the cameras, but it also gives us access to the manager's room, so the blue badge is actually crucial for this mission.

We're going to have to access the manager's office and his computer, as well as the security office, and use the blue badge to open the vault. You shouldn't need The red badge isn't used anymore here, so the red badge is just used to initially open up the gates to get to the second floor. The B badge opens up the manager's office, and now we're going to go down back into the vault so that we can access the security room and deal with these cameras so that they're no longer an issue.

The security room will have a guard. We can go ahead and take out the guard so one person can put on a mask. At this point, it's safe to do so. So eventually, you both will need to mask up. It's pretty much smooth sailing at this point. There are no more guards at this location. We have access to the security cameras.

We're in the vault area now. We need to get rid of the lasers in front of the vault. We do this by flipping specific switches, as indicated on that iPad on the wall. These panels are also upstairs. There are four panels that we need to access: Done with the one downstairs. It does not matter the order in which you access the panels; it only matters the order of color in which you flip the switches.

So Dougie Fresh is downstairs, and he is relaying to us which color switch we need to flip next. We're doing this four times, and once we're done with this, the lasers will be deactivated again. There are three panels upstairs and one panel downstairs, but this only deactivates the lasers. This does not open the vault.

To open the vault, we have to use the blue badge, but we can't just simply use the blue badge to open the vault; we have to hack the manager's computer. We used the blue key card earlier to open up the manager's office, and inside his office there is a computer that we need to hack if you have more than one person here, one person masked, and one person unmasked.

Send the unmasked person out into the area because in a private area, the unmasked person is not going to be spotted by civilians; they will be spotted by security still, but we don't again have to worry about the cameras because we already took down the security office, so here we are inside the manager's office.

We're hacking this computer, making sure that we're avoiding the security guard that is circling these conference rooms on our left-hand side. We're going to run all the way back to the vault. We are timed on this, so move as quickly as you possibly can and use the blue key card to open up the vault.

Now that we have the vault open, it's just a matter of collecting all of the money and the server. There are 12 bags in total; there's 11 bags of money, and the server is located in a compartment underneath, with the money behind one of the locked pick areas. I'm just going to fast-forward to this because it is a little tedious.

Now, if you do restart, if you vote to restart the heist, you keep all of your favors, plus the pin number stays the same and the lanyard locations stay the same, so that's a nice little perk. You don't go back to the main menu. Okay, so make sure you're throwing the bags down into the elevator. If you miss, you are going to have to hop down and make sure you gather any bags that may not have made it down into the actual elevator, not just the shaft, as I did here.

I missed one, so I had to jump down, and as soon as you take fall damage, your mask goes on. We're going to grab the last bag here and dump it into the elevator, and that should be all of them. If you have happened to fall down this elevator shaft without collecting all of the bags first, there is no way to get back up into the vault area, so you're going to have to drop down into the garage and go back up through the bank.

If you missed anything once, you're down inside the garage. There will be a security guard and a couple of civilians that you need to take care of. We tied up the civilians here and moved them into the back area, and Dougie Fresh had already taken care of the security guard and answered his radio.

That's just working on moving all of the bags into the back of the van. At this point, we of course did not have to collect all 12 bags because the achievement says to complete Golden Shark and stealth without accessing the HR computer, which we did. That's just simply obtaining the red lanyard without accessing it.

The HR computer, so we did all of that, but on top of that, we went ahead and cleaned out the entire vault.

Complete Gold and Sharke in stealth without accessing the HR computer.
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