Payday 3: The Fsa-12g Shotgun Is Busted


Syntax Era Payday 3's first DLC, if we don't include that pre-order bonus that was inexplicably and frustratingly dropped to a not-so-bought price last week, is a mixed bag. My conclusion is that overall its content is of high quality but just not worth the exorbitant price tag it launched with the one caveat being the syntax era weapon pack seeming to hold its own from a value perspective and boy am I happy to say that yes the weapon pack is top quality front to back in terms of its weapon designs animations, but also in its meta viability dropping three mid to top tier guns for their respective categories, n more so than the all powerful FSA 12 gauge payday 3's first semi-auto shotgun that has already added a new and engaging play style to the game compared to the pump action reinfeld which is uniquely good at activating grit and Edge or the almighty double barrel Moscone, which Remains the strongest close range option in the game The FSA is a beast when it comes to sweeping through entire waves of cops almost effortlessly.

As a single-shot weapon. I'm actually more inclined to compare this thing to the SA Marksman rifle, offering some similar one-shot potential to players with good enough aim but also encouraging a more spammy play style for those of us who just want the satisfaction of tearing through Heist at 100 mph.

With a few skill combos and the right approach to combat, this shot can enable some of the most aggressive plays I've been able to execute in Payday 3 so far, bearing in mind how paity is currently the optimal approach on Overkill. Especially after recent difficulty tweaks, it really is a breath of fresh air, actually worthy of comparison to the almighty god of fire.


Forget Payday, the once-meta-king that was the ISMa 12 gauge, just with a few more mouse clicks required. What I think makes this weapon so strong is how Payday 3's wav spawn logic has changed, meaning you're often only facing down groups of three to five swats at most compared to the 10+ enemy groups you'd run into in Payday 2.

This means a single mag of the FSA can comfortably mow through an entire spawn group with juice despair. Here's my build. If you want to emulate these results, starting with how we modified the FSA itself. I found that a gunslinger-style hipfire focus was my best bet for equipping the ranged barrel, this weapon's final unlock at level 26.

The quick pull mag, which I think is the Sweet Spot of Mag size, and the reload speed of the TQ stock as recoil control are more important on this quick-firing weapon than you might initially expect. The compact RDS sieve This one only provides benefits for non-advertising builds. The 12 gauge event compensator Although I had a fair bit of success with the 12 gauge sediment choke whilst leveling this thing up as well as the grip as we don't want to hurt hipfire spread and the stub grip for virtually the same reason.


I find that horizontal recoil is easier to handle than vertical kick in general. Without being able to make use of proven grounds at the moment with the old Heist selector mod, it's tough to showcase or even test the difference these changes can make to the weapon's time to kill or one-shot kill range, which is why I'd love to see a Call of Duty-style shooting range added to the game; it would hardly be the first time they'd borrowed from that franchise anyway.

In any case. Gress means my weapon setup is essentially a product of my own empirical testing in a fairly uncontrolled environment, so your own mileage may vary as you test out the different attachment options, moving on to the secondary This is just my usual hipfire castigo setup comfortably, one of the best weapons in the game, modified with the rang barrel box RDS sight biofit grip and parted compensator.


It's a staple in this build due to the caso's own incredible ammo efficiency, assisting the FSA in one of its few areas of slight inconsistency. Bearing in mind how variable your shots to kill are depending on your aim and range, this thing compensates for that by being a simple one-shot kill, assuming you clip the head.

Taking a look at the skill build, here's where it gets really interesting, starting in Mowa. I find it hard to play without ammo F and replenish at this point, as they simply allow me to fire more shots down range without reloading, and I worry about scaring around for ammo. In the tank, we pick up extra plates and armor, despite the Nerf.

I still think this skill is invaluable in armor builds and well worth grabbing. Moving down to Sharpshooter, we simply grab the base skill alongside the cutting shot for that all-important armor penetration stat and, in enforcer, the shotgun. Focus tree: we pick up face-to-face to increase close range one-shot potential; combat reload to keep grit; edge up and shock; and one of the most underrated skills in the game that synergizes perfectly with any shortgun play style but particularly with the FSA.


Well, you'll be lucky to challenge large groups for sustained periods without taking cover, at which point the stun effect will save you plates worth of armor. The pivotal skill tree for this build is Gunslinger, which we ace out for Endless Edge Up Time before grabbing from the hip and heavy hip fire, another incredible skill that makes this build tick.

With hipfire now causing heavy staggers, you'll be guaranteed to be able to enter any and all gunfights as long as you're slinging lead at them first, as they'll still be reeling by the time the second kill shot lands. Quick Draw is just an enabler of Gunslinger, which you can let drop if you don't mind a slow switch speed.


Finally, we head down to the recently added transporter skill line to pick up the Beast of Burden deep pocket pockets and powerlifter. These four skills have become staples in basically all my personal builds as they simply help out the team too much to be ignored; grabbing two bags at once is game-changing; and having two extra plates of armor is also worth the investment, although I will say not all heists in the game benefit from the bag carrying.

Sometimes I'm inclined to drop the powerlifter and beast of burden and use those spare points in tactician and cudra. For 10% extra damage against stunn targets, increasing that two-shot probability even at longer ranges is your call if you want a slightly stronger weapon but less overall objective potential.

Finally, we run the ht5, red fox for Doz of Destruction, the medium ballistic lining, as I now believe that the three plates are The Sweet Spot, especially when playing solo, the armor bag flashbangs for shields, and whatever tool you want to bring along for the heist you're currently taking on. I'm guessing ecms are going to become a lot more popular once the technologies are rolled out across all maps.

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