Payday 3: The Easiest Xp Farm


So the first thing we're going to want to do is go over the challenges and then combat them. I'm going to see what kind of challenges we're going for, so you press R once. I'm not sure what it is on the console; I don't play it on the controller, so I can only go for a mouth and keyboard, but you go to the filter that says in progress, so for my instance.

I'm going to go with defeating 500 enemies with a Northwest B9, and for the secondary I'm using. I'm using the Bison right now, so I need Bison kills wherever they may be where is the Bison. Embarrassingly, the Bison is going to be around here somewhere. I can't find it because the menu is disgusting to find anything, but right, we got the challenge.

You're going to want to bring ammo unless you bring in a shotgun, and then you build with what's called here. Let's pass this path, the enforcer path, and then you get ammo back from Edge and grip, so we're going to go in and touch this guy. All right, invite only. I had some of my associates do a little digging on Mason Laurent, and then we waited 10 years for this guy to stop talking so we could actually load into him.

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Okay, so when you finish loading and you kiss your grandchildren good night, we're going to load into the game. Bring whatever favors you need. I'm going to bring an armor bag just in case, but my AI companion should be able to keep me up anyway. I will load in an overkill. Now there's multiple ways you can do this: you can go to this bathroom here, pop open, apparently it doesn't want to pop open right now, you can go to this bathroom here, you can go to this bathroom over here, or the one that we're going to use in this article.

I actually want to get to that bathroom fairly quickly because when I shoot the door open, the police are going to charge in and start removing the hostages that I've accumulated downstairs. I'm going to open this, and we're going to shoot the door open ourselves. So this guy over here in the corner now, if you've got time, I would recommend grabbing another hostage just so you have another one.

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My name sucks whenever I press go live after that article, apparently, so excuse me, so we're going to go into the bathroom with this woman. We have him tied down over there, and the process of having this woman—the reason for having this woman—will count as there's two different challenges. One is getting killed while having a hostage or a human shield, and the other is keeping the hostage in your arms for a certain number of seconds after the assault.

And then we just wait for the AI, who is already dead. We have to wait for the AI to push us in here, and if we stand or crawl at this specific point, the weapons are going to get stuck in this store here when they try to push in, and you're going to be completely fine to just take them. They're going to start rushing us in here, or more specifically, they're going to rush here.

Crush, and just like that, we are good to start with, the shielded up moving. As always, I've been dropping TBH.

Are you tired of getting no XP for heists and having to rely on XP through "challenges", then look no further than this video right here. Doing this one trick will have you high levelled in no time.
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