Payday 3 - The Best Loud Build So Far


So after completing almost every single heist in loud solo Overkill. I have been using for these articles, and so in this article. I kind of wanted to show you what my ideal all-out build looks like, and I wanted to talk a little bit about that. So first of all, I must mention that solo loud overkill is definitely not intended to be doable.

You can kind of pretty clearly see that by the way the maps are developed. The best example I can come up with is Rock Theo, where Rock Theo, when you go loud, is essentially asked to set up a cage upstairs. And then you have to go downstairs to steal all the money and cocaine and stuff like that, and then you have to bring it back upstairs and dump all of your bags into this cage, but the issue is that the police actually go and steal this money, so really, you're meant to be playing with a group of people who have a brain and are not AI bots, and they can actually stay upstairs and protect the bags while the rest of the team is running downstairs and hauling ass with all of the different loot.

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So, either way, solo or not, I'm going to go ahead and show you a build that works extremely well in Overkill, and you can do this, of course, online with friends or solo, whatever you decide to do. With this build, we'll be focusing on being very tanky as well as being able to on-hit any cop. I mean, with the exception, of course, of the Dozer, you can pretty much one-hit any other cop specials or not; you can one-hit them all except again for the Dozers, so the build has two different variants.

It has a sharpshooter, a variant, and the Gunslinger variant. I recommend the Gunslinger; I genuinely believe in the Gunslinger. The skill tree is a much stronger choice than the sharpshooter. You see, personally, I'm somebody who prefers ads. Other than hipfire, I am not a hipfire guy whatsoever.

But for payday 3, it is very clear that Gunslinger is just the superior path. First of all, in terms of gaining edge, which both of these builds rely on for the Sharpshooter, it's a bit harder for you to gain edge. A secure way for you to gain edge is by standing still for 1.5 seconds while ading or scoping so that you can gain edge, whereas for the Gunslinger, it's as easy as switching weapons; you just switch weapons and boom, there goes the edge.

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Now, why do you care so much about the edge? Okay, first of all, it gives 10% extra damage. That's great, but the thing is, with Edge, we throw in some of these skill points from the mower here, where we can combine two different sets of skills. So the ammo funnel happens all the time. I would recommend that you see that I have 19 skill points; this goes up to 21 or 22.

If you have a low number of points, what I would recommend you do is start off with Gunslinger, specifically. These two right here are Gunslinger, basic, and that's two points, and the third point is going on from the hip because this will help you with your hip fire spread a lot, especially if you're using an automatic weapon.

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This is quite useful, so you don't completely lose control of your hip fire. After doing that, I would recommend you do it, especially as you're playing Overkill. Is to go into the tank. Especially when you have these ones here from Mower, you definitely don't need ammo. Ammo is no longer an issue, and you should definitely Ace it as well to gain that constant grit.

Tank is also extremely important because of armor up, as it's going to give us a lot of extra armor when you're looting from the armor bags, as well as last man standing, which pretty much when you get down you instead just consume your grit, you actually become immune for 10 seconds, and this bails you out of a lot of different situations.

Now, this may not be necessary when you're playing online because you can actually rely on your teammates, but in Solo, I find this to be quite important. I really enjoyed the tank route to, you know, give you that balance strike between doing a lot of damage and being really tanky, so I would recommend doing this tree as well.

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Now, tanks also combine very well with plate-up, which comes from an AMMO specialist. As long as you have grit, ammo drops will instantly regenerate your current armor chunk, and this is going to help you maintain that armor topped off throughout the fights. However, if you get the tank, at least the basic tank, or rather, the basic and a tank, and you combine it with plate-up, this is going to make you a lot tankier, you know, and as long as you're killing your enemies, your armor is constantly being regenerated as well, so I recommend you use these two.

What's also extremely important is, of course, the constant ammo replenishment that we've talked about, and that comes from the mower. As long as you have an edge, your weapon's recoil is reduced. This is going to help us a little bit maintain that control, and of course, like we talked about, ammo funnel and replenishment are very important.

Also, back to the ammo specialist. Here's Crer, which is pretty decent because the ammo drops that you're gaining from replenish and the ammo funnel are going to be giving you back those grenades, and it's going to allow you to constantly be throwing out, you know, flashbangs, smoke grenades, or regular grenades, whatever it is that you opted into.


Your armor penetration is increased, which allows us to take one shot no matter what kind of armor the cops have. You know, in the later waves, they get really armored up, but it does not matter with a cutting shot; we're going to be able to one hit them as long as we're using a weapon that can one hit them.

I would recommend you. Go for this as soon as you can as well. And then, for a little bit of extra damage, what I like to do is throw in the enforcer. You know, of course, the basic enforcer as well as face-to-face, which is going to increase our damage to people that are near us when we have edge and grit, which honestly is almost the entire time, so that's pretty much it in terms of skill points.

I would recommend you start with Gunslinger. First. I would do this skill tree first, at least this and this, and then I would go into tank and do tank second, and then I would go into ammo specialist and at least just put in one point here to get played up, and this is going to make you really tanky and do a lot of damage.

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After this. I would recommend you do a mower next for the infinite ammo, and once you do a mower, now that you do a lot of damage, you are really tanky, and now that you have infinite ammo. I'd recommend you do Sharpshooter. And then, lastly, I'd recommend you go to the enforcer. This is useful, but it's not necessary.

This is in my opinion the king of Loud Builds. Sentry builds or Demolitionists Builds don't even compare imo. Unless you're running a proper synergy with your team. Try it for yourself.
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