Payday 3 The Best Gadget Nobody Is Talking About


I want to just get straight to the point. What you're going to want is this skill right here. Retriever I mean, you don't need it, but it's very useful and extra Munitions. Again, you don't need it, but it comes in very handy, so your weapon and nothing else really matter. You just want to throw a knife.

Honestly, we're going to jump into Rock the Cradle Overkill to show you how it's used, or at least how I've been using it, because I'm not sure it's meant to be used like this. Let's just get into it. All right, nothing. You don't really need any favors or anything. I'm just using these weapons because I want to level them up, trying to level up every gun in the game.

That was close. Okay, I know a lot of people like to just make them move, but, you know, I just do this. I don't i guess if you're doing it my way, you do need the jailbreak or whatever it is to get out of the handcuffs thing. You know, do this heist as normal. Does he move okay? Maybe he doesn't move.

Maybe this dude's just doing his job and doesn't care. So, maybe if we throw it over here, let's see where you go. Just walk right past them, and they don't care, and I have the gadget to, well, I have the gadget where it doesn't break on the you know thing [__] he's coming. So yeah, that's pretty much it.

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You know, you throw the knife. You know you throw the little coin as a distraction, and you just walk right past them. It's amazing i think it's going to change the way people play this game.

i think i found the best possible gadgetthrowable for stealth gameplay in payday 3! thanks for watching and let me know what you think and how this will change the game.
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