Payday 3 - The 4 Best Methods To Level Up Fast (farm Locations)



Everybody, today we're going to be looking at the best methods available in Payday 3 for us to level up our accounts to reach that level goal we've set for ourselves. As you probably know by now. Payday 3 has a rather unconventional method of leveling up that requires us to complete different series of challenges or tasks, which then in return reward us with infamy points, which is just a fancy payday 3 word of saying experience, so taking that into consideration, we of course turn to the challenges this game provides us to figure out the most efficient ways to maximize our leveling.

So onto the challenges tab. We're provided with three different categories of challenges, those three being heists, careers, and combat. The Heist tab, of course, consists of heist-based challenges that require you to do tasks, such as completing each heist multiple times in various different difficulties.


As well as completing by going loud and also completing by going stealthy, there are also, of course, unique challenges to each heist, such as, for example, for dirty ice, there is a challenge for successfully blackmailing the manager in stealth and a challenge for taking all loot without ever triggering the alarm in Overkill, difficulty, and these also give different quantities of experience.

Now the challenge tab may be very unintuitive to browse around, so I definitely recommend you browse around the challenges by either utilizing mods such as the challenge viewer mod or accessing those challenges on websites such as Pd3.0. These tools will help you keep track of your challenge progression in real time.

99 boxes

Now back to Payday 3. The heist challenges are extremely grindy. I mean, all challenges are grindy, but apart from the unique challenges from each heist, every other challenge is just a massive grind, so let's go back to the categories. The middle category is the career tab, and this one you can pretty much ignore as it mostly consists of random challenges that come organically without you having to work up towards them.

Lastly, there's the combat category, and this category is the one we will be focusing on today. As you may know, the combat category is the most efficient way to level up, as it provides us with a variety of different challenges that are far less grinding than those under the heist tabs, as we can complete a lot of these in just a few seconds to a few minutes.

What I recommend you do is write up any challenges that can be completed simultaneously, or mark them down in your challenge viewer mod, and come into the farm locations with those in hand. You can mark down all of the AK-47 challenges, which consist of headshot hip fire kills and just regular kills, and bring out a sidearm in all of its challenges as well, and you can of course mark down other challenges such as defeating x amount of cloakers, shooting off Dozer face plates, destroying Zapper batteries, grenade kills, and so on.

best weapons

If you bring out a wide variety of challenges, you'll have a lot of different experiences that you can earn fairly safely. Now let's figure out what the best places are for us to complete all of these combat challenges, and today I got a few pretty good ones for you right out of the gate. I'll clear up the air about one thing.

I'll be showing you here four different farm locations, one of which is completely glitch-free. However, the other three best locations to farm for infamy do involve the use of glitches. So if you're not comfortable with using glitches, then viewers beware, but first off, before we dive into these locations I should have mentioned, make sure to bring with you the mower skill combined with replenish and ammo funnel, as well as either Sharpshooter.

Ace, or Gunslinger Ace, because this way we'll be able to achieve infinite ammo in these farm locations, and make sure to always play on Overkill. Difficulty, as this will make cops spawn. Way more often, the first farm location and the only one that will be completely glitch-free is one you may already have heard of, and it's the bathroom in touch with the sky.

Touch the sky

Touch the sky

If you haven't heard of it well, then here's how to utilize this location to the best of your advantage, so you can become pretty much immune.

As well as have infinite ammo, so once starting the game, what you'll want to do is mask up right away as the game begins, run into the mansion, grab a hostage, and throw him inside the bathroom on the bottom floor and tie him up. What this will do is make sure that the nators do not throw gas grenades in the bathroom to flush you out, seeing how there's a hostage in there with you.

I also recommend bashing in the door or shooting the lockpick from outside of the bathroom to break the door towards the inside of the bathroom because this creates sort of a Tunnel of Death-type thing that makes cops just Walts. Right into your crosshair and can be used for safety whenever you need to take cover.

I recommend farming from inside the bathtub and placing an armor bag right next to the civilian, which is why we farm from inside the bathtub. Is this going to make it so that your AI teammates spawn inside of it and can't quite leave it, making it so that they don't go out and steal your kills or distract the cops?

But now, not just that, if you actually find yourself in trouble and cops are overwhelming you in the bathroom, they'll shoot just about anyone that enters that room. The bathtub also provides safety for the cloakers.

Gold & sharke out of bounds

Gold & sharke out of bounds

As they weirdly come to find that the bathtubs are their worst enemies, seeing how they can't climb into them, they move on to the second-best location to farm for combat challenges. We've got the out-of-bounds golden shark glitch, and before we get into all of these, I will mention I've come across these locations by watching a YouTuber by the name of Quip, DS.

We've got to do a pretty weird glitch, which I'll go ahead and show you now. What you've got to do is mask up as soon as the game begins and immediately go loud. What this will do is trigger the alarm, and as soon as the alarm is triggered, the vehicles on the road will start speeding up to clear out the area for the cops.

dirty ice

What you then have to do is pay attention to the van. Now there will be several vans, and this glitch does not work on smaller vehicles. The vans are your best bet. As soon as you've got a speeding van coming towards you, you look straight at it and aim downward. As soon as the v's about to hit you, I don't know if holding s to go back is necessary, but I did do that as well to achieve this glitch several times.

Figured we should cover the fastest leveling methods in Payday 3. As we all know, as of right now we have to do these challenges, so i figured, why not. Enjoy the Fastest Leveling in Payday 3! Buy Payday 3.
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