Payday 3 Started Off Bad, But This Will Make It Better

Today's topic.

Today's topic.

Y'all, we have a lot to discuss. I know this is going to make some of you mad, but payday is here. Its core is a fantastic game. Hell, there are a lot of things that I take back from my initial article about the game only because I've had more time with it. Okay, let's.

What payday 3 does great!

Continue before we start tearing this game apart.

Let me go ahead and praise it for what it does well. Like I mentioned at the start of the article, there are some things that I can take back about what I said, including the movement. I didn't really think I was going to like it, but now I actually enjoy it. Sure, it's not Payday 2's crackhead movement, but it's still pretty fun.

I'm also a fan of how you can seemingly bring whatever into a heist, and the guards just don't really care. Hell, you can break a camera, and they'll just think it's another day at the office there. There aren't a lot of maps, but I think they're all relatively well done, and when I wrote the script, I put it in the nightclub, but I'm taking that out and replacing it with the art gallery.

Yeah, that one is atrocious. I love the customization as well, and right now being able to pick the color and pattern without needing to choose one of three cards is amazing. I still wish that system could come back, though. Maybe Star Breeze can incorporate C stack with it or something like you're able to spend a certain amount of sea stack and then choose one of three cards to unlock whatever stealthing. There are some other things I can complement, like the new safe cracking mechanic, but I know y'all are here to figure out what Payday 3 can do better, so.

What payday 3 deserperately needs.

What payday 3 deserperately needs.

Here we go: First things first, and the most obvious, please. Add an offline mode. Why in offline mode? Well, for starters, your damn server room won't be looking like this hours after the game launches, so we don't have to rely on the servers to play either solo or with friends.

Seriously, getting a 150- or even 200-plus ping and a private lobby is a bit ridiculous. Second, change the way you get infamy in this game. The infamy system reminds me so much of Halo's battle pass system, where you had to complete challenges to progress in the battle pass. The infamy system is the same way, and I think this is the most moronic thing anyone can do in a game that focuses on progression.


Just bring in the infamy system from Payday 2. Speaking of which, the third thing that I had was bringing back features that we loved in Payday 2. One of the most obvious things for me is going to be crime. There's just something about seeing other heisters about to do things the ATF wishes they could do that makes me feel like I'm in an underground network of criminals.

It's a good feeling, for sure. Another thing would be a contract browser. Once there are more heists in the game, having to scroll past the cinematics is a tad bit annoying, and what I'm hoping for is that once we receive more heists, a browser list will be made. One thing I think would be dope is VR capability.

I know I'm speaking of maybe one percent of the player base that plays payday and VR, but for those that have it, it's easily one of the best experiences. You can have stealth; heist feels significantly more intense; and heist with the perfect loadout and build makes you feel more powerful than a CEO who doesn't abide by his own rules.

With the game running on Unreal Engine this time, VR support would be a total game changer and a lot better than Payday 2's fourth. Make creating a Nebula account optional. I literally couldn't even play the game for a solid 15 or 20 minutes while typing the script because I got a nebula data error.

It's safe to say if the servers aren't the bed, it's a nebula, and if it's them, you can't even get into the game. Give us back the skill tree. I appreciate the efforts I put into the current skill set, okay, but it's just not hitting for me when looking at payday twos. It's so damn nice that you can customize it to fit your play style, and I know that's kind of a cliche saying, but look how many options you have.

I know that you unlock more skill points over time so you can acquire more skills in Payday 3, but it's just not as solid as the Payday 2 skill tree. I think that's about it, aside from UI update optimization, etc., but those are things that can be touched on later. All in all, it isn't going to take much to make this game turn into something people aren't pissing all over; it's just going to take a little bit more effort, but that's really about it.

Responding to the massive drama.

Responding to the massive drama.

Now that we're done with that, I want to talk about how diverse the community is when it comes to Payday 3.

I initially wanted to voice my concerns on Twitter, but doing that turned out not as well as you think it does, so I decided to post it to my community, Tab, and Lord did. This one received some comments. Let me go ahead and say this: I know the game launched in the state; it's currently in the game stutters.

The servers always go down; there's a bug. It's missing features. I get that, but I want to ask a question, and when I do, don't try to say well, they should have known before or anything like that. Okay, yes, the game isn't where you and many others need it to be, but what are you going to do seriously?


A lot of you have tweeted, and a lot of you have even harassed employees and wished Star Breeze would go bankrupt, which is incredibly shitty. A lot of you have called them scammers, and I could show you five games that are actual scams, but is any of that going to put the game in a more enjoyable state or even fix it?

No, a lot of you vent your concerns while also providing what is missing and what can be changed. That's fine keep doing that because, at the end of the day, that's okay, and in some cases, it's more beneficial to do that with these developers, but now I'm going to turn my attention to those that are simply accepting the game the way it is now.

That's not going to make the game better now, with my post. It did seem like I was coming off as well. It is what it is, but in actuality, I'm not very happy with the game. I pre-ordered the standard edition and was pissed when I was only able to play one hour before the servers went down. Could they have done something to prevent this?

Yes they should have known, or at least anticipated, the massive rush they were going to have. Is it okay that the game runs the way it does? no not really there, are so many things that we cannot be okay with, but like I said earlier, what can we do about it aside from letting them know what they need to fix?

Today, we talk about a game that's recently had an awful launched and continuous to get plagued by server issues, Payday 3.
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