Payday 3: Spec Ops (touch The Sky, No Guard Kills) Overkill, Solo Stealth


I mean, if we're not going for kills, we don't need to; we don't even need to grab the blue key card. That's the main entrance to the penthouse. There's an XP glitch for 99 boxes. and you just move in and out of the end zone, and it just counts it as, like, multiple completions. Does it count as multiple completions, or is it only work, or what's it called, like weapon and skill XP, that does account for the challenges as well, because that would be kind of goofy if it did.

It's a link to the XP glitch. Well, I'm not going to watch it on stream, so that's not really going to matter to me. I can check those out. I can DM them and send them to me on Discord later, though I get the gist. You guys have explained it to me. I get the gist of how it works. I'm not really going to do it, probably, but sometimes I'll push my share of the loot I need if it runs quite often.

Meg, so if you ever want to play and earn some cash, you know we do those quite a bit; probably not today. We are looking to play some new set, like some of the new cyberpunk update, and I've been constantly putting it off, or if I do stream it. I only stream for like 30 minutes and then call it in a So today we're just going to put our foot down and play a little bit of it, and I'm quite excited for it.


I've found that the more I play this game, the less I use motion sensors. I've never thrown a knife to distract the guard. People always tell me to do that, and I just don't do it. I just always forget to do that, but I also don't really need to. Maybe on some other heists it'll be more necessary, like in future heists, it'll be a little bit more necessary to do something like that, but as of right now, I just don't really do it that much.

Now we're probably going to do this without even being detected by a garden, but I know that the achievement is to not kill any guards, but what if you make them surrender? You want John Wick back, and I do too. Touch the Sky and stealth of that killing anyone an Overkill, so yeah, I guess it does count as a challenge that one interesting, cool we got him we got a level out of it too, very nice.

The streamer looks very skilled. Thank you,

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