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Video. I'm going to show you how to complete the spec ops achievement, which requires you to complete this mission: Touch the sky in stealth without killing a single guard on Overkill, which is the hardest difficulty. This could be done solo or with a group. I recommend doing it with a smaller group because there are fewer people that can get caught, but you could do it however you want.

All I do recommend is that you get a build that allows you to hack cameras and put a secure loop on, because once you've done that, it'll make life a hell of a lot easier. Obviously, you can't take out the guard in the camera room, so you've got a hell of a lot of cameras in here and a hell of a lot of guards.

On top of that, I'd also recommend going loud the first time. Just go in guns blazing, get into the master bedroom as quick as possible, and find the vault behind the bed. From here, you will see the numbers that are lit up with your UV light, and you'll know that it will be those numbers. You just need to work out the combination.

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This will save a lot of steps later on from going to the office, coming back, going to the filing room, and all that sort of stuff. It saves a lot of steps and saves you a lot of time, especially when you're doing this in stealth, so the first time around, just go loud. Guess the combination once you know the four numbers; it's only going to be 24 combinations, and it is actually not that difficult to guess.

As you can see, we're guessing it here in the footage that you're about to see. As you can see, our code was 8097, so we guessed that we were able to unlock the safe, which is not a problem. From there, we can go ahead and restart the mission. And this is the run that I recommend you do without being spotted or doing anything like that, so just go through first.

You've got a guard right outside the door; ignore him. We're going to be dealing with him later. Instead, go up the stairs, put your mask on, and go through the vent. If you head straight all the way through the vent, you will enter a sort of living room area, but if you go straight down, you enter the balcony area right in front of the entrance door that we were just at.


It's up to you where you want to go, but the first thing you're going to need to do is, I'd recommend there's three cameras up top that will spot you. I recommend that you solo hack two of them, the one closest to the master bedroom and the one just on the corner of the balcony, but if you've got another person with the perks, then you can hack all three of these cameras.

It'll make your life a lot easier. Just put a secure loop on. As you can see, I'm on the balcony, and then I'm hacking the cameras and putting a secure loop on, and they will not spot us anymore. So there's one of the cameras; the second one is going to be on this corner for me. I'll hack that one, and then my Duo partner will hack the one closest to the master bedroom.

And once we've done that, we've got no worries about cameras. And then obviously the next step will be to press the iPad on the door to the master bedroom, and that will do this mini game where you've got to stand in circles, which is probably the hardest bit of this whole mission. You've got stand-in circles that have been pretty out in the open for quite some time.

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As you can see, Mark in the guards helps as well because you can see him through walls. Just stand in the ring, and once it is complete, it can take a while. Just take your time, don't rush it, and just make sure the coast is clear once that is complete. Though you're going to want to make your way to the master bedroom.

I use the balcony a hell of a lot because it saves going through the actual paths and avoids clashing with any guards, so as you can see. I'm making my way around the back of this balcony. My partner's marking any of the guards that might be in my way, but obviously if you're solo, you just need to look out for the guards that are patrolling, and obviously the lead guard as well.


Jump, cross, and then head to the master bedroom, which is all the way in the back here. Also, be careful of the stairs on the left here because guards do like to walk up there. Catch You by Surprise: Once you're in the master bedroom, there are some books. You're just going to want to flip the switch on the books, and that'll open the panel at the back to get you into the vault, obviously because you've played the first round.

Now, do you know exactly what the code is? This saves a lot of time; you can open it right away. And then inside, there is the smaller safe, and that's got the SSD, which you need to extract with. Just crack the safe here. Nothing too strenuous. Just be careful, though, because now that you've opened the master bedroom, the lead guard can come in here, and you actually do need him to come in here, but it's the worst time if he comes in here while you're cracking the safe.


Once you've got the SSD, though, go into the bathroom inside the master bedroom and just wait in there because you are going to wait for the lead guard to come in here. Now you're going to hack his mobile phone, which will give you the QR code that will allow you into the filing room, which gives you access to the red key card to get you into the office, and then all you need to do is decrypt the hard drive and get out, so we ain't got to go back and forth like we would have done if we didn't already know the combination.

So as you can see, the lead guard is coming in now, nice and slowly. As soon as he walks past the bathroom, you are clear to get out; he won't see you. Just stand behind him and hack his phone. The quicker you do this, the better, because he doesn't stay in this room very long. As you can see from this footage, he will actually leave the room quicker than I was hoping, and I get almost spotted, and I almost lose him because of him walking away too quickly, so, luckily.

I did get it. I didn't have to follow him all the way out into the hallway because, obviously, you have to stay in this ring around him, and there's guards at Patrol. As you can see, I had to stay, but I just got it, and then we were able to make our way to the filing room. Now, I'd recommend taking your time here to regroup for a second.

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He ain't going to come back into this room for a little while, and you're safe; no normal guards come in here. You have time to look out the window and see if there are any guards on the balcony looking out the window. You will be able to sneak past them if there are, and check that the coast is clear.

The filing room is just all the way down the other end, and because you've marked the cameras, you don't need to worry about anything. Just go all the way down to the end, open it with a QR code, and then inside here is going to be where you find the red key card; it'll be in the filing cabinets. One of the drawers in the filing cabinets will be there.

In this Payday 3 video will show you how to complete the Spec Ops achievement trophy which requires you to Complete Touch The Sky in stealth without killing a single guard on Overkill.
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