Payday 3 Solo Build Revealed Crush Heists With Ease

ak build

Content, so with the last article doing pretty well. I'd say, a lot of people have also been asking about the solo build that I've been using, and you know that's kind of not really that complicated; it was actually featured in that last build article, but I guess I'll go ahead and go over it now inside this article, so.



First and foremost, obviously, is the AK.

Here, I'm using the beled silencer, which is actually not being removed. Any damage over a distance, if you notice the other suppressors here, is minus damage over a distance. So that's why I'm not using those; I'm just personally, like, you know, suppressors. That's why I'm using them. As for the barrels, you can use this barrel here; it'll minus out some damage distance, so I do not go for it.

Next are the grips, which I think I recently had over unlocked this, one. Looking at the two here, this one actually removes recoil and stability, so therefore you might want to just keep that one. As for the magazines, I'm trying to get an extended mag or quick reload—you know, quick reload—but at the moment I'm not using anything, so I'm just keeping the normal one.


As for the stocks, I've thought about putting the TQ one in them; it just gives you recoil and stability. Handling goes down a little bit, but honestly, I'm going to go ahead and put that on there. It's definitely going to be an improvement on the gun. Next, as for sights, definitely, you know, optional.

That's like the one that you get from SMG. And then, like, another kind of red dot, but just slightly different, and then you got some more kinds of Scopes here at the bottom; obviously, it's your choice. The AK hits pretty hard; you're mostly using it for, you know, common enemies, and your revolver takes out most of the common enemies as well as for these.

I think I recently unlocked this. Yeah, I just recently unlocked this, so I am practically going to take it. But another good one is the one that I'm using here, so you just take really what you want in this scenario here. I think I'm going to take this one here, but we'll figure it out. The hip-fire spread is just really nice to have really tight, Shooting, Now, as for the secondary, as I've mentioned, I'm using the revolver.

We do use the ranged barrel in this gun, and next we do use I mean, it doesn't really matter what you use here, but I'm just using a red dot. As for the grips, you can use practically any of them, but I'm using the last one because the last one just to me seemed the most beneficial to me for what I'm playing and whatnot.

As for the compensators. I didn't really want to spend $50 to get this one unlocked because all it does is give me some reds, so in my opinion. I'm just going to go ahead and keep the skeletonized, you know, compensator in this situation. And as for the Overkill weapon, obviously , the grenade launcher armor.



I'm using three of your armor so that I have three lives, as well as the deployable armor back, so we'll get into that in just a minute. Throw balls and grenade tools; I'm using the mines; I'll probably use the mines like all the time.


As for the skills, here I'm using the ammo specialist, which gives me an increase in my ammo by 20%. Now that I'm using the mower for 35 bullets, I gain an edge, which is a damage increase. Next, I have an ammo funnel, so the ammo I pick up is directly put into my mouth. This is more useful for the secondary weapon, but it is definitely going to trigger inside your primary as well, and then pairing on with it, we've replenished the things I kill.


The ammo is, you know, automatically picked up. Next, I have to sprint and reload. That's definitely a really good skill to have. I have disengaged; once per heist, I can free myself from a cloaker or a zapper, after which you can't be disabled by them for 5 seconds. I'm not too sure that means I think it's like they can't disable you instantaneously; I think that is what that means, but basically.

In solo fashion, you get a freebie. Next, we have Last Man Standing, Tank A. We have extra plates for two extra armors and armor up, so we have six armors inside my one armor bag, which, as you know, is highly useful. Next, we're using armor, which gives each one of those armors, basically, so my six armors in the bag basically equal out to 12, so it's very useful.

Next we have Last Man Standing, which is basically your get-out-of-Gil free card you'll never go to. You know you'll never go into a down state as long as you can survive the 10 seconds. Getting into a good spot, you know, healing yourself, getting yourself armor, etc. And cutting shots to give myself penetration.


Is going to one-shot the shields, or not just shields specifically, but getting to one-shot things with the revolver? That's the main thing. Next we have Swift, which is making me sprint faster, and pairing that with the rush skill. You get to run around really quickly, and that's definitely useful.

Next we have grit, you know, triggering here, and I forgot to mention tank is also triggering grit, and then what happens here is that anytime I break my armor. I gain or refresh my grit, so, essentially, it's setting me up to always have Last Man Standing get triggered. That's what this skill is doing next, as I'm going down here.

I am solid, which means if I have both edge and grit, I'll be immune to all stagger effects. Now, that right there is pretty strong considering dozers can kick you, and you know shields can punch you. AI can punch you. You know, naters can blow up one. You guys get the point. You know, there are a lot of things that stagger you, so this right here is a really strong skill to have.

Coming down a little bit further, here we have strategists. This isn't really the important part, but this is the important part. As long as I have Rush, any marked cloaker or zapper that tries to disable me when instead suffers a heavy stagger, instead of being downed or taking all my life away.

I can instead just get staggered. And you know, assuming I can maybe have this trigger. I may not even get a stagger, and assuming that this, you know, skill works as it says that it works Maybe you can even fish this skill in there, and you know not to take a stagger. Well, so that's basically my solo build here.

As I mentioned, we have the mines, and that's really it. I know that's kind of a borderline skill, so that would put me at like 20, and if I wouldn't grab, you know that this would get me 21; that's the gun slinger, but if I wouldn't grab, stock up. I'm not really sure what else I would get. These two skills are really good too; they give me extra damage on edge, and this one gives me extra damage recovery, so these two are definitely worthwhile. I'd probably grab PL up for 20 and either stockh home for 21 or Gunslinger for 21, that'd be my two choices here, or even grabbing balance, that'd be a good one as well.

In this video, we reveal the ultimate solo build for Payday 3 that will help you crush heists with ease.
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