Payday 3 - Smash & Grab Solo Easy Guide (beat Dirty Ice Under 120 Seconds)


All right So now that you've seen that gameplay. I'm going to go ahead and show you the skills that I've been using, and we're going to be doing a guided run to explain step by step what I was doing to be able to achieve that challenge. So first of all, for skills, this is what I'm using. I was using the infiltrator mostly for the quick fingers, which are incredibly important, as well as for the bagger.

I'm using Escapist, which gives me Rush. After sprinting for at least three seconds even though I don't think this actually does anything I don't think there's any point where I actually Sprint for three seconds anyways manipulator just to tie up hostages but this used to be something that I used to do in these runs to tie them up but it is not necessary this is not necessary at all I'm, also using grifter Tier 1 and tier 4 to answer radios quicker that's incredibly important and, for Close Quarters combat specialist I use for the soft assets which allows me to move five percent faster when using a human shield which as you've seen in the gameplay there's a certain part of the run where we're using a human shield so this adds a little bit of speed now there are other perks that you can use that will increase your speed Some of them I haven't unlocked yet.

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But yeah, this is pretty much what I'm using, so now let's go into the map and let's talk about step-by-step what it is that you need to do to be able to do this in under two minutes. Solo, alright, so first things first, you're going to obviously need to do two different runs. One, where you just go and gather certain bits of information, such as the code that we use for the door, and after you get that information, you then go ahead and restart the heist.

To be able to actually speed run it, okay, so two of these spawns work for this particular challenge: the spawn that I just conveniently got again, and that spawn that spawns all the way in the alley first. I'm going to talk about this spawn here and how to do it with this spawn, and then we'll talk about the alley one; it's a little bit different than this one, so first of all, when we spawn here, what we'll want to do is trigger rush, and with that skill that I have that I forgot to name right now, we hit somebody once we touch one of these civilians.

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Rush will trigger like this. You see, now that Rush is triggered, I have another skill that I use every time I have Rush: the Jiggler skill. This skill is called jiggler. I can just lock and pick it up in one go, and I can open it right away. I don't have to actually go and do it four different times before I'm actually able to open it.

You spawn and run into a civilian. It can be one of those guys over there by the red van, or it can be one of these guys leaning against the wall. You run into them. Grab, rush open this, then the guard will be up here, and as you've seen, you can just crawl past them, sprint down, and you're going to need the code for the door.

So to get the code for the door, of course we don't have it right now since we just restarted this. What you're going to need to do on the first run before you're actually speed running is, you're going to want to walk in here. You're going to want to walk in here, so you're going to want to go into this computer, and you're going to want to grab it.

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The code in this case, the ID or the passcode, is the ID number of the employee of the month, which in this case, if you've seen my last article, can be in one of three locations. It can either be the whiteboard number; it can either be over here in the VIP room table this eight zero eight thirty four or it can be the employee's number, which in this case is 1764, which is the number that we need to be able to open the vault door.

As you see right here, it's the employee of the month. Okay, so that's the number we need. Now we have that number, 1764. Now we know how to open the vault or the door, and we know where the phone is. The phone is in this location. So these are the two bits of information that you will be required to provide on the first run.

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Now that you attempt to speedrun know where the phone is and what the code is, we can go ahead and restart the heist. Of course, I will not be speed-running again. I will instead just do a guided speed run. So, like I said, when we start up, we're going to run against some civilians. Open that gate and crawl past the employee, so we'll run over here to the civilian trigger.

Rush, jiggle, pick, lock, picket, wait for him to get a bit closer, and walk right past him. Nicole was 1764. We open, we get in, we mask up, the cop is going to be right behind this board boom, shoot the camera while we have a rush, we lock pick it again, hold these two things, run, and over here, answer his radio.

Okay, now let's take a pause here. As you saw in my gameplay, the door was conveniently open, but it doesn't matter because this will add like a second to the run, and as you saw, my run was at 53. I believe, so we had several seconds to spare, so it doesn't matter because we'll have a rush and we'll jiggle and pick it on the first goal, open the door, grab the things, and by the time you're running back.


His Radio will then activate, and then you can just interact with it and continue. Okay, now let's go on to part two. Go ahead and do right now is restart again. Alright, so let's go on to part two just to make this timing seem a bit more correct for the guide. That's why I restarted, so trigger Rush Lockpick.

Up creeps up the route right past them; the code is 1764. Open the door mask up as soon as we're in, take out the cameras so it doesn't mess up or run, and lock pick while we still have Rush Pull this lever, wait for the radio, and answer that radio. Run over here; you should be running; otherwise, look for the civilian.

So the civilian is in the worst spot. This is the worst spot that a civilian can be in. You might even want to restart if the civilian is there; it's much better if he or she is in the hallway still, but all the way in the lunchroom, this wastes us several seconds, so we push that person to open that, we grab the phone while he's pressing the button, and we scan the red key card to open the safe break.

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Grab the rare stone. Toss it over here. scan this QR code, kill this cop, kill this camera. Lock pick with the rush, open all right jewelry, we don't answer this second radio, by the way, we don't worry about it, we just sprint across, and we don't waste those precious seconds. Go over here and tell this guy to get down.

I don't i actually don't think I know if I interacted with them properly. Go, grab the jewelry, and let all those radios ring. It's just not a problem. Come over here, open this break, grab the stone, and we want to throw the stone here. The reason is that I was throwing the stone out the window, and that wasn't working because this cop was seeing it.

Hopefully this guide clears up the air for those who were attempting to do it under 120 seconds. Buy Payday 3.
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