Payday 3 - Smash & Grab Achievement/trophy (complete Dirty Ice 120 Seconds)


Use silencers so we're not caught. Second, there are two four-digit codes: one on the whiteboard, then in the break room, and the other in the VIP showroom. I'll show you how to get in here, of course, but just know there is a four-digit code in here you may need. I've seen it switch, so again, it's either the code on the whiteboard or the code in the VIP showroom that's written on a sheet of paper and a binder on this storage island in the middle of the room with that information in mind.

Now let's get started. We have four players, no bots, so two are going to stay in the front and two will run around the back. Door you'll i need to take out a camera in that area, but then just wait for your team to turn off the power, and you can start picking the locks so that you can obtain the bags here.

Don't forget to look at the four-digit code that's on the island in this VIP showroom so you can relay it to your team if necessary. But, at this point, we're just waiting for the power to be turned off. Now let's look at what we're doing in the back of the building again. Off rip, we're putting on our mask, just making sure that we're not being seen, so get behind this building and go ahead and put your mask on.

dirty ice

We're going to jump up onto this van and then on to this building here so that we can bypass a lockpicking situation there's. An alley behind the building and between the building that we need to loot in the building that you jumped up on with a camera and a cop take. Down both and wait for the person in front to unlock the door for you.

This way, we only need one QR code for the VIP room. We're going to answer the security guard's radio once it beeps, and then we're going to wait for the person in front to open this QR code door again. Do not use the QR code here; we're going to use that for the VIP room. The other player is coming down the stairs now; he popped open the door, and if you go right, that will take you up to the VIP showroom, but we want to go down to this keypad down here, and this is where we're going to use one of those two four-digit codes, all right, so here I'm trying the first one; it did not work, so we're trying the second one; it will go green at this point once.


Once you're inside this room, there will be a couple of cameras. A security guard, so we're going to take out both cameras, take out the security guard, and be sure to answer his radio if you have another player with you; you can sort of distribute the responsibilities here. One person can be picking the lock or taking out the cameras or the guards or whatever, so we're going to answer the security guard's radio, and then we're going to go over here and pick this lock once.

We're inside this room. All we need to do is turn off the breaker panel on the right-hand side of the wall. We're just going to turn that off. Disregard me picking up that badge. We don't need that. We're going to turn off the power here. So, now that we've done that, you can run back upstairs and help your team start picking locks, but if they're good enough in the front, they should have picked all the little all of the locks, and then they should have the bags ready, waiting for you.

Okay, so we're picking these locks here, and we're going to jump back to the original footage. I was just showing you what the back did, so he has turned off the power. Now that I'm on the front team, we're unlocking these things, and I'm getting them prepped for the team underneath to come upstairs and pick up these bags.

payday 3

We have two of these here. The other player, DJ Roller, was picking up the other two, so we should have four bags total. That is all you need for this one. Once you have the bag, you need someone to grab the other one. We all have a bag on our backs, and we're going to jump out of this back window behind us.

We may be security guards, but there is likely going to be a civilian right here as well. You can subdue them if you want to, or you can just sneak by them. Get all four bags in the van, and then go sit in the front of the van to escape. As long as you do this within a hundred and twenty seconds, you should get the achievement.

It should pop up for you once you've successfully completed the mission, so hopefully that helps you guys out.

Complete Dirty Ice within 120 seconds of spawning. We found that having more than two player teammates requires you to pick the lock downstairs. with only two, that door is open. The cell phone in the breakroom changes locations.
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