Payday 3 Should Have Been Amazing


You know. I'm really getting annoyed with how payday 3 has been handled lately, and it's such a shame because that was literally the most hyped game on Steam of 2023, and that's not in like a popularity vote, but like everyone knew it was coming, everyone was going to get it. I think all my friends got it, and we don't play it.

We haven't touched it since the Cookoff update because that was the only free update that came out. Overkill has really dropped the ball with Payday 3, and it stinks. It really, really does, like I understand, and before everyone comes in to defend them. I know that Payday 2's rough launch was rough, but it was 11 to 12 years ago.

How the hell have you not learned? In those times, did we expect 100 heists when Payday 3 came out? No, but we didn't expect [ __ ]. Eighth, now granted, there are really good heists, like there's a lot of options in and [__] but [__] Eighth, you don't even get the whole [__] story of Payday 3; it leaves off on a cliffhanger for you, basically getting revenge on these people that stole all your money, and then you get an outrocut scene of her going to retaliate.

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You don't have all your money, the crew is still [__] missing, and all the and just everything I understand, it's a live service game I do. But eight Heist on [__], launch, really. I tried to be nice with this game. I've made a couple articles on them, and I even looked into Payday 3 because I thought people needed to see what this game is.

And so much time has passed, and what have we gotten since the game came out? I'll show you what we've gotten. We have gotten mostly negative reviews in recent reviews mixed with all reviews, and then let's go down here. First off, if you had the Silver and Gold Edition, you should have just gotten your stuff.

By the way, the stuff that you should have gotten the day of the stuff you should have gotten 3 days early with your 3-day Early Access, and I still see there are people that don't have it, but at this point you should. Let's see, let's see, let's see, we already have DLC, and we knew the live service game was going to have DLC, but that's fine.


What's not fine is how much they're charging for these. First off, here's the pre-order stuff right here; it's $4; apparently it's in the library. I didn't even know I had this because I pre-ordered it, but here's the worst part of it: the first chapter is $18. That's for everything. This is chapter one of the story, $18 [__] dollar The base game is $40, and what do you get out of this?

You get one heist, some tailor options, a new SMG, a shotgun, a marksman, and a rifle. What, for $18, now the reason that you're seeing all these separates is because payday 3 is doing something as well: if you want just the heist, it's $10; if you want just the out, it's five [__] dollars; and if you want just the two new weapons, it's six [__] dollars.

What is this? First off, they knew this DLC was overpriced; that's why they split it off into these generations. I don't know about you, but if I want more content in this game, I don't want the weapons or the outfits. I want the [__] Heist; it's insane to me, and yet they sit here and wonder why this game has a negative review on Steam.

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Let me show you another thing that I'm pulling up right now: 82, the same game, just older. Let me show you right here. Payday 2, if you want, they would release just tailor packs; that's fine. If you wanted a whole heist, this one right here is $7, and not only is it $7, but what do you get in this?

You get the heist, you get new weapons, and I believe content I'm checking right now, so the way they're doing this is based off of Payday 2, but let me just show you that a heist alone on Payday 2 was $7, and then there were collections on here. The DLC would either be new weapons or a new heist.

There was no giant bundle to put it all together, but in the end, the Payday 2 ones were the June Fang Smuggler pack, which is $4, a tailor pack, which is a golden dra dagger tailor pack, which is $3, or I could buy a heist for $7. This [__] is a lot [__] cheaper than payday 3's, and yes, it's the same concept of, like, we'll release everything we'll release separately.


You can buy what you want, but it's cheaper. Payday 3 looks as great as Payday 3. At this point, I'm so done defending them as great as they are. With the game play, that's about it. That's all I can tell you that's good about this game: the gameplay, and I like the story. I want to know more about the story, but now it seems like the [__] story is locked behind a [__] pay wall, and yes, to a degree, payday2 was as well, but that was more expansions, like you wouldn't get mad if you bought Battlefield 1 and then Russia was a DLC with a map right after which some people bought it, some people didn't.

It was mostly just new snow mats and rifles and stuff like that, but payday 3 is locking behind The story is the main story, not expansions; I will never know what happened. I will never know what happened after we got our revenge, and that lady is ready to stop us because I refuse to buy this. I refuse to pay $18 for one [__] Heist, or I should say $10 for one Heist when on Payday 2.


I can buy two heists for that price, or I can buy a heist, a tailor, and a weapon pack for that price, all at once less, and if you look at the reviews, on this [__] It's so funny mixed, mixed. The heist alone, Negative, is mostly negative and mixed, and it's such a shame this heist alone has caused this game to go into mostly negative reviews.

I personally haven't played The Heist because I don't own it, and it's just insane to me. Not only that, people are still having issues with this game's audacity to release paid DLCs at this point. Just finish your game first, you greedy pigs. I will defend that they have a separate team working on DLCs and a separate team working on fixes, at least as far as I know, and you know, the worst part about all of this is that valve, not valve What the hell is that overkill?

payday Twitter man, We are ignoring all these now, ever since the syntax heists have dropped. What a shame this is! It's ridiculous, and if you're wondering if I'm overreacting to the article, I'm not. I am genuinely pissed. I wanted to cover this game. I wanted this to be like my pride and joy, but I have no interest in doing that, and it's such a disappointment.


I haven't touched this game since December 6th, when Cookoff came out. I really, really can't. And then the upcoming SE stack cost changes. Yes, because we all care about things like crypto and currency in this game; it doesn't need to be in this game; it's ridiculous.

I cant sit here and defend this any longer, I am so disappointed and frustrated.
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