Payday 3 Shotgun Build. Edge

Pearl dancing like a demon

Pearl dancing like a demon

So, it's finally time to take a look at Edge. Gone are the days when you wanted Google Chrome or Firefox. No, Microsoft microsoft Edge is the only browser recommended for Windows for fast security and a modern web experience. Edge is the best-performing browser on Windows 10, and it has built-in tools to help you keep your data safe—not just the shitty Microsoft browser and Windows but the payday 3 mechanic of dealing 10 more damage when active.

To note, once we process the Edge mechanic, it will last for 20 seconds or until we take an action that may consume it, stop it, or convert it. It's also worth mentioning that edge actions do not stack; however, there are actions that refresh them, so if the timer is already running down, the set actions will reset that timer, whereas edge-giving actions need to be performed when you don't have them in order to get it going.

Get it good before we go balls out and look at a build that fully employs Edge and makes having it a breeze. We need to understand those effects and decide if it's actually worth it, as you already know some weapons feel a little soft in Payday 3, so any mechanic from the game that can give us a boost is welcome.

With no health scaling for difficulty levels in the Payday 3 attempt, the cent increase has the same delivered output effect across all current difficulties. Did you just call me a nerdy geek? and skip to here if you're just not interested in this kind of analysis or just want to see the skills for.

Stats talk

Stats talk

The build is that, with most shooter games, we have damage multipliers, the most common being multipliers for headshots, as these need to give more damage for obvious reasons because getting hit in the head obviously hurts more than in your arm.

For example, based on the math of most weapons along with the health of the most common enemies, the police, the SWAT, and the heavy SWAT at close range. Edge only affects a couple of weapons ability to take one less shot to kill. Let's look at an example using our favorite assault rifle and most people's starting weapon, the car 4.


One thing to note is that the numbers shown here are whole numbers, and there's obviously decimals used in the background, so be aware that sometimes the numbers may shift by a point or two. Okay, with a base damage of 30, we can apply our math around this. The most common enemy is our friendly swap.

best build

Say hello to Mr. Swapman! Here you can see that they have a standard health of 150 and an armor value of 70. Starting with the shots to the body, you can see that when we shoot, we do damage to both armor and health, with 30 damage being fully applied to the armor value and 12 damage to the health.

Next is the same 30 armor and a 13 hit to health, then the remaining 10 armor breaks and 13 again to health. After the arm is gone, base 30 is applied until no health remains. This was a total of seven shots. Now, let's apply Edge. The armor takes 33 damage and has 14 health. The same again for the second shot, and the third shot clears the armor, and the health takes the same 14.

Now that the armor is gone, the 33 damage, which is the base plus The 10 is applied directly to the health until it's all gone; this was a total of seven shots, the same as without Edge. We can now apply the same to the heavy swap, the bigger guys who come later in the heist, and here we find it does make a one-shot difference taking eight body shots with Edge against Nine without it for science.

If you throw in a headshot to the mix, there's no difference overall. Swat's: taking five with or without Edge Heavies; taking seven with or without Edge This pattern of Edge's impact is common across a lot of weapons, only showing minor improvements or reducing the shots to kill by one in a few instances.

Of course, the last point that comes into play here is distance, which I'm currently unable to test, but that could make Edge a larger factor in nudging damage numbers over certain thresholds, especially in mid- to long-range combat. All that being said, and enough math to kill a small horse, we're going to get some Edge anyways and just go for it because it's fun and a good theme for a build here in Payday 3.

I will start off with the weapon.

Primary weapon

Primary weapon

Choice as this dictates a lot of the skills and literally makes us an unstoppable force. The Mosconi love it or hate it. This thing hits like a Mack truck, and with skills, it makes it incredible. Keep in mind that the moscone is a hip-fire machine with tons of damage and only two shells loaded at one time, so we'll play into both of these mechanics.


Let's , Get into it. We're starting off with an ammo specialist. Ace has not only 20 more Reserve ammo, but we gain Edge every time we pick up ammo if our magazine is full. Remember, a magazine is only two shells. Ace to gain Edge every time we shoot 35 bullets is not so important, but we will refresh our Edge every time we reload with an empty magazine in case we must reload.

best gun in

Only two shells can make this happen often, but more on this later. Next, use suppressive fire to gain a chance to heavy-stagger enemies. This again becomes part of a skill. Further on the ammo funnel, if we have Edge, the ammo we pick up is added to the magazine instead of the reserve. Unless the magazine is full, then it goes to reserve.

Stacks well with the ammo, especially skill at the start replenish. It is a good add-on to the last skill, as we pick up ammo from our kills automatically. Finally, Sprint loaded just a quality of life skill that's hard to not use once you get used to using it, but a great one if things get too hot and you need to run out of there and reload.

Next, we're hitting up the tank line for some survivability skills that are not Edge-related, but you still want to be alive, so we'll deviate, as we're up close and personal in this build tank. Ace to gain grit if an armor breaks. This means 10 damage reductions for us to keep on fighting. The regen of armor chunks is also increasing, and our armor bag has two more charges for armor, which is a good extra.


Plates are next for two more armor charges and armor up, meaning you get an extra plate of armor when you use an armor bag. Armor, armor onto the Escapist line to gain Rush when we sprint for three seconds and the one at the end Swift for a 10 movement speed when massed up. These are both hard-to-give-up skills that you get used to, so I have to have them, but they could be two more points in your pocket if you want to crawl through the high-cycle slug.

I do take the heaviest armor, so this is a good balance. If you take less armor, you may not feel the speedy skills necessary. Next is enforcer and fighting up close; this helps kill two enemies within 4 seconds in a radius of 5 meters. We gain grit, which reduces damage. With Grit and Edge active, we take combat reload reload.

Payday 3 shotgun build with EDGE! Edge in Payday 3 is a mechanic that grants you a 10 damage increase for 20 seconds, and with that you also get some great Payday 3 skills activated! I came across a reddit post of a document that shows the weapon damage numbers and shots to kill. These lined up with my in game testing and also show effects from the 2 perks I mentioned.
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