Payday 3 Shoots Itself The Foot

Payday 3␙s bad launch

Payday 3␙s bad launch

Welcome everyone to Inside Gaming Roundup Live. Payday 3 was recently released on the 21st of September and the reviews are not good payday 3 has become one of the worst rated games on Steam according to gamer or game rants at the time of this article releasing payday 3 has a total of 25, 387 reviews with 22, 165, of them being negative ones this is a huge issue when trying to join a heist which is the main point of the game so it's kind of coming becoming impossible task for players to play the game or try to get the lore of the game with the always online requirement having to be a requirement yeah I hate when games do this I hate when games do an online requirement because there's so many games that I could enjoy offline if I'm like on a plane or something I'm not gonna buy Wi-Fi, on a plane I just found out you can do that the other day you just found out no I was like you can pay for Wi-Fi you travel a lot too yeah.


Is, he traveling with Netflix episodes downloading it on my phone that works too but some of the requests that players have been asking was for an offline mode which would make the playability a lot better and also give the company time to fix the matchmaking system while folks experience High solo , but I don't want anyone to lose hope just yet because star Breeze actually addressed this issue recently okay they told the public that their team is currently fixing the functionality of the game really some of the fixes have been released though there are still issues with the servers so that ended up just being very short-lit dang because this situation I want to personally say congratulations star Breeze for becoming one of the 100 worst rated games on the valve platform, but hey at least you're not OverWatch 2 or redfall so it could be worse players still have faith in the game obviously and there's a lot of Hope in the fan base so hopefully the devs will solve the issue soon so folks can go back and enjoy a game that was named the most anticipated shooter of 2023.

Good luck, Starbury's oof. That is tricky. That is tricky. You figure by now that you're like, Hey, new Triple A title coming out, let's get these servers ready to go. Maybe that's all right. I was talking to one of our producers here, Cameron, and he was really excited about the game, and they were so upset, like exponential.

On queue times, like you know, you spend like $70 to $80 on these packages, and you want to be able to play the game on day one. I just have no patience for developers who don't listen to the communities over basic things like this , but that's just me.

Sag-aftra votes to strike

Sag-aftra votes to strike

I don't know. It's definitely an interesting choice. Yeah, well, there's a lot of interesting choices going on in the entertainment world right now, and that kind of brings us this update that I've got.

I've been keeping my eyes on the SG strike that's been going on right now for the Rider Strike as well as the actors, and now article games are actually getting looped up into it. As you all know, there's been a lot going on right now in Hollywood. The writer strike that did initially start all of this long-overdue movement has finally actually come to a tentative deal, and the strike that's been going on for the writers has been over 150.

black krystel

Days, so it took that long for all those meetings, and politics is kind of what I'm calling it now—what it feels like to figure out where the compromises can be, so things do look promising that it might not be so hard, but it's. It's frustrating because there are a lot of major game studios that will be targeted in a strike, so if it does happen, I'm talking about Activision.

I'm talking Disney. I'm talking EA insomnia games. Epic Games takes two WB games: Mortal Kombat Baby and Apex Legends. They're all going to be games that, if you're a streamer and you're someone who is streaming and promoting article game content, you're going to kind of need to be careful and stray away from those titles.

I'm holding out strong. I think we're in a good place, and with the Riders strike actually coming to an end, that does mean that maybe there's a lot of pressure on the studios to get to agreements faster and not have to resort to another strike because there's too many good games on the lineup this year and in next year, like I do not Dragon.

Age better not be affected, I swear to God. Well, it has been kind of sad too, like watching. Of course, last year the voting was in September, and it ended on Monday before the negotiations that are happening literally today, so there will be updates about this in the next week, so we'll be sure to keep your eyes on us so we can keep you prepared for all the details that come out.

Star wars games!

Star wars games!

On this stuff, you go well speaking about things that you know seemingly can't die.

Those damn Jedi—that's right, those damn Jedi—won't die after both Star Wars Fallout Order and Jedi Survivor were massive hits. It seems obvious the third one would be in the works from respawn, and well, it seems like Cal Kestus actor Cameron Monahan accidentally kind of confirmed it at the Ocala Comic-Con in Florida a couple weeks ago.

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Yeah, so he's the one who plays the main character in the game. You've seen him; he was the Joker in the Gotham series. Look at Tom Holland. Yeah, you kind of pulled it up. Brother Camera said quote. Yeah, so basically someone asked them about what's going on with the, you know. Fallen orders getting Survivor-type titles, and yeah, he was like.


Yeah, we're working on something; it's like, oops, yeah, you probably weren't supposed to say that. Stig asmussen who is the director of the previous two titles he had stated in the past that they had a Trilogy in mind for the character of Cal so it's not a huge shock I mean obviously it feels like Star Wars is all about trilogies they love them trilogy over there so it's not a real massive surprising thing something does that well and has a story and you know I haven't beaten the second one but I'm assuming that Cal kestus lives through it right you would assume so a lot of people are thinking, that he may actually show up in some actual like Star Wars live action stuff too which would be kind of cool because he's a good actor Cameron is a great actor so it'd be kind of cool to see him show up and, but you know that look that's great that's fantastic but let's talk about another Star Wars title that's out there in the Star Wars Universe eclipse.

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