Payday 3 Rock The Cradle Stealth Solo No Mask (normal)



And welcome back to another article. So guys, we're back with some Payday 3. Rock to Crawl solo stealth no mask, and we're doing it on normal modes for these skills. Basically, you don't need anything. I use two skills over here: the first of The Escapist, the first skill in the skill tree of The Escapist, and then also the first of Infiltrator, but basically, these two don't really do anything.

You have the second hacker; skill it.


It will be useful, so this is the one where you can loop cameras, but to be honest, I did it without, and it's also perfectly fine. So, for this mission, we're robbing a nightclub. We want to get a crypto wallet, and then there's also a vault, but the crypto wallet is the main thing, and for this, we first need to get into the VIP area of the club.

no mask

Lockpick this door over here, then you can go upstairs, and the first thing that we're going to do is go to Rifkin's office or Cassandra Rifkin's office because over there are some blank VIP tickets that we can use to get into the VIP area. Simple, I would say just some cameras also. You have to lock and pick two doors just to make sure that no one sees you.

When you get in the office, there will be two things: first of all, a cage where you have CPIP tickets. For this, you will need a QR code; we will get that in a bit, and then there's also the PC that you can hack now. If you're doing this for the first time, I will recommend this because on this PC you can read some messages, and there are two important things: first of all, the crypto wallet.


In order to open it in the computer room, you will need an accountant. There is another way to do it. For this, you will just have to find Rifkins normally; she will just be marked so you can see that she has a yellow outline. She has different roots that she can walk; some are kind of annoying because she walks in private areas, others are easier because she's just in a public area, but for most of them, she always goes through a public area, so through the nightclub as well, so just get behind her and start attacking, and then you have to stay within a radius of her for a certain amount of time.

I'm not sure if there is a skill that maybe makes this faster, but, to be honest, it's not that difficult, so even if she is in the private areas, all you have to do is just watch out for the cameras. Most of the time, she stands still, and if she is in a private area to get something like a drink or something, this part is definitely not that difficult.

When you hack her phone, you will have the QR code, so then you have to go back to her office, so back upstairs. Then, when you're there, you can open the cage and get a blank VIP ticket, and then there is also a painting that you can already steal, so the blank VIP tickets we cannot use yet to get into the VIP room because we first have to get them validated or something like that, but for this, we have to find a machine that validates the tickets.

rock the cradle

Of the possible locations where you can find this, the first location I'm going to show you is the easiest. I would say if you have this, you are kind of lucky, but it's basically in this office over here, so in this hallway, you just have some cameras. Be careful with it, and then you will have to lock and pick this door, but for the rest, it's easy.

If there's no PC, then it's the other location. But it's safe like that, and I've never had another location than these two, so it's either that office over here or it's upstairs, basically above the club area. Yeah, it's kind of a struggle, but if you then go to the PC normally, it should be fine, so first interact with the scanner, then interact with the PC.

I left also, the guard arrived, so I just waited until the guard left again, and also, the main reason why I left is because the cameras turn, of course, so you cannot stay there for too long, then you just wait and repeat, so again, start under this camera. Crouch, walk by the swell until this corner, then wait for the camera on the opposite side to turn to the right.

rock the cradle crypto wallet

Then, start moving, make sure you're crouched, interact with the PC, take the VIP cards, and you're done. As you guys can see, it's pretty intense with the cameras and also the guards, so if you have the office, it's much easier, but what you have to do with the system is just first put the VIP card on the scanner and interact with the PC.

Wait, interact with the PC again, and take the VIP cards. So this is kind of the first part of this mission because now we can finally enter the VIP area. Before you do so, also make sure that you grab the blue key cards that this card has now; if it doesn't have them, maybe the guard on the right side has them.

Both of them don't have it. It could be that one of the guards just patrolling around will also carry it, so maybe then you have to look for it, but for me, it was always this bodyguard. So then we're in the VIP area. The first thing that we can do is drop off the painting that we stole from Rifkin's office. In this nightclub, you will also find some drugs that you can also steal and some cash, so.



All of that you can drop over there, and then the first thing we're going to do is go to the accountant's office all the way in the back on the left side. You have to pick the door, of course, to make sure that no one sees you go upstairs.

Then there will be a camera somewhere over here in this hallway. Make sure it doesn't see your lock. Pick the door on the right so you can go to the accountant's office, and then in this office there are a couple of things, so first of all, you will have a safe. You can crack the safe inside sometimes.

rock the cradle no mask

There is some money, but there will always be a code, which is one of the possible codes that we can use for default. So, when you open it, make sure to write it down because, if I'm not mistaken, you can find three possible codes in this office, and one of them you can use for defaults. Then in this storage room over here, you can find some cash; you can find some drugs in the crate that I opened over here; it was empty; and also a second possible code for the vault; the third possible code.

I didn't show it here yet. I think, but I will show it later when we come back to this office. But first, the main thing is that we're looking for the crypto wallets, so for this, we need to go to the IT room. The first possible location where it could be is very easy. Just open this ventilation cover when you exit the accountant's office, and then it's basically here now.

Like I said earlier, for the crypto wallets, you will need accountants, but there is a way around it. You can reset the system by turning off the electricity switch, and then you can do it without him, so for this, on this whiteboard, you can see which switch it is, so a400 green, or for you, it will probably be something else, but remember what's on the whiteboards.

hey guys, here is stealth guide for rock the cradle in payday 3. This guide is stealth, solo, no mask, no skills and with the crypto wallet and vault content. This guide is for players of all levels because no special skills were used.
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