Payday 3 - Rock The Cradle Solo Stealth No Vip Invitation (hard) Party Crasher Achievement/ Trophy


Macca's guides, hey. I won't even put my mask on, and I'm playing on the hard difficulty. This will unlock the Party Crasher achievement slash trophy, and for this strategy, you will need the Ghost Protocol perk. I would highly recommend a ton of other stealth perks that'll get you through lock picking quickly and just allow you to have Rush on you, but early on here you're going to want to go to the two bouncers who don't want to let you in, but now that you have Ghost Protocol, you can hack the radio of the one that won't stop looking, take the blue key card, swipe the blue key card, and you're now in VIP.

It was really that simple all along. You can run a loop through an area you're not supposed to go, and they kind of follow you through the loop. You can try to grab the key card, but that is way harder. All right now that you're in, the cameras won't like you, and the guards won't like you, but all of the regular civilians are pretty much okay with you.

You want to go down these first two sets of stairs, and around this corner to my right, you'll find a room that you can access through the blue key card. Here, you'll find a whole bunch of fuse boxes. Remember where this is for later, and we can head on through a great, which will allow us to get across.

If this isn't here or your randomized run, it's a little different. Feel free to just go down the stairs. The goal here is to get to this door in the far right corner. Make sure you do not take fall damage dropping off of the upper catwalk, as this will force you to put your mask on once you get through this door.


Watch out; there can be a camera, which is a little tricky, but our goal is to get into this kind of side room here, and the reason we need this is because to get to the it room, which is our goal, we need the red key card, which always spawns in the room ahead, so once the coast is clear, head into the accountant's office, and you'll locate the red key card.

It can spawn in one of two locations. When you enter the door, feel free to lock the door behind you, but look at the cabinet next to the coffee machine. If it's not there, it'll be in the safe, which you will need to crack. I will save you the cracking, and you can just see me looting it inside.

payday 3

Grab the red key card. We can now head over to the room because we can finally gain access. You can get super lucky here and have the it room spawn basically directly under you which just means you have to go through the grate in the staircase and go inside and come back out but for me I did have to make my way almost all the way across the bottom floor here which was a little annoying but isn't too difficult remember, a good route between these two areas because from the I2 room you need to go back to the accounts room from the accounts room you need to go back to the it room so, this is a path will take a few times there's also a bouncer that guards the door nearest the it room and you want to avoid him at all costs he really doesn't like you being down here and basically functions like.

A guard so. Find a decent route to the it room for me; it was through this little side gambling area through this kind of kitchen watching. Out for the camera, using the red key card we got in the accountant's room to gain access into the IT room. Now, once we're in the IT room, we're looking for a very specific piece of information first.

rock the cradle

Of all, it will set off our next objective, but what we're looking for is the information on the whiteboard; for me, it is C250. And green is the switch I need to turn off the electricity in the room, and now if you get caught, you can restart the heist from the pause menu, and you will know this information.

You can skip basically all of the steps we've done, and all you have to do is go into the circuit breaker room that I mentioned earlier, near the bottom of the two first steps we took to get into VIP. Getting there from the iterum can be a little bit difficult, but typically you want to just sneak backwards from where we came.

You won't be able to use the upstairs catwalk, but just watch out for the cameras. The guards do wander a little bit, but if you head up the stairs, you should be able to find that exit you took earlier with the blue key card and all the panels directly in front of you. You'll look for the panel number you had for me at C250, and you'll look for the color for me.


It's green; pull that lever to shut down the electricity in the it room, and now navigate back towards the accounts room, taking the same catwalk we took earlier, making sure not to take fall damage yet again. This should be pretty obvious, but if you're playing in co-op, you can split up these tasks into one person permanently parked in the accountant's office and one person permanently parked in the room, and it makes going back and forth non-existent, so you'll save a lot of time.

Once we are in the accountant's room, we want to hack the accountant's computer. This should be your main objective. Once you interact with it, there will be a short hacking sequence, and then once you hack it, you can interact with it. This will cut the power to the room, which will open up the door to the crypto server that we needed.

solo stealth

The whole point of this objective, if it wasn't obvious, is that you do need to stay in stealth both to get the achievement and for the crypto server. Now secure the crypto wallet. We're basically going to want to take the route back towards the accountant's office. We need to drop off the crypto wallet here, and, again, my guards are searching, which makes them act a little more erratically and move in a couple more rooms than they normally do so.

It does take me a little bit longer to sneak out, but we want to sneak back towards kind of the accounts office to go and up underneath that catwalk we took, and there we can actually drop off the crypto wallet, making sure we watch out for any cameras, like I almost get caught by right here.

Payday 3 - Rock The Cradle - Solo Stealth No Mask No VIP Invitation Unmasked on Hard - Party Crasher Achievement Trophy - Complete Rock The Cradle without having the VIP invitation in stealth on Hard Difficulty or above. Mission Rock the Cradle. Player Count Solo Possible Recommended. Difficulty Hard.
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