Payday 3: Road Rage (overkill Loud, All Loot)


Well, that's what we're doing, but we leave four of them as body shields because they help a lot when you're moving, yeah, but the others that are not four, we bring them all the way to the end at the beginning, like during setup, all right, all right. I got three us, on let's go work the rest what set the to stop the truck and yeah I can do wheel ramps The clock's ticking, and we have about 90 seconds until the transport's here.

Es, we have them follow, us to follow, no order, follow us, no listen, you can grab one as a body shield. I got three. I got three over here at the EMP station. Ask to follow. You can have two to follow. I don't really know that. Yeah, come on, that's not really doing anything. I know it's kind of glitched.

He's not really by the ramp, so you're over there. Hey, I'm going to set up some wheel ramps. Can someone get that saved by just standing over there? Yeah, I slug got about 30 seconds left. Did you get that one? This guy's being weird to stay behind the gate open one more time. Okay, do we have the rest over?

Here, how many are over there? Three, four we're already on other wheel ramps. Where are the other wheel ramps? No, you got them set up nice, all right. God damn it, why are you shooting? wait, we have four. We have four at the area at the beginning of the car. We got all of them. We're all, yeah, the rest of the story needs to go to the end.


We're doing this for an achievement where you don't kill anyone. I got the MP. I got it. I got it. I got it. I got it. I got it, I slid into it, and I got the driving device, Jesus, to do all the dirty work for you guys. Come on, you're such a sweet God, so what do we do about the foures here?

Dri, are we okay because we can, but then we will, but if we shoot at the cops, there's only six total SES. yeah, it's random sometimes they are sometimes there is if you're caring a b don't sh Adam don't shoot him, man stop Mr Chu That's what we call a hostile takeover. Let's go is that a reference to the hostility?

takeover on you. She made a reference. She made a reference. Okay, everybody, stand by the truck and push it. I got B, the builder; I got B, the builder; I got B, the builder; and I got Bob, the builder. Seconds, the build, damn it; we all the build; who is the real builder? I have this guy. But we can't; if we shoot at the cops, then they'll shoot back at us.


no they will shoot much less at you, and if they don't want B the Builder to dang it, no, we all have B the Builder careful. Snip There are a lot of cops. Here, you are not going to have the best time. Can I shoot at them? Can I shoot to keep the connection going? If you stray too far, it'll stop moving guys from coming close.

They have so much left, which is a very good idea. Check behind and in front. Someone just killed my sister. No, wait, your sister's dead. You killed your sister. I think the cop killed him. Damn list, yeah, let's have the cop kill him. I think that's right, though I think it's impossible for us to achieve this achievement.

No, we can. It's very hard. It's very hard to get it, but Overkill is kind of a headache, so yeah, I just want to do Overkill for the content, you know. When they're saving SS back there, they really go get them. I fell into the hole. This is not if I try to take him as a human shield. I fall back into the hole.


All right, just order him to fall. You have to time him up. Yeah, back off, did the cop really kill your C? That's crazy there's an SI trying to leave another human shield. We're almost there. This is going great, honestly. He did the jump, and this one ran away. Of course, did we lose a SI?

yeah, all right, all right. Adam plays backup for me and throws them. Around this is going, damn, there's a lot of shields here. I will run out of pistol ammo. I ran out of pistol ammo. I told you, okay, can I drop my shield, my human shield? I'm going to time up now. Let's get this thing open.

All right, boys, no more playing around. AK time let's go i'll get the drill set up. Okay, I don't have any more shields. It took an hour to drill those back doors, but the electronic lock can be rewired from the panel on the underside. Where are these guys spawning? Daniel, come to me. Come to me.


Where are you? I'm on the right side, so here we are going to throw the loot. That's the additional secure point you got. Yeah, really good. Does anyone have ammo bags? There's two armor bags right here, but you can throw armor back. Is the drill done all right? Opening the back doors right now, get to picking Daniel.

Only you can come with me. It's Daryl, man. Get in there. Come with me; come with me back to the loot, and I will open the thing, okay? Outside, can I just I'm just going to drop it outside, guys? Get the bags to the shoot. Shou has people standing by to take care of it. No, outside, the toast may not look like it, but for the right fire, I don't like the toast.

okay, start bringing it over. I just put in my pockets man-free food, right? It's your bag, man. Okay, one i'll try i'm the medic. I'll go get you. I got him. I got him no I got the I got damage immunity for both of us. You have this upgrade. Yeah, so we are almost done; we just have to get down.


Again, all right, Adam. I'm going to drop a medic bag outside of the truck, okay, and you can go get it. Shields all the right trucks. Clear trucks, clear, let's secure, let's secure, jump. I have to jump, okay? I have money. I'm going to go down. They're regrouping this is it; let's go. Let's go let's go let's get all our stuff in.

I dropped the medic bag outside the truck. No, jump on. Okay, I missed Karma right there. We're almost done, guys. Damn, that was easier than I thought. Shut up all right; I'm going to kill us all now with the overkill weapon. Run it's up to you if you want to go for more out of there. Damn, okay, you are a dangerous fella.

There's no more, actually. Wait, let me kill the sniper and her guys. I'm not going to lie. We're screwed i disengaged it's special i disengaged i disengaged he does not matter anymore. Easy i have a skill where if a cloer attacks me, I can disengage. It literally has a counter-strike. In Payday 3, there's a sniper, guys.


let wait let me kill the sniper first, let's kill the sniper first. No sniping, Jesus; that's it. You guys are getting the flashbangs. Keep an eye out all right, yeah, let's go, let's go, let's go on the hostage The rescue was all right. Good guys that was honestly much easier than I expected. Good stuff, yeah, because we are the greatest heisers in the world, my friend, on God million 18, 000 I'm a mil How much do you say?

I like how much you say, my friend. It's very nice. It's comforting this is sweet. I love you, my friend. All right guys, standard YouTuber outro, please like and subscribe. Actually, you know [__] all of you bye.

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