Payday 3. Road Rage Overkill (all Loot And Traffic Control Achievement)


Four players come on. This has to be it this has to be it, It has to be; let's get that achievement done. I'm going to focus on getting the truck completely moved, and I'm hoping that you guys all know how to play on Overkill, as in, don't stand out in the open; it's not payday 2, where you can just regen all that health back; it's actually realistic.

So yeah, for anyone who doesn't know, the achievement that we're going for is called traffic control, and what essentially that means is that the truck is non-stop moving the entire way across the bridge to the point where we have to get it because it'll stop, and we need it to keep moving. Okay, I've done that.

They've moved the forklift. I've opened up the gates; we've made a bridge over all these, and now we just need to keep it constantly moving. I'll stay on the truck. You guys just worry about survival; keep your distance from the police. I must it like I must emphasize that we don't need to do all loo.

To be honest, what I highly suggest is that whatever these people are doing, if they aren't going to do it all, then we're not going to do it all. We need the whole team on the same page. My, what is this for? For sake, why am I saying we're gone? We're just gone. There's no way. Please tell me the salt's about to end.

all loot

Go and get them. Go get them quick. I'm going, I'm going, I'm going. You guys secure the bags; as long as one of us escapes, that's all that matters. I'm [__] going, I'm off, I'm bloody off, [__] Come on, thankfully, bloody hell, that's nothing; I'm like, I'm the fail-safe. Okay, I am the failsafe.

If any of you end up dying, I'm here for the escape. Jesus Christ, okay, grab. I don't like to be full of myself, but man, I cannot ignore the facts. I literally carried this game; there were so many times I was the only one left alive. That was one hell of a clutch game. Road rage without the truck having stopped until the end of Overkill, what I knew was buggy; it kept on stopping at the end.

We did the objective, but it didn't work anyway.

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