Payday 3, Road Rage, Overkill, All Loot


Just doesn't stay on it no matter what, as long as we get all of the [__] sorted right, all the ramps, and blah yeah, that's the thing as well. I'm going to start hitting ramps now, then I think I'll go get the EMP and set that [__] up; the ramps aren't here, and then when you push through that one, you pick them up.

There are two more still here. Let's just get them all on. Okay, yeah, I'll put this one on, and then do that one over there, well, the ramps, Yeah yeah, this one, because we're going to move. All right, I'm going to set up the device, but I'm not going to start it, so are you sure it's going to go that way?

It's a turn, yeah, but it does turn. Yeah, where's the other? Where's the other ramp trying to find him? I've got I've got one on me. Where do I want to put it? I feel like I feel like you have to just wait until it's close by because you can. That's it over there. That's it yeah yeah, because it speeds up, I don't think it's going to ever stop for anything in front of it.

As long as we're always in it, let's move quickly. Is there a progress meter in the thing? No, I guess I thought maybe the circle would fill up like that other; I don't know, but surely it would fail here right a bit back down. I'm down let's get this thing open. These are some of the highest missions.


I'm putting an armor bag down; this is [__]. It goes on. Yeah, this is not nice. All right arm is it arm is down, control armor. I'll cut it off. All right, let's get fast. I'm starting on the right, like the right side of the left side, and focusing on the elements. The elements are what we need.

I've got two elements so far. Yeah, on it, we're halfway on the right side of the loose shoot. That's ni[__] I'm throwing smoke. Yeah, smoke is pretty cool. Actually, you see [__]. I'm broken this is, I don't know, smoke. We need to get out. I'm throwing another flush out. I'm getting underneath the van.

Yeah, we're out of plates. I dropped Place back over there, yeah. I was going to say your face away, behind the front of the van, yes, about spot now, yeah, we, yeah, it's not where we are going over here to the side over here on me. I'm down just [__] bulldozer on the ramp, let's just [__] outrageous, that okay, you're like, give me a moment, give me a moment [__] Sake cats, you won.

I'm playing payday. Leave me alone. I just think of fish. You can survive this assault or this break, oh, All right Yeah, I think we want to like pick lock some and then just run to where I was treated, like [__] green bridge. yeah, I think that would be probably one of the hardest things to do, I'm not gonna lie.

Yeah, I don't want to do it again, or do you want to try it one more time? Yeah, one more time, I don't think that's going to be as easy as we think. I'll try not to drop my ammo armor bag. I'll try to keep some bags actually for that little yeah, but yeah, I think we got to really utilize the assault ending and just try and move stuff in it.

Let's say we restart in zero seconds. I'm stuck here you in no, Started. I'm on ram duty. I can turn the power off and open the gate, so I think we might have failed there anyway. Yeah, come on, I didn't know it's probably the same with a Bollard some first map as well; you probably do those quite prematurely once you put this up a ramp then.

What's happened it's one further back. Yeah, there is [__]. By the forklift, did it go the forklift way or did it not? I haven't picked up any ramps. I've done one more ramp here, yeah, but which way did it go? It goes straight through left and then right. Boys, is this one? There's two rumps that you do, yeah.

This ain't a bad look underneath this truck bed. This is good. Yeah, I think you've got a good spot, mate, and we can keep an eye on the drill sword, can't we? put med bag I'll put my bag down. Just drop it off; no jumping over this wall sniper. He's down here they are, jumping over the wall. It's open by the way one person one over for it; he's on it, covering him.

I don't know about this; I feel like she just does objectives during breaks. To be more objective, it's worth getting done near Salt's for the first time. We can try and get some boxes picked up now. We should do we shouldn't stay too long doing this. I brought him, and I got him. There's loads out there—blue shoots on the left, all right, my bad, if you're looking at the [__] Hell, that bag sure is trash.

Come over here, Red. If you can, man, you're right; we need to just go somewhere safe. Come back here. Come back here. Okay, follow up, and then we'll move together. There's fine on your side; they're spawning so much on your side, Go that way. Yeah, I'm going to go get this [__] sniper; we might need it for the bulldozer.

You have to jump to throw the money into the thing. By the way, remember that I dropped the sniper on the floor. If you need to use it, just use it. We can get some loot cleared or not; I'm doing it. You keep shooting. Start picking i'm getting I just got killed. I'm dead i was just instantly killed.

A lot of drained. You're in custody. Yeah, hey, it's not good; we should just focus on getting what we've got. Yeah, get what you got in, and then just work on it after another assault. These are all money; these aren't elements. I'm trying to get the elements Yeah, there are two elements on the left side of the truck's bottom shelf.

Yeah, I see it. These are the elements right here. I'm popping two amounts to [__]. It's almost done. No, what's that bag? Beyond you, I mean, hold on, yeah, that's really [__]. Escape, isn't it? We got all of them sick when he got his escape. 30 seconds till I'm back, should we just stick down the far left side?

It's disgusting for me. I'm getting shredded, we're done easy, nice, yeah. I think if we stayed underneath that track, we would have been fought, yeah. I like that one good time, nice achievement unlocked, baby. I don't know that's the achievement, don't know coughing, yeah, yeah.

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