Payday 3 - Road Rage On Overkill - Traffic Control Achievement/trophy


Macca's guides, hey. This time, we're getting traffic control to complete the road rage. Mission without the truck stopping on the overkill difficulty, you'll also have to escape at the very end, and to start off, I would highly recommend doing this with four people. We do it with three, and it is definitely possible with even two or less, but really, if you don't want to suffer, you really want four people as well.

The bot AI can be pretty useless. There's no stealth involved; we would also recommend grabbing the ammo armor and medic bag favor just in case things get a little bit spicy, and then two people in your group should run a turret build and the other two people should run an armor bag build. You would also need to start the mission by grabbing the EMP device, and then you would need to make sure that the gate is opened on Overkill difficulty.

I have only ever had the truck move through the gate, but on the lower difficulties, the truck can also move over the holes, for which you would need the metal wheel ramps, and then you would also need to move the forklift at the end. So, the goal now is to plant the EMP and take a couple of civilians onto the ground as human shields.


Once the truck arrives, you can begin to start the hack, and for our strategy, what we would recommend is trying to get on top of the armored truck in order to place four turrets on top of it. This will allow the turrets to shoot the enemies in the front and in the back for you, and then you'll have two people with armor bags.

Now have all four people in your group take a human shield and, basically, make a circle around the truck facing. In outer directions, in order to negate as much damage as possible, this next thing is crucial, and that is that the truck moves faster with more people in the circle. If you have all four people in the circle next to the truck, you're basically sprinting.

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The truck is on the ramp someone will need to go back down under and, start the drill on the bottom section this, will take around 30 to 60 seconds in order to open up the back of the truck but, someone will need to go back down under and interact with the bottom to get that back of the truck open once, you do get to this step if you are running the turret strategy it is pretty advantageous to take the turrets off the top of the truck and set them up in the back to defend you from the enemies as you are looting Additionally, there is a south side with two buildings and a south side with two sniper towers.

This is pretty important information to know for later. The only thing we do need to loot out of the back of this truck are the rare metals. The other stuff is pretty useless and not required. If done quickly and efficiently, you should be able to call in the chopper and maybe line it up with the police regrouping phase, which will give you a lot of extra time to run loot back and forth between the drop-off point and The truck This is going to be very helpful in, you know, negating as much damage as you possibly can.

So, again, once you are in that truck, you're only looking for rare metals. You can grab the other stuff, but that is the most important stuff by far. You really don't need to pick up large groups of cash because it is an overkill difficulty. I think the game's going to ask and require you to basically grab all of the rare metals.

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So that's something to keep in mind. You really can't miss one if you want to get to 100 percent. And an important part is to listen to the callouts to know whether you have to go south or north. We prepped for the south side because we weren't sure yet, but once we got confirmation that we were supposed to be on the north side, we started moving all of those bags over, and you definitely want to watch out for the snipers; they can pretty much kill you on the overkill difficulty.

So that's what we're doing. We're moving all of those rare metals over to the north side, where that helicopter is going to land, and just holding out on the FBI and police assault. If you are able to find the FBI truck with the satellite dish on top of it, you can shoot out the satellite dish to make this phase a little bit easier.

Once that Chopper arrives, it's time to start loading it. If you're doing the rare metals only, that's going to be 17 per bag, which will get you to 100 after six bags, and once you get up to that hundred percent, it is time to escape. To escape, you basically need to run the entire length of the bridge.

This shouldn't be too hard, especially if you've taken out the FBI truck, but you'll obviously encounter a couple of enemies, and someone may go down. In my gameplay, only one person made it to the exit. Be patient for this achievement; it took over a minute in the main menu for it to pop for me, and that was it.

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Payday 3 - Road Rage on Overkill - Traffic Control AchievementTrophy - Complete Road Rage without the truck having stopped until the end on Overkill. More Payday 3 Videos.
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