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Thanks so much for clicking on this article for a Payday 3 guide on the highest road rage, which is the second heist that you will experience. This heist takes place on this elevated bridge that is under heavy construction now. Overlooking the bridge, there are several towers that provide snipers with a paradise to observe from, and it will impact you if you're not careful in this guide.

I'm going to discuss ways to ambush and stop the transport, being prepared for the routes that it will take, and ultimately how to get the most money out of this heist once the armored vehicle is stopped. Button as I earn your trust through article game reviews, walkthroughs, and gaming guides that I bring to you in road rage.

We have our eyes set on the armored truck that contains a vast amount of money and valuable jewelry. This is a group of heavily armed officers with limited backup at their disposal. Our job is pretty simple: just to override the truck system and then get it to move along a route until it comes to a stop-allowing, we drill our way in full disclosure.


I'm not a big stealth player in Payday 3, so I enjoyed this fight alright. When you start out, you will see just a mess of construction happening on this bridge, along with some workers along the way. Is wise to sneak up on the workers to subdue them and keep them from alerting the authorities ahead of time as you start out there will be a fence on the right side of the bridge and there is a gaping hole in the ground on the left side as well as a couple of other obstacles, there, will be ramps on the left side that require you to pick them up and then set them on the ground in the designated spot having these there will allow the transport vehicle if it goes that way to, go over this area without stopping which is actually one of the challenges that you must complete if the vehicle goes left there's a fence that needs to be open allowing you to also move through that one seamlessly now when the heist starts there will be a yellow crate sitting on the ground inside.

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You will find a bag with an EMP, which you will utilize to disable the armored truck. After picking up the EMP, you have 90 seconds to carry it over to the designated position on the bridge. You're obviously on the team, so these tasks need to be broken up and delegated amongst the team. Be ready for a fight because as the vehicle goes over the EMP, it will explode and then trigger an alarm for reinforcements to come in to aid the vehicle.

On the passenger side of the truck, you will plant the steering device, which requires mounting and installation before it can be activated. After this is completed, Shade will take control of the vehicle and begin moving it at an extremely slow pace. A member of the crew has to stay within the circle, or the vehicle will stop and not move.

You're going to have police coming at you from both sides, and then snipers mounted on the towers. Red light lasers will shine, so you will know exactly when they arrive for you to take them down. As the vehicle is moving, it will pick the left or right route; if it goes right, then you already have the wheel ramp set up to go over the first gap; if you don't, then it will stop the vehicle.

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You can set up ramps along the way, as you will encounter more than one hole in the ground. The truck will approach an end area, but you will need to move the forklift out of the way by going up and interacting with it. There is only one obstacle in your way of moving, and that is the fence. This route is more open for the snipers to engage you because there are no containers standing.

On your way to the electric fence, there is an electrical box nearby to open it; however, its location is completely randomized for users. After the vehicle gets onto the ramp, you will have one player go under the truck to install the drill and start breaching the vehicle. This takes like 60 to 90 seconds to breach, and you'll have waves of various police descending on your position to try and take you out inside the truck.

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There are several lock boxes on both sides of the vehicle. You will pick up the locks to access the loot. I would have two guys looting and, you know, two guys shooting as well. As soon as you collect all the loot, the helicopter can be called in. There is a flare that you pick up next to the truck and shoot it off to call in the pickup shade, which will tell you over the radio if the helicopter is going to be on the left side or the right side of the bridge now.

I would have two guys carrying the bags and then two guys shooting at the combatants coming in to engage you. Keep close to the container so the snipers cannot reach you. When the helicopter arrives, all you have to do is press to throw the bag in its direction, and they will be collected. Once all bags are secured, it is now time to x-fill out of this place.

There will be an escape marker for you to go towards, and you should plan to fight your way to it. You'll have at least one, possibly two, snipers trying to engage you as you fill them all. Of the players, one must be present within the marker in order to complete the heist. Like I said, I'm a fan of going loud to get into a fight, and this heist was definitely my jam.

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I hope this guide helps give you insight into how to complete the road rage heist and what to expect. I will be doing a article on all the highs, so be sure to check back for that. It really does help a lot to grow the channel. I will have more guides coming, and I have a lot of article game reviews and walkthroughs coming up, so I hope you check out that other content too.

Payday 3 is an upcoming first-person shooter game developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by Deep Silver. It is a sequel to Payday 2, and is also the third installment in the Payday series of video games. The game is set to be released on September 21, 2023. Payday 3 is available on and.
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