Payday 3 Rev. Rant. The State Of Gaming Now Is Sad, Very Sad


Is it let's read the words on Steam. PD3 is the much-anticipated sequel to one of the most popular co-op shooters. Since its release, payday players have been rewarding, reveling in the thrill of a perfectly planned and executed heist. I've set aside Thursday evening all day Friday and a bit of Saturday at the play of this game for the review because I have other games that were already coming in at the play the weekend, and early next week you would have thought that you know pretty much two deers set aside for payday 3 would easily be enough to give the game a review.

Well, it wasn't simply because the game was offline. I swear, guys, I'm not trolling. I had to match make to get [__] Bots. Some of the bots were out shopping or something. I mean, why do I have to go through a matchmaking process that took three or four minutes to play with bots, and you know what it said?

It failed what was the lack of bots available? The bots were all out, guys. The actual AI in this game you have to match make to get them in the actual game. That's when the lobby's actually up and not crashed and the servers are down when you get into the game. Bots are terrible; they're really, really bad.

The AI in this game is not good, to be fair. I'm doing jazz hands. I'm doing jazz hands. Jazz hands, guys. Let's do jazz hands, babies, and the cops will go away if we do jazz hands. Yes, I'm doing jazz stands. As I'm speaking again, it's, yeah, you gotta do jazz hands, guys. I haven't played enough to do a review.


I've only done like two and a half missions in the actual game; we've done them multiple times, and I will talk a little bit about them now. They are fun. The two that we actually did were fun. There are lots of different things that you have to do, and the stealthy builds up to actually doing the heist, key cards to steal people to avoid theft, and through flaws, drilling into vehicles.

Yeah, it was fun. It's the usual stuff you expect from a Payday game. There's been a few tweaks to certain things in the game, but there's a lot of bugs in the game. It's like, man, that bike missed the helicopter. no, it's there. It's in it's in we got that even as you throw a bag off the side of a [__] building and it's, just yeah, But it is quite fun.

Co-op game once you get past all the [__] but my argument is we shouldn't have to get past this [__] because this is just unacceptable in my opinion to play a game. A game where you should literally install it, run it, and if you want to play solo, press solo, and then you should be in it. There shouldn't be any DRM.

payday 3

There shouldn't be any [__] nebular accounts; you shouldn't be making much of a [__]. Lobby, you shouldn't need to be online all the time to play a single player. You should literally be able to go in and play a single player. Why do we have to sign up and make accounts for all of this [__] because it is [__]?

Now obviously, the spineless little people who are the kind of people that double-glaze salesmen a door-to-door The salesman will absolutely walk all over. When they leave the mother's basement and have to defend themselves, these people will be ripped off weekly. We want to know how much money we can make selling this.

What can we what else can we do? Make them pay for that as well, but they'll defend us for doing it. You know, if we urinate on them, they'll just say it's raining today. Is it okay? This is where we are. You cannot now; you literally cannot buy your [__] game comment. From work, play it, and just have a nice night.

You can't do that now, not in 2023. You can't because the games are so [__] full of shite, so badly managed, so badly designed that you just get an absolute stress-fest of disappointment. I mean, I don't care how good your game is when you get past all this [__]. The [__] shouldn't be there. It shouldn't be there, and it is.

Then it's not just payday three. There's going to be a rant now. Look, I'll get back on topic on payday three. Like I said, the game is fun. There's no question about that. The game is fun. It's a fun game. I had a bit of a laugh in Co-op when it worked, but that's not the point here. That is not the point, because the game is also the way it installs.

The game is also the bloat you put on it because it's all one complete package. The game also has all the shitty [__] DLC and a lack of heists compared to the earlier period games. That's it what's wrong with this game? It's all as a whole. And just give it to them. Now that we all love giving away, I would let them in my house to inspect my ass as well.

You should chew; it's 20/20. Whenever I can. I do protect my data, and this is one of the areas where I can protect my data by giving a big middle finger to these bastards who are trying to steal my data so they're not having it end off. The same is true for the people who were always defending themselves online.

In this amount of time, there's a mountain of posts now very eloquently written about why it needs to be online for single players. No, there's not one reason that it should be online for single players. I'll tell you that you'll be the first to cry in a few years if they have to shut down the servers because of a lack of interest and you just can't play your game again.

That's the trouble with online when you need online and it's a single-player game. You know what? I can still play all my [__] games from 20 years ago before all this [__] came in quite handsomely in single-player because they're not connected to a [__] server. It should never be connected to a [__] server.

Me, what they want, some please, I'm not bothered. I pay for the single-player game. Give us it all together on day one so that I won't have to worry about stuff that they've added later. They shouldn't have to add stuff later if the game's finished. Release it when finished. End off this isn't finished.

It's in bits. They're selling it off to you in [__] bits, which are always on [__] nine. Yeah, forget Mac; you can't argue with stupid people. End of the deer; it's not worth a bite. It's full of sh*t and garbage. It's intrusive it's DRM it's just the sad state of [__] gaming in 2023 Bollocks.

It's sad that gamers are accepting this kind of garbage, in any other consumer group they would be disgusted but most gamers are spinless boot lickers.
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