Payday 3 Review - A Little Disappointing


Payday 3 has launched 10 long years after its predecessor. Payday 2, and needless to say, the excitement surrounding this game before its launch from both longtime fans and even new fans was at an oldtime high as the payday series is a rather unique genre of game where you execute heists with plenty of violence and mayhem to follow.

Let's find out. Out, stay sharp; the cop sabotage squandered rolling and pushing. Payday 3 is developed by Star Breeze Studios and published by Deep Sila. The story picks up with the payday gang being down on their luck after having all their assets stolen. They need to do more so they can acquire funds to track down who is responsible for stealing their assets and pulling them out of retirement.

Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. Anyway, that is the entire premise of the game. The story is told through these slideshow cuts. These are fine. I guess I would have preferred proper cut scenes, but I understand doing it this way helps to keep the cost down and ultimately gives the same information.


In regards to the story, it is very Bare Bones. I'm sure if you're a longtime fan of the franchise, there is something more in it for you, but for myself, this being my first experience with Payday. I thought it was clear enough; I didn't feel lost in the story and got a good grasp of who Dallas chains Wolf and Hawton are and what they are trying to do.

I'm going to keep this review relatively short, as there is not a lot to this game and not a great deal to discuss. I will probably just mention the things I like and the things I don't, and wrap it all up with the good stuff. Graphically, this game looks good. Some NPCs can look a bit rough, but the main characters weapons and levels all look highly detailed.

I have absolutely no complaints here. The weapons and overall shooting feel awesome and super satisfying, although the enemies can feel a bit bullet-spongy at times due to the insane levels of armor they have. The weapons themselves feel weighty, and no gun I used felt like I was using a water pistol against a tank.


The reload animations also look really cool, and my personal favorite was when pulling out the revolver—the little finger flick spin thing. It is utterly useless and impractical, but by God does it look cool. Voice Active is also solid here, and I was even surprised that Ice T was also in this game and did a surprisingly good job for his voice acting.

I guess all those years mumbling through Law and Order SVU paid off. I am not gay. I have relationships with women and sex with men, and I got news for you: that means you're gay. I also loved the voice lines when you knock out a guard and answer their radio to not raise the alarm. The character you are playing always says something ridiculous, and the guard on the other line is like, Yeah, that makes sense, or yep, okay, sounds good.

This is central. Please respond hello, no, sorry about that. I just saw my own shadow and scared myself silly. Thanks for calling. I feel better now, MH. Yeah, that makes sense. Cosmetics: there are loads of them in this game, from the type of masks you have to the pattern on the mask and the different colors for your mask.


You also have weapon modifications and even different weapon cosmetics. Then you can get different outfits for your Heer 2. If you like tweaking your characters and their items, you will probably be very happy here. Just be prepared to grind a lot to get this stuff, as certain cosmetics are linked to your players's levels and some weapon modifications are actually linked specifically to that weapon level.

Unfortunately, that is where my list of good things ends, and my list of bad things is a bit longer. First, I want to address the massive issues at launch surrounding servers. Yeah, that is unacceptable. If you are going to make your game an always-online game, you better make sure your servers are up to the job.

Also, why is the game always online if I decide to play by myself with AI teammates? Do I really need to be connected to a server for that? I do hope in the future Star Breeze does add an offline mode, as when I was finally able to get into a match, I would get halfway through a heist and the servers would crash.


This happened more times than I can remember. I do wonder if this failure to launch will impact this game as when the servers were fixed. I still found it hard to get into matches with actual people, and most of the time, if I did join a match with others, it was never a full party of four, which is wild as this game is across platforms and on Game Pass, which in theory should mean there are a lot of people trying the game at least as it's part of their Game Pass subscription.


I tried matchmaking during peak periods over multiple days and struggled to find matches with real people or even fill all four playable slots. I can't speak to what the server issues were like on Console as I was playing on PC but I would assume it was just as bad on those platforms too, now I mentioned matchmaking but I noticed one massively glaring issue when I was playing with other real players and matches there is no in-game voice chat why on Earth was this basic feature omitted from this game as you were doing heists that have a lot of moving parts and without the ability to converse with your teammates and talk out a plan you're left feeling like you were trying to her cats, without the option for in-game chat there is no real quick and easy way to sus out if you're team is going to try and do the highest with stealth or guns out which almost always resulted in the match just turning violence straight off the bat that aside If you are trying to make an online game where presumably it will be like a season pass sort of deal, what incentive is there for players to do matchmaking with strangers if they can't even talk to one another?

Online communities for these types of games are what make them unique. Teammates. I should probably talk about the heists, and yeah, they are fine. I have no issues with the type of heist on offer here; some are super simple and some are a bit more complicated, but all of them are serviceable. I do appreciate having the option to choose between stealth and gunsblazing, and both options are actually viable in each heist.

Although I do think the stealth options are a lot harder to pull off and probably a little less fun, that being said, it is super satisfying when you complete an entire heist with stealth and walk out without raising the alarm. There are eight heists at the moment, and I do wonder whether the replay ability is there.

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