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It's your boy here, and today we'll be at it again with another review, and today we'll be reviewing Payday 3. This is a cooperative first-person shooter article game developed by Star Bree Studios and published by Deep Silver. Now let's talk about the plot. So you step out of retirement and back into a life of crime in the shoes of the payday gang, the envy of their peers, in the nightmare of law enforcement.

Wherever they go, several years after the Cru regime of terror over Washington, DC, has ended, Ed and Ed assemble once again to deal with the threat that roused them out of early retirement. So that is enough about the plot. Let's talk about the overall gameplay. The game consists of a variety of heists that you can either play by yourself or you could play with another person.

In a multiplay game, there are heights such as bank robberies; you can rob an armored truck; you can even rob a club shoot; and you can even rob a rich dude's penthouse. Some of the heists put a large emphasis on stealth, but sometimes it's damn near impossible to do it in stealth. But the game is supposed to give you bonus experience points and money on completion for doing those things.


Shout out to my man, Ice Taco, on Reddit because he described it in the best way possible. In Payday 2, the goal is to complete the heist as fast and well as possible since you gain both XP and money, but in Payday 3, if you just focus on winning the heist by following the objective, it will nearly take no Infinity level progress, so you're not motivated to complete the heist smoothly.

You are forced to follow challenges and weapon challenges that make you kind of not want to progress. The heist is so fast, making the game counterintuitive and repetitive. Speaking of weapon progression, leveling up your weapon unlocks pressure bubble mods that allow you to alter your weapon. Behavior, effectiveness, and play style: at the end of each heist, the weapon type in your loadout will earn experience.

Presets and weapons of the same type share each level progression, and each new weapon level unlocks and modifies that weapon type. All of this is possible because of the vendors. The vendors sell weapons and cosmetic items, such as masks and suits. Some items can be bought using cash earned from Heist.

deep silver

While others require SE Stacks, which can be acquired from the currency broker as you earn experience points. You level up, and when your level increases, you earn skill points, allowing you to buy abilities and bonuses from the skill tree. Some essential skills give you buffs. While others benefit from the buffs that you have active to unlock the skills, they need to be researched.

You can manually select a skill for your active research, but if you don't, the skills will automatically be researched in their default order. When you complete the heist, your experience increases your research progress. Once enough experience has been invested, the skill is unlocked, and you can equip it with the skill points.

Buffs are temporarily passive effects, and there are three in total in Edge that let you deal 10% extra damage. Grit that lets you take 10% less damage, and Rush that technically improves your movement speed. Overall, the two skills in general have two stages, which are basic, and it's not possible to max out every single tree, but it often prompts you to mix and match from each skill to maximize its usefulness.


The whole feel of the game feels almost exactly like Payday 2, but they added a couple new features into the game while I was playing online with my friends and with random players. I didn't really have any problems with the internet for the most part, but there were certain occasions where I lagged really badly in certain cases.

I'm only assuming that it's just the other person's connection. Environmentally, from a gameplay standpoint, it worked flawlessly. You could shoot fire extinguishers; it didn't cause a reaction. You could shoot red barrels; we all know how that goes, and then there's numerous heists where more things will happen inside the heist that make the heist more intense and interesting graphically and from a gameplay standpoint.

first-person shooter

I don't know if it's technically Unreal Engine 4 or Unreal Engine 5. I looked up a crazy amount of websites for information and articles. I'm going to automatically assume that it's going to be an Unreal Engine 4 still, and despite it being in that specific engine, it still looked really, really good.

Finally, the last thing that I want to talk about is a soundtrack. I'm not going to lie to you; the soundtrack is all right. It ain't too bad with that. I think I covered mostly everything, so let's just hop on to the overview on the positive side of things. The overall plot is okay, the overall gameplay is decent, and the weapon modding is something I love completely, but everything else behind it is okay.

The vendors are all right. I definitely love the skill tree. I didn't really have any problems with the internet for the most part, but I did have some issues here and there, and they didn't really bother me much, so I'm going to put them over here. Environmentally, from a gameplay standpoint, everything is all right.


Graphically, the game is good, and I definitely love its soundtrack. On the negative side of things, the stealth is butt, and I mean absolute butt; the game can get counterintuitive at times, and if you're a certain type of gamer like myself, the game can definitely get repetitive sometimes, so the game came out on September 21, 2023.

The game is weirdly on, specifically on NextG, so it's on the PlayStation 5, the Xbox series S and X, and is also on PC. If you get the game digitally, technically, it's supposed to be $399.99, but it is on sale, so it should be about $29.99. If you get the game in your local stores, technically it should be in the same price range, but honestly, it may be cheaper.

It all depends on where you look, so is this game worth your money overall? I'm not going to lowkey lie to you, but I honestly had a good time playing this game despite the fact that it was counterintuitive and repetitive at times. I definitely see the major potential that was in this game, and I understand why numerous people were anticipated for this game, so with that being said.

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