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Hello, this is Photography Gamer. Today I'm reviewing Payday 3. It's out on PCs and all major consoles. Payday 3 is a first-person shooter developed by Breeze Studios. You play as a criminal working together with human or AI players to carry out a variety of heists.



Okay, so the game played well. The general idea is that you're part of a group, you case a joint find the weakness, then you put your mask on bang, you go in guns blazing, you take hostages, you unlock certain aspects of the environment, you collect loot, you get the loot to an escape vehicle, and you get out there with the Doge.

As things go all right as they usually will, the police come along, and it just ends up in mass shootouts that are pretty much one of the most entertaining parts of the game. Now that's the principle; it's pretty much the same principle as Payday 2, which I did really enjoy and is very popular even all these years after its release.

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problem with payday 3; you've probably seen it on the internet, and I'm not going to dodge that aspect, matchmaking issues. Now for a game that was made to be played with other players online. I have to say that the current state of matchmaking is absolutely pathetic. It takes an absolute eternity to find a match, and if, God forbid, you want to play with your friends in a group, good luck with that.

That is absolutely mind-numbing, and it takes so long. Also, can someone explain? Maybe I'm missing something, but why do I have to matchmake? When I'm playing offline with AI bots, why am I matchmaking with AI bots? What is that? Have I missed the point? Please explain why I'm matchmaking with people that don't exist.

Now I'm sure in time they're going to fix this, but right now, playing the game is really a terrible experience because playing with human players takes so long that you end up just dipping into the AI teammate mode, and they are useless. Sorry for saying that, but they make it an absolute SLO, and it just ruins the missions, to be perfectly honest, so presently it's not fit for purpose.

I would look at the missions I did play; I thought they were structured, similar to Payday 2, but I would say there are a bit more long-winded at first, a bit more ridiculous, like heists that go on for half an hour. You know what? It does feel like an early access game, and you know, as in, it's rough around the edges and it just feels unfinished.

Graphics & sound

Graphics & sound

But you know Graphically and soundwise, I'd say it's good; it's solid, smooth, and controls good effects. So I don't have any issues with the aesthetic side of it; it's just that it's very difficult to actually play it. That's kind of a problem,.

What's good and what's bad

Okay, what's good and what's bad? the good points Nice graphics and sound combat are entertaining.

Bad points: matchmaking is a disaster. And it ultimately makes it unplayable in its current state.

The verdict

state, okay verdict payday 3 is a game that needed a huge amount of product testing before release but it seems like that testing just didn't happen did it now that is a real shame because it might tarnish people's view of the game and Payday 2 was really a really fun game so right now I would say with payday 3 don't bother I would give it six months at least, and then come when it's on the sale because right now you're better off buying Payday 2 because it's very cheap and it actually works you know hey who' have thought it a game that works well done Anyway, scoring.



I'd give Payday 3 a four out of 10 at the moment. I think eventually it will probably end up being like a seven or an eight, but it's an absolute mess as it currently stands. Okay, that's the review.

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