Payday 3 - Ranking All 32 Heist Specific Favors Available



We have now officially gone over every single map in all of their favors, and today we're going to be ranking all 32 of those high-specific favors, starting from the least useful favor and working our way towards the best high-specific favor. Please note that all of these favors will be considered plain overkill.

Uts: extra qr code

Difficulty in mind so we have a lot to cover here so without any further Ado let's get straight into it starting out in last place we have under the surface, open main entrance the reason why this is the worst one in this list is because it doesn't really work but let's be real even if it did having a door being open would be an incredibly weak favor as this wouldn't really help us very much as getting into this building is not really an issue whatsoever , up next we've got under the surface once again this time being the extra QR code QR codes are extremely easy to come by in this map and this extra QR code isn't even necessarily, placed in a very safe location matter of fact all of the QR codes in this map are very safe to get to yet this one you'll actually risk being spotted while scanning for this Cod not to mention that you can get in all of the upstairs room by going in through the roof so there's that moving over to rock the cradle we've got the Vault access code for rank 30.

Rtc: vault access code

Rtc: vault access code

This code is found in the downstairs bathroom in the VIP access, pretty near where the vault is likely going to be; however, you're likely to already have encountered the vault code by this point in the run, which makes this extra code pretty useless to this map , and speaking of favors that really add very little to your runs, there is also the No Rest For The Wicked key card location.

Nrfw: keycard location

Essentially, this favor gives you the red key card in the room. However, it is yet another one of those favors that will just save you a couple of seconds at best, as the red key card is most of the time located in the guard and the upstairs level, which you'll likely have to come across anyways while you're making your way to the red key room, and next up we've got yet another red key card located.

Rtc: additional keycard

Rr: additional explosives

Rr: additional explosives

Which is given by the bartender, in the rock the cradle map and this is yet once again a favor that will likely save you maybe a couple of seconds as you're likely just going to be coming across the red key card anyways as you're making your way down onto the VIP, access area the red key card is regularly found in the accountant's, office which is a room you have to come into at multiple times while playing this map in stealth mode now switching up to loud mode we've got the additional explosives and Road Rage which is a pretty ter able favor if you ask me it can actually have outright negative effects on your run as the constant gas tanks might accidentally, be shot and end up killing civilians or worse yet your own team the only advantage of this favor is if you're running a proper demolitionist, build which is why this favor isn't ranked any worse for number 26.

99b: additional explosives


We've got yet another additional explosive, but this time for 99 boxes. The only reason I don't rank it any worse than road rage is because I feel it's less likely to actually accidentally kill civilians, and since you'll be spending a lot of time in the yard, these barrels can come into play, whereas for road rage you're constantly on the move, so utilizing the barrels to your advantage is less forgiving.

Once again, it's good if you build for demolitionists.

Di: escape van

99 boxes

But not much else onto dirty ice we've got the Escape van favor essentially what this favor boils down to is that it extends the Escape Vans timer for 30 more seconds once the alarm is triggered before it actually flees the only Advantage this favor can offer is if you're speedrunning, this map as this will allow you a little bit more flexibility when rushing your way through this map for number 24 we've got dirty ice once again this time being employee door open this favor will once again just save you a couple of seconds at best as well as a QR code so I guess there's that there are other methods to open this door without utilizing a QR code so this favor Advantage is pretty negligible it can however be useful for players looking to speed their way through this map once again up next we've got the most game-changing.

Tts: cleaning platform

Heist favor of all of these, the Touch the Sky cleaning platform. This favor completely changes how the level plays out by changing where you spawn. And where you deliver the bags to for both solo and loud, if you utilize this favor when going loud, then you're pretty much shooting yourself in the foot as the bags are much more easily delivered by utilizing the regular route.

However, for stealth, it can be a safer method of delivering all bags, especially if you're not looking to kill the front door guard personally. I prefer the regular spawn, but this isn't completely bad while still untouching the sky.

Tts: vomiting agent

Next up, we've got the vomiting agent. The vomiting agent is yet another one of those that will just save you a couple of seconds.

However, the advantage of this specific Small Time Saver is that it actually provides you with four different poisons, which means if you're playing with a group, everybody gets to loot the poisons rather than just relying on that one poison found in the bathrooms. That can help group stealth a little bit.

Rtc: additional secure point

Rtc: additional secure point

For number 21, we've got the Rocko Cradles as an additional secure point. The secure point is found on the upstairs level, way far away from the crypto wallet and any of the cash. Next to the secure point, there are a couple of paintings, so it does save you a little bit of time from having to haul those bags downstairs.

If you're going for all the loot, it doesn't do you any favors outside of those extra paintings, though.

99b: opened containers

Back on to 99 boxes, we've got the open container favor. Now this favor is a hell of a tossup; essentially, one of the containers will be completely open without you having to open it up yourself.

However, if I'm not mistaken, there are six containers, and only two of those would be relevant enough for this favor to be worth it, as the other four don't require anything for you to open them up, so if you're feeling lucky, then this might be worth it, but personally. I hate relying on RNG, so I stay away from this.

G&s: teller door

G&s: teller door

For number , we finally get to Golden Shark, this one being the open torsors. Essentially, this is yet another small time saver and a QR code saver. This can, however, save you much more time than the other small time savers we've seen as of yet, as you can pretty much just run straight into the HR room and start interacting with the computer right away without having to search for the QR code before doing so again.

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