Payday 3 - Quick Weapon Xp Farm (kitted Out Achievement Guide)


In today's payday-free article, I'm going to show you how to get the kitted-out achievement and, in turn, get a really quick weapon, XP. This will get you a fully modded-out M4 in just a few hours. We're going to be doing this on the dirty ice mission, and the first thing you're going to need to do no matter where you spawn is Go around the back by the Escape van, take this hostage, and put him in the corner.

Tie his hands up. If the phone is here, you can, of course, grab the phone as well. It's just another phone that you can use in case you want to unlock another door. Then, you're going to want to take down this guard down here before he goes inside and starts patrolling the corridor. Wait until the radio comes on and you can answer that radio by accident, and then just jump back up and cut through this window on the corner.

The first thing you're going to want to do if you picked up that phone is just open up the VIP showroom and grab yourself the civi that is walking around the corridor. You're going to want to put this city inside the manager's office because we're going to need him later. I cracked the password, so mine is inside the VIP showroom.

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I've already unlocked it, but if you didn't, then you can just grab the phone that's inside the manager's office as well. There's the code 4741, so we're now going to go back to the window we cut for and down the stairs to the basement and enter that code, and then take out the cameras and the guard that is in here.

Because this door's open, I'm going to grab the lever and the red key card before the radio gets activated, but if you need to lock and pick that door, wait until the radio is answered first. I picked up some interference from outer space. Do you believe in aliens? Now that's done, we're going back up the stairs and into the manager's office.

We're going to grab the civilian we took earlier. Hey, why do you throw him down at this button? He'll then open this up for us. Obviously, if you're not doing this solo, you'll be able to just get your friend to activate that button for you, but once that's done, tie back up so we don't run away.


And then you can go ahead and get the rare stone out of here. Bag it up and either take it straight to the van or just dump it down, and you can dump it all together. As you can see, this guard caught me right at the wrong time, so I'm going to have to take him out. It's not a problem there. On normal difficulty, which is what we're doing this on, you get plenty of radios.

Taken out, we don't need to worry about getting caught again. We're doing the next run from the VIP showroom, so dump that rare stone in there, and you're going to want to run back in and jump through the window and get two things out of here. We're just going to need two bags of jewelry and nothing else.

And once you've got two bags of jewelry and the rare stone in the van, you will have a hundred percent, and you can escape. Now you could get more, but there's no point in quickness or efficiency. You're going to want to do this as quickly as possible. These runs on solo will take you about four minutes, and you get 924 weapon XP per run, so a ton of weapon XP overall.

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As you can see, this is the run that got me my achievement, and obviously all of the weapons as well. You can go in again. Do it again. Nice and easy, normal, and you're good to go too. You can really level up your skills and unlock all your skills really quickly by doing this as well. Just have the ones that you want to unlock selected, and they will just passively unlock really quickly.

That's it for this article.

In this Payday 3 video will show you how to complete the Kitted Out achievement trophy which requires you to Unlock all mods to a primary weapon. This video will show you a quick way I gain myself weapon xp in just 4 minute solo runs.
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